Saturday, 28 November 2009

Rochelle Sket chapter 23/Nomi

The fire was all around us, Michelle was screaming as he was punching rochelle.
"kept screaming girls," he laughed.
then he started to put the fire out with the extinguisher behind him.
"you bitches thought i was bluffing- nomi come with me."
I looked at rochelle, she was shaking her head, he backhanded her. he walked round to me, untied me and pulled me away. michelle slowly passed out as he pulled me into a room and closed the door behind him.
he locked the door.
i culdnt believe that flats like these existed dat nobody lived in. "take it all off," he said.
i looked at him, his chest was beating-he was sweating and i knew what i had to do.
"i want you so bad- i just couldnt say it in front of them," i told him, "you can do what you want to me but please allow them- me and u can be together- but we need to let them go."

"i cant," he said, "its too late."
"no no, it's not," i said, "listen- we can escape from the feds- theyll be after u by now for escaping and kidnapping- if we leave now we can escape, me and you."

"prove to me you want me- that you're not lying."
I could see a knife behind me from the corner of ma eye.
"come to me," i said.
he ran to me and kissed my neck. he put his hands on ma pussy- and was rubbin it slowly, "you know ive got another daughter,"he whispered, "Sorcha." He kissed my lips and squeezed ma bum
"its beena long time since i had some good pussy," he said. he licked my face and began to play with my nipples.
"im getting wet for you," i told him.
"i shouldnt t have shot you that time in the hospital, it was gavins idea."
he threw me on the floor and began to unzip his jeans.
then he took of ma clothes and got on top.
he slowly pushed it in. AAAHHHH. he started laughin.
"mmmmm- dis pussy feels nice."
i was groanin as he wocked me out- he was really thick and long- he was suckin ma mouth as i groaned with pleasure.
his eyes were closed as i kissed his neck.
he was startin2 look bare attractive as i wrapped my legs round his waist. he pushed deeper and deeper into my tight cooch. He took it out slowly and put it in my mouth, i licked the top. "you a pro," he laughed, "the guys inside cant do it like this," i sucked it all, letting it down my throat, he screamed and i could feel tear drops running down his face. "Superbrain," he said. then he climed back ontop of me with his eyes closed. grindin in my wet pussy. i could feel him getting bigger and bigger inside of me. i licked his lips as he was groaning and moaning and saying, "the best pussy in the world."
it was so deep and nice that i dont think he realized there was a knife in his back until i said, "pervert."
he fell on his back pushing the knife even further into him, i got dressed and ran out.
rochelle said, "nomi she's unconcious."
i untied them both, rochelle put michelle on her back and jus as we were about to run downstairs, we heard him stumble out. blood leaking from his mouth.
he had the gun in his hand, he shot the gasoline tank and threw the lighted match on the ground.
we saw him fall the ground as we tried to escape but the entrace was blocked, the fire had reached the staircase.
"the lift!", i said.
we ran into it.
the fire was gettin wilder as i tried to press the button to the ground floor.
as the door was closing- a bloody hand jammed it.
It was him.
He grabbed my neck.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Rochelle Sket Chapter 22/ Nomi

I looked at the 9.
It was the same one Faisal used to kill Jermaine. Then I looked at Rochelle and then Michelle who was cryin and den i said, "Please- what do you want from us?".
den he looked at me.
"what did you say whore."
I looked at him and sed, "You've ruined all of our lives- what do you want from us- what did we do to you."
He slapped Michelle with the gun, "everytime you speak out of turn- michelle gets slapped," he said.
"You're pathetic," i said, "abusing both your daughters- sent to jail and your life is so meaningless that you escaped JUST to kidnap us- you beat up shirley to get to me and fucked up sandra and michelles mum to get to michelle and u stalked rochelle and beat up those innocent women at the halfway house just to get her- you're obsessed with the three of us because we're the most interesting things to happen in your perveted little life- grown man in his 40s pervin after his own daughter- grown man in his 40s hiring a group of dumb ass jamaicans to help him kidnap two teenage girls and a girl who ain't even 10 yet- he isnt going to kill us michelle- he wants us to scream and beg us to stop- because pervets like for their victims to scream."

He screamed and spat in rochelles face.
"Grown man in his 40s so pathetic that he couldnt get a wife on his own so his mum had to arrange it for him- the biggest mistake my dad made was not raising rochelle as his own because if he did none of us would be here- rochelle did the things she did because of what you did- u fucking pervert- how you robbed her of her innocence and after destroying her you tried to destroy michelle- it wasnt enough that you had ruined one girls life- and then you shot me- for Gavin, some pervert who cheats on his wife with teenage girls and do you want to know you're doing all this now- why youve planned this kidnap- researched this deserted building- got the chairs and ropes ready- you want to know why? because after all thats happened to all three of us- we're still here, rochelle and michelle breathe life just as hard as I do and we're alive after all you've done to us and it makes you sick and jealous becuase you're a grown man in his 40s who doesnt know what it feels like to be a human."

Rochelle looked at me and i saw tears roll down her eyes. Michelle looked at me.
then he looked at all three of us, "you think i wont kill you whores- whores like you who sleep with your mums boyfriends and who sleep with multiple boys at the same and whores like you who suck anything with a pulse- you think i can't do it."

"no you cant do it," rochelle said, "because you're a pussy- look nomi- look at his hand- my man is shaking- my man thinks we're still little girls- my man thinks we're going to beg and scream- perhaps my man dont know our story- perhaps my man was too busy getting fucked in the ass by some shotter in pen to realise that we have fuckin 9 lives."

Michelle said, "please stop swearing."

"shut the fuck up," he said. then he slapped me and forced my mouth open. "i heard how you made that arab boy suck the gun before you shot his friend- suck on this."
he hand his hand on the trigger and the 9 on my tongue.
tears ran down ma eyes as i looked at him.
i didnt suck it.
"suck it," he screamed.
i shook my head.
"why dont you suck it," rochelle said, "dunknow you got plenty of practice in jail."
he pulled the gun out of my mouth and punched rochelle.
"scream," he said, he was chokin her.
"you can only get it up when i scream," i heard her say in a choked voice.he fell back against the wall and started saying some weird shit like he was possessed.
then he got up.
"Whores," i heard him whisper. he picked a can up from behind him. he poured it all around the floor.
he took the gun and put it in his mouth.
i could smell gasoline.
rochelle could smell it too and michelle was shakin and cryin.
he put the gun down, took out a matchbox, struck amatch and threw it to the ground.
we all screamed.
then he pickedup the gun, placed it against Rochelles head and said, "You screamed."

Monday, 23 November 2009

Rochelle Sket- Chapter 21.

The car stopped at some old building.
"Get the bitches out of the boot and bring them up to the 9th floor- then you lot go and finish off that James- then come back."
"What the fuck- dat wasnt part of the deal," the guy next to me said. "When do we get to fuck this bitch and the Nomi one."
"When you come back," dad said.
The other men looked pissed off and the one that was driving said, "alright kl."

My dad pulled me by my hair, and kicked me onto the floor. i didnt say shit, and then i looked up, i watched the guys pull Nomi out of the car, she fell to the ground and looked me in the eye, she had been crying and then i heard michelle screaming.
then she saw me and she screamed my name. one of the men slapped her.
"Bring them bitches up," my dad said.
They kicked us into the lift. Michelle looked up at me and i could see the confusion in her eyes.
"You see your older sister," my dad said, "she made out she was dead." then he slapped me, "but she wasn't."

Michelle looked up at me, "I wasnt talking to you," he told her, "I was talking to Nomi."
Nomi looked down, she must have known as well.
when we got to the ninth floor, my dad and the other guy pushed us into the hallway of the deserted building. there were three chairs with ropes around.
this was planned.

Sit down. they pushed all three of this in the chair and tied us up bare tight. I didnt say shit.
"You can go now marvin," dad said, "kill that fuckin james guy."
Marvin nodded and left.
My dad looked at us, "two whores and a potential one."

Michelle couldnt stop staring at me, she started crying.
I looked at Nomi, she looked high.
"Let us go," Michelle said, "You're a pervert."

He slapped her, "Did your mother tell you that?!- that heathen whore- sinner when I met her- sinner when I left."

Michelle looked at me and cried, "Rochelle."
I looked at her and smiled. "Speak to me," she said, "can i hear your voice."

"She wont speak," dad said, "theyve trained her not to open her dutty mouth in a situation like this isnt that right princess- maybe she'll speak after i do this."

