Friday, 29 May 2009

chapter 5

Some weeks passed and living with Antoine and Daniel was so much joke. The video shoot for Tinchy's video was in two weeks and Antoine had convinced the director to feature me as a minor extra, just in the background innit. I woke up this morning feeling a bit beta, the doctors had removed the stitches from my ass and cos i hadnt fucked in a few weeks, my pussy was bare tight almost like i was a fuckinvirgin, lmao. The girl had come to do my weave which looked banging, it was long and wavy, i think the hairs called Mexican Wave, i dont know, but it looked deep. they took the bandage off my nose, i looked like a new girl, a new Rochelle, a fuckin sexy bitch
Today was the trial. Andeven tho i wasnt gonna be dere, i wondered what it wld be like, watchin de fuckers who did all those dutty fings to me for some dumb reason, it had been on the news but cos i didnt want my identity 2 be known, the news just said my name was Girl X. people were horified wiv it, online, and dat helped me get better cos if the world knew it was wrong, den it meant they felt sorry for me.
Itried not to fink about it 2 much, cos Antoine was crackin me bare jokes whilst Daniel wnt shopping.
"How are you feelin?", he asked me as we sat by the pool smoking browns.
"better, but the memories still hurt innit."
"I know, it took me ten years to get over what happened to me," Antoine said throwing back his weave.
"What happened 2 u," i asked, letting smoke come out from my nose.
"It was when i was at school, i think i was about 11 and cos i acted really feminine, every1 thrt i was gay but i wasnt, i was just girly, anyway, so i was in the boys toilet with my other friend taking a piss when some guy from the year above walks in, now this guy was a big guy on road, his dad was the major shotter in the ends but anyway so he walks in and looks at me and says "Yo batty boy, suck my dick." And i was so scared cos i wasnt gay, i said no then ran out, then he told all his friends that he caught me doing it with my friend, so he and his friends waited for us after school and they forced us into some deserted house and beat us up, they stabbed my friend 130 times." Antoine started bawling then, "Just because that idiot told a lie, my friend died, because of a lie."
I gave Antoine a hug, "So i left London," he said, "And worked my ass of as a dancer for different events and then i dnt know how but i turned gay, mayb cos it was easier than having to keep denying it to people in my heart i knew i wasnt but decided to start saying i was so people would just fuck off." Antoine continued smoking his browns and said, "Im gonna make you big, you didnt deserve what them people did 2 u, when we get on the video set, im going to make sure u get the lead, ur a much better dancer than the girl we have on the lead already, her names Monique."

A few weeks later, it was the day of the shoot,I kissed Daniel goodbye as he slept catchin flies in his mouf, then me and Antoine got to the location which was in Bedfordshire at 7am to do a rehearsal wiv the rest of the dancers. "Girlies, this is my girl Rochelle, get to know her, get to like her cos shes here to stay," Antoine said. all the girls said hi. "Ok, where's Monique?", he asked.
One of the ova girls said (who was in Tinchy's number 1 video) said, "me and her went clubbin last nite, she said shed be here on time." then all of a sudