Thursday, 10 September 2009

Part 1 of chapter 11

I woke up this morning bare tired, I had to go and meet Sandra for coffee at some place near Knightsbridge so i jumped in the shower, got dressed and made myself some toast.
It had been three months since the ting wiv the miscarriage and my brain situation and I had been still living in the bedsit getting some benefits to help me get food for myself and get books and shit for my new college. Even tho i had gone back a year it was ok cos it was still a fresh start, new faces and nobody knew shit about me cos it was all da way in west so it was cool.
As i tapped my oyster card on da bus, I had to wipe the sleep out ofmy eyes, the night before me and Mark had been helping the kids down at youthgroup wiv dere community play and we didnt leave dere till about 11 tidying up, i loved it cos da kids were bare nice, dere was one little girl called Michelle who called me her big sister cos she finks we look alike, but i dont really fink so. after youthgroup mark dropped me home in his whip and i spent the night alone.
Mark is my new man.
He goes to my college and is in my sociology class, we started chattin on da first day cos he said he fort my creps were sick and from den we started chatting, the weird fing was dat he lived a few doors way from Sandra in south kensington so when i introduced him to sandra and her husband and their two kids, dey got along fine.
I reached knightsbridge at around 11 and it was pack up and so i pushed past the crowds and made my way to the coffee shop.
I went in and saw Sandra waiting, she had already ordered me a coffee.
"Morning babe," she said as i took a seat next to her, "How was youth group?".
"It was alrite yano- their play is next week so it was bare pressure, but is going well, hows Gavin and the kids."
"They're all fine, Gavin's got a job interview today with IBM for a managerial position so I ahd to take the twins into nursery today- what time does your shift start today?".
"3-7, then me and Mark are gonna do some coursework at mine- he'll pick me up from work."

I had got a job at the Asda on the highstreet and worked their one day in the week and saturdays and it was nice cos everyone dere was cool and cos it was small it was neve dat busy.
"Rochelle- I need a favour," Sandra said.
"Go ahead," i said sipping my latte.
"Gavin and I are going to Malta next week to see his parents because it's his mum's birthday and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind staying at ours and taking care of the twins- if you dont mind."
"Of course not, nah nah its no problem, im not even working next week anyway cos ive got coursework deadlines, i can jus do it at yours."
"Im so proud of you," she told me, "You're so confident and you're getting it all together, im so happy the twins have you in their life."
"Sandy don't mek me start bawlin," i laughed, "fanku- you and Gavin have been like parents to me- i cant even count how many times you lot have helped out dese last few months- in a way it was sort of a good fing what happened to me wiv Monique at da club, if dat didnt happen i wouldnt have met you."
"True- where is Monique anyway?".
"I spoke to da police yesterday and dey said they arrested her for sumfin to do with sumfin ssk did some time ago- not cos of me."
"Well good riddance to all those hoodrats- isn't is sad that more than 200 years after slavery is over black people are now enslaving themselves."

After coffe, I caught the bus to work and quickly got changed in the staff changin room because i was ten minutes late, my manager was on lunch anyway so it was bless. As I was serving some nice old couple, I saw a face dat i never fort id see in dis world again.
I pretended like i didn't know him when he started packing his shoppin on da ting. "U alrite Chelle- you look good."
He sure did not look good, he looked bare skinny and pale and old, his face looked dirty and his shopping was full of energy drinks and microwave food. "That'll be £33.99 please."
"Dont act like you dont know me," he said gently, "can we please talk after your shift, when is your lunch break".
"I dont get one," I said, "it's only a four hour shift."
"Then how about after work den, round the back- please i need to talk to you." I sighed and just nodded, "round the back at 7- we cant talk too long- my mans coming to pick me up."

7 came and i waited round the back. It bare dark and Mark had called to say dat he would be an hour late cos he was pickin up his mum from work.
Daniel approached wearin da same dutty green jacket he had been wearing for years.
"What do you want?", i said, i was wearing a trench coat dat Gavin had bought me but my red uniform was undaneath.
"Chelle- I'm sick."
"I already know dat."
He looked at me and den said, "Chelle- I have HIV."