He took off his belt and pulled down his jeans and rubbed his piece in nomi's face. Michelle cried and looked away.
Nomi sobbed.
"Nomi don't scream," I said.
Everyone looked at me.
"what the fuck did you say whore," he said.
"Nomi don't scream- he can only get it up when you scream."
Nomi looked at me.
he slapped her and said, "if you dont scream- ill tear the hair out of your fucking head."
Michelle sobbed, "you're a monster- he hurt sandra and my mum rochelle- him and his friends burst into the house and beat them up."
"Shut the fuck up!", he screamed.
"Where are the twins?!", i cried.
"In Guyana- she sent them to be with her mum after she lost her baby when gavin killed that girl." Nomi looked away.
He slapped Michelle.
"This is all your fault Rochelle- Gavin told me that you threatened him- that you were still alive and that you went to visit him to force him to give sandra a divorce- dumb bitch- Gavin was fucking friend inside- you didn't think hed tell me."

It was rainig outside, i could see my reflection in the window as he tried to kiss Nomi.
"scream, "he kept saying, Nomi kept her mouth shut. he punched her.
"Why are you doing this?", Michelle screamed.
"You three bitches have caused me hell- now your gonna pay."

"what did I do?!." Nomi sobbed.
"You didn't do shit me- but you ruined Gavin- you know he didnt kill that Tripti girl- YOU did."
I looked at her, she looked up at him and said, "Lies."
He punched her, I saw a tooth roll out of her mouth. she didnt scream.
"And you Michelle- telling everyone about our secret."
"Leave her alone," I said.
"Or what-" he said, "I could slice your throat now for testifying against me AND for fucking your own mothers boyfriend- an african wasn't he."

Michelle couldnt stop crying.
"Im going to deal wiv u two for being dirty whores and im going to kill you because you're going to grow up to be like them."

"how did you get out of jail," i asked.

He laughed, "Good behaviour- Uncle Danny died so they let me come to his funeral and soi took the chance to get you whores."

Nomi cried.
"Scream," he told her, "I want you so bad- I've seen your pictures- I knew your dad very well before he got killed in that accident, hes the fucking bastard who rochelle's mother spread her legs open for, to think i had to raise his daughter," he looked at me, "you dont even look like him- YOU LOOK LIKE ME."

"What are you talking about," michelle asked.

"Rochelle isnt your sister because I'm not her dad- Nomi and Rochelle have the same dad, that scrawny mixraced fool."
Michelled looked at me and i said, "we'll always be sisters."

"Enough talk, Michelle- who should I kill first- you pick- Rochelle or Nomi- if you dont pick I'll kill you."
He pulled out his 9 and held it to her head,

"Decide now Chelle- or you'll get it."

Friday, 20 November 2009

Chapter 20.

I looked him dead in da eye.
He pulled me out the room and punched me, i saw all the other women screamin as the men who came wiv my dad were smackin dem about .
"lets go," my dad said.
as he dragged me out of da house, i was expectin james to run and save me, but i looked around and the security car wasnt around.
dey kicked me into da backseat. my dad sat next to me as the other guys in the car.
"you know where to go," he said.
the car drove off.
den he looked at me.
"You've grown up."
I said nuffin- i knew dat sooner or later da car would be stopped cos i was on 24 hour surveillance, someone would save me, da only ting i wnted to know is how dis fucker was out of jail.
"this is the bitch," one of the guys said, he smelled of weed and hot piss.
all the guys laughed.
"she got nice tits," one of the men squeezed dem, "oooh dey nice- you squeezed dem?"
he asked my dad.
"she didnt have dem the last i saw her."

I siad nothing and looked straight on- i knew where we were headin.
"you dont seem suprised- me and my man went to all this trouble to find you, and you cant even say hello," my dad said.
"say hello!", the guy next to me punched me.

we were heading towards london.
"she tinks theyre comin to save her," the man drivin said, "she aint know that we took care off that james."
i still didnt give any reaction- i was prayin in ma head james was ok.
den my dad kissed my cheek violently.
"dont worry guys shes not even my real daughter," den he looked at me expectin me to be shocked. i didnt say shit or even have a facial expression.
den i heard sumthin move in the boot.
"dem two bitches gonna be ok in dere?", the jamaican guy asked.
"they'll be fine," my dad said, den he looked at me and punched me. my face swung the other way and den i just sat back to normal again- my nose bleedin.

"dis bitch testin me," the jamaican guy said trying to pull my legs open.
"not yet," my dad, "we'll handle all three of them together- when we get the other two out of the boot."

"me cyarn wait to get me hands on the cooli lookin one- whats her name?".

"Nomi" my dad said, "Nomi and Michelle in the boot."

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

CHAPTER 19 part 1 (Imported from the Encrypted)

I called the officer.
"What's wrong?", he said walking in.
"She said someone followed her here," I said. He looked at her.
"Who followed you here?", he asked getting angry.
"Me not saying a ting unless you pay me," she said.
My face was shocked- all dat shit about lovin me was a lie. "Now Ms.Shirley- I dont like to make threats- but what we're dealing with is above the law- the police cant protect you if anything was to happen to you if anything was to happen to rochelle because of your carelessness."

"You chreatenin me boy."
"You like your home?", he asked taking a seat.
"whatchu mean by dat?", she asked.
"How would you feel if your house was to be attacked by some naughty teenagers- or if you were declared mental and forced to live in some nice little institution."

Her face dropped. "You couldnt."

"We've done bigger," he said looking at me, "Rochelle is dead and if anybody finds out otherwise we'll hold you responsible- so who followed her hear."

"N-nobody," she said, "Me was jus lying- i was hurt- she was so rude to me."
"Good," James said, "If we find out any differently- I'll have to carry out my promises."
grandmas face was bare red and she was so shook, "someone will give you a lift to kent and we've arranged for you to catch a train backinto victoria- like I said if we discover that anybody else knows about this-."

"Shes got the message," i said.
As she was escorted out by anuva officer she gave me one look and then they left. James shut the door.
"This was a mistake," he said, "I could kill Nomi for telling her- and you coming back was stupid as well, we put the whole thing at risk."

"I had to come back to talk to Gavin- and it was worth it- he gave Sandra her divorce."

"He was going to do it anyway."

"No he wouldn't have- I know him, thats why i had to scare him to make him do it- whens the car coming to take us to the plane."

"the flights been postponed till tommorow afternoon- so youre staying in one of the halfway houses we have for abused women- your name is..."

"Charlotte- ran away from my abusive boyfriend in London."

"Once you leave the Uk tommorow you are never to come back."

I nodded, "Ijust had to come to warn Gavin- and dat fuckin bitch Nomi." den i remembered what grandma said,i wanted to tell james but i fort allow it- she was probably lyin.

We got to the halfway house an hour later
I said hi to some of the other girls who looked like dey had been fucked up differently and went to my room. James sat me with in the room, "Darren and his little minions were sentenced today- darren got 20 years no parole- i dont know what the rest got yet im still waiting to hear from HQ."
I nodded, "How's Omara's family."
"They moved- they couldnt live in the house after what happened."
"You really think he killed himself."
"Makes sense- anyway its worked to your advantage-he would have had to confess everything about you to explain why Faisal and the rest of his guys were shot- listen I need to go- I'll be back tommorow- avoid talking to anybody for the night- you're only here till tommorow morning and ill be here to get you."

"Thanks," I said, he kissed my forehead and he left.

I locked the door when he left and lay in bed thinkin about everything- it was all my fault, if i hadnt had got daniel to set up kieran den sskwouldnt have been after me and all dis wouldnt be happenin.
I lay in bed and fell asleep.
I jumped up- oh shit. I heard screaming.
I ran to the phone and tried to dial james number.
BANG. My door was kicked open.
"Here she is!".
"You better believe it princess."

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Rochelle sket chapter 18

"What the fuck do you mean."

"You have the same father."

I looked at her and I could tears rollin down her eyes.
"You're chattin shit."

She shook her head, "Your father's dad was rupert."

I stood up and walked to the wall, the bitch kept going on, "me and rupert knew each other from back in Saint John- we were going to get married but he fell in love with this italian girl who lived in our town, they had a child- a baby boy- Nomis father- mixraced boy almost as light as light itself and so I got married to a cousin- me family saw nuthin wrong with it but i was so ashamed- so i ran away to London with me baby girl, we were safe here and she grew up and one day she brought home a boy, a mixraced boy as light as light itself- it was ruperts boy, he said rupert was here alone, his wife had died and so he was living alone with rupert- i hated the idea of gladys and rupets boys together but then she got pregnant with you and ruperts boy left her- for some girl from east africa, what we were supposed to do with you- your mudda was too stupid to raise you and i was too old, i called one of me friends from harlseden who had a son- and he agreed to marry gladys and raise you as his own- it was miracle you came out so dark because people would have asked questions- then a few years later- after ur mudda had died and i tort u had died i saw rupert and the grave yard and he told me his son and his son's wife had died in accident and dat he was raising his grandaughter alone."