I looked at him and couldnt help but gasp.
"Antoine's dead Chelle," Daniel told me, "He killed himself when he found out he had it."
"You caught it from him?".
"Yeah- Chelle i dont have long to live."
"So what shuld i do about dat- did i ask you to fuck him?"
"I should have never fucked dat batty man- now look at me."
"Gay people arent de only people who get aids you dumb fuck but it serves you rite, its called karma you fuckin eediat- you were calling everyone a faggot when you were one yourself."
"I need you Chelle- im lonely."
"Cum off dat sentimental shit, ive got my own life- im different-ive changed- i ain't a dumb bitch anymore."
"Is dat what dey told u in counselling- once a fucking slag- always a fucking slag."
I looked at him and smiled.
"You can call me what you want- people always have- but it doesnt change the fact that you're the one whose going to die alone."
"Like your mum."
I looked at him and shook my head, "Have a nice life," I told and den i left. I text Mark to let him know i would be jus walk homeand dat he should just meet me dere.

He was there b4 i was.
"How was work today babes," he asked as he set up the laptop.
"Alrite yano- hows your mum and dad,"
"They said hey- listen i was thinkin how about i help you with your coursework tommorow night."
"But its due next week."
"Ive done it before last year- itll only take a day." Even tho we were da same age he was in da year above me cos i went back a year.
"So what are we gonna do 2nite- do you wanna watch Film 4- i fink Xmen is on," I said.
He shook his head.

He threw me onto the bed and tore off my uniform, when i was naked, he put the middle finger of his left hand in my pussy, whilst he massaged my tits with his right hand as his lips did that good stuff on my neck. My pussy couldnt hold its juices any longer and i came, he got off me and sat the bottom of the bed and licked me out. tongue in, tongue out, he bit my clit gently before he put his tongue inside. I screamed out and shouted, "take my pussy Mark, it belongs to you."
He took off shirt and jeans and stood over me. Becos he was kinda hench it made his dick look a bit small but it was short and bare fat. he lowered down onto my face and put his dick in my mouth, i tried to deepthroat him but because it wasnt long enuff, i just wrapped my tongue around it and sucked it.
Then he whipped it out. I couldnt wait till he put it inside cos it was romatic, cos he knew everyfin about me, absolutely everfin cos i had told him and when he fucked me i knew dat he actually loved me for who iwas but it wasnt all about da sex, we went shopping 2 geva, went to cinema togeva, we even went to devon with his parents a few weeks ago and so as he turned me around and put his dick in my pussy and started backshottin me i felt so at peace wiv da world.
He was doggying me so hard and good that i started saying bare randomdirty shit, "bust in my clart!"
His big South African hands took hold of my neck and he rammed his dick so deep in my pussy that i actually couldnt move.
He then picked me up and was strong enough to fuck me standing up, his hands were holding my waist as my hands were grippin da ceilin as he fucked me. "You ever had it this good," he said in a joke Irish accent, "You ever got fucked by a leprechaun before." I had to burst out laughing as he continued to fuck me, then he put me on the floor and put me up against da wall.
He lifted my leg over his broad shoulders and slowly put his dick in me again. he put his fist in my mouth, it tasted so nice as he banged me, then he took his fist out of my mouth and kissed me softly, his size 38 waist was crushin my hips as he pushed harder and harder into me. I came and he said, "did u cum on my dick baby."
I nodded.
"Did i tell you i wanted cum on my dick baby," he asked.
"So can i punish you now."
He bent me over my desk and took out his belt from his jeans.
"Whats my name?", he said as he whipped my ass.
"Mr. Mark."
"I cant hear you baby!".
"Mr. Mark!".
"Once more with feeling!".
Den he picked me up threw me on the bed and fucked me missionary, he started whispering to me, "I love you so much," then we started kissing. i was so happy, it was so beautiful as i could see his shadow fucking my shadow slowly.
And then when he came he held me the entire night, he didnt leave, he didnt piss on me, he held me and slept.

Me and him went into youthgroup the following day, but when we got dere it was empty. Only Janice was dere, she was da lady who owned it.
"Where is everyone?" I asked.
"Theyve been sent home?", she replied.
"Why?", Mark asked.
"You see that girl Michelle- the one who calls you her big sister Rochelle?".
"Yes is she ok?", i asked.
"She told one of the other kids that her dad is abusing her, we had to call the police straight away, they took her away and alerted her mum."
"Her dad?", I said, "hes never come to pick her up from here, i cant believe this- that poor girl- i didnt even know she lived wiv her dad."
"Thats because hes never picked her up from here, take a look at this picture we have of him on the database- to think a human being could do that to a child."
She put on the computer and when the picture came up i knew who dat man was.
It was my dad.

"Rochelle are you sure?", Janice asked me.
"That's my dad- he did the same to me."
"Chelle- how can you be sure thats your dad?".
"I know what my dad looks like."
"The dirty bastard," Janice said, "He even gave her a similar name to you."
"I need to help her- she's my little sister- i didnt know he had a new family," I said still in a daze.
"I'll call the police," Mark said.
As he did, i stared at the picture. He had been hurting more girls, his own kids and now he had been caught after he had hurt Michelle, 7 years old just like i was, my dad's daughter- just like I am.

I had to testify to the police- everything. Some fings were hard to remember but i told dem all i knew. It was hard but Sandra rushed to help me answer da questions, i couldn't believe it, if i had just said somethin earlier, he wouldnt have had the oppurtunity to hurt another person. As Sandra, Mark and I left the station we saw Michelle's mum crying outside. I recognised her cos she was da one dat picked Michelle up from school.
"Can you lot wait in da car please," I said, "I need to talk to her." Sandra and Mark nodded and got in the car.
"You're really his daughter," Michelle's mum told me. I nodded.
"How is Michelle," i asked.
"The police finished asking her questions- but they're keeping her in there because they think i might influence her answers- how could i have no idea this was going on?".
"He's scum- its not your fault."
"And your mum- does she know about what he did to you."
"She's dead," i said, "and no- she did know and she said nothing- listen i've got to go but here's my number, if you ever need to talk about anyfin- i'm here for you and Michelle."
Michelle's mum gave me a hug and i den i left, i got into the car wiv Sandra and Mark den we left.

I stayed at Mark's yard dat nite, his parents knew about everyfin and were bein bare supportive.
"This is my fault," I said. "I should have said something dat way he couldnt have hurt her."
"Its not your fault," mark ansered, "look at all uve been thru- and you're still surviving- this is why i love you- you havent let the bad things that happened to you ruin your life this is why i love you- this is why my parents love you."
That night as Mark held me in his arms, I knew he was right and i knew my dad would get the punishment he deserved.

Monday came and I got a call from the officer who questioned me who told me i would have to testify in court about what happened to me, i told Sandra and she said she would help and so i agreed cos i had to make sure dat pervert did the time for his crimes.
Sandra and Gavin had left for the airport earlier on in the day and I was watching Cbeebies wiv the twins their house because i had to watch them for a week.
"Alrite its bed time now," i said.
"Oh no no no- we want to watch Dora."
"Dora's finished," I said, "come on its bed time."
I tucked them both into bed and read dem a bed time story about some girl who wears a red hoodie and den i made my way backstairs. The doorbell rang, I went to answer it. It was Mark, he was carrying a big nice bag.
"Is dat for me," I asked as we sat on the big sofa.
"Its them shoes you wanted, Christian Labooboo?".
"Labouiton," I corrected him whilst i shakin wiv excitement. I took out the boots, dey were BANGING- it looked like sumtin Rhiana would wear, I tried them on, "thankyou baby- how much did they cost," i asked.
"Staff discount innit- my older sister works in the Paris store, she bought them for you when she came back today."
"I need to call and fank her innit,"
"Shes at dinner wiv my parents, call her tommorow innit."
"I need to reward you," i said.
"You do- but the twins are upstairs- what if they hear."
"They won't," i said.
I took off his jeans and licked his thigs, then i placed my lips on his dick, licking the tip, he was groanin as he watched the 56 inch tv, then i got up and started riding him, i had to put my fist in his mouth to stop him from screaming like a bitch, "you ever been fucked this good," i asked him, "i bet the girls cant do it like me in seth afreeca".
That made him cum. We both got dressed and i lay on him for about an hour and then he got a call from his rugby coach reminding him they had practice first ting in da morn and so he had to go.
All dat fucking made me hungry as i watched Sky News and so I ordered some dominos. I waited an hour watchin da story on how Man U had dropped one of their newest players and den i heard the backdoor ring, I took out my 20 pound note and ran to the door, "why did you come from the backdoor," I asked the guy as i paid him the money and he handed me the two pizzas, he apologised. Just as i was about to close the door as he left, my phone rang in the living room, i took the pizza and ran to the phone. it was from a witheld number.
I was yammin on my pizza when i felt a breeze hitting my feet. "Oh shit- i forgot to close the backdoor." I went to close it feeling bare dumb dat i had done and realized dat i had to go and check on the twins. I opened their bedroom door.

"Aunt Rochelle- your friend was just reading us a story,"the twins said at the same time.
"My friend?" I asked. As i said that someone walked out of the shadows.
"I told you she'd be happy to see me," Sherice said smiling at the twins.


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