"I wish i had told u earlier," she cried,
"So my dad isnt really my dad- it's Nomi's dad."
"Yes,"she cried.
"Then me and michelle aren't really sisters," i said with a tear rolling down ma eye.
"So i was abused by a man who wasnt related to me because u were too lazy to raise me alone."

"We knew he was touchin u and we knew his bruddas were too but if we said anytin- he would left ur mudda, den shed have nuttin."

"So you let a man and his family abuse me because you didnt want to be poor."

shirley sobbed as she nodded.
i spat in her face.
"You saw all dem times i cried to you about it and u called me whore-you knew it was true."
"im sorry."

"get out," i said.
"no no," she sobbed, "please i have nothing- ruperts dead- they want to put me in a home-u wouldnt let dem put ur own grandmudda in a home."

I looked at her and said quietly, "I'm dead- remember?".

She slowly got up.
"Tell them i'm ready to go on your way out- and grandma- you know what will happen to you if you tell anyone about me," i said with my eyes facing the wall.

"Rochelle," she said, I looked to her, "If u let me go- this is the last time we'll lay eyes on each odder in this life."


"Rochelle- please give me a hug."

I looked at her and gave her a blank stare.

"he goin to kill us both rochelle."

"whose gonna kill us?".

"He's been followin me- and he knows you're here."

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


She looked at me.
I didnt look at her but she kept on lookin and den i heard her say,"look at me dear."
And then I looked at my nan.
she looked dead in the eyes, her skin was tired but her eyes weren't. they were alive. she ran to me and hugged me and kissed my cheek and then looked up at the officers, "can we have some time alone please," i said.
"your flight leaves in two hours," the first guy said and then they both left, shuttin and lockin the door behind dem.
"You alive."
"Im sorry about Rupert," I said,"He seemed nice- I know you risked a lot coming here."
"Rochelle you alive- when Nomi told me I fell to the floor and thanked God," she sobbbed, "im so sorry- im so sorry for everyting." then she looked up at me, "they said me cyarn say too much to you and dat cyarn say too much to me- and i understand but at least talk to me- i thort u were dead."

"When mum died- i came to you and you pushed me away."
"I didnt know what to do- what to tink- ur mudda called me rite before he killed her and told me dat she had caught u and him- i didnt know what to say to you."

"7 years old at aunty Amanda's party- you saw my dad touch me in the kitchen- you walked past."

she hung her head down and sobbed, "im sorry."

"Now you're alone- no man- no family- alone on Black Prince road."

"I've got Nomi- and I want you- the three of us can be a family"

"Nomi will leave the second you show yourself up for da witch u r grandma."

"Please dont curse me- that girl is all i have- she can only see in one eye."

"Someone's still after her- theyre going to come for you too."

grandma looked me in the eye and said, "ive made so many mistakes in my life but none of dem compare to the mistake i made when i didnt protct you."

"Now you have Nomi- how long will it be till she gets tired of cleaning ur shit- till she remembers how much life she's missing- i heard she has a hole in her tit."

"Yes- yes she does b-but it's healing- the doctors were able to take out the bullet in time."

"Pretty pretty Nomi- the grandaughter you never had."

"please stop."

"Whoever's after her is going to get her- and then you- id love to see it."

"please stop rochelle."

"8 years old at Uncle Johnsons' funeral- you saw Uncle Danny touch me you smacked me for it."

she cried.

"You think by looking after Nomi you'd erase all the shit you allowed- do you let her bring boys back and listen to them fuck her sensless and wish it was you- mum told me about all them men u used to bring back home from work- u dont even know who my grandad is- do you? fucked so many men u couldnt even remember which one fathered mum."

"please stop."

"Nomi likes girls- you and her been getting busy."

"stop it."


"it's filthy."

"you've heard worse."

"dont talk about nomi dat way please."

"why cos shes ur new grandaughter now."

"No, because she's your sister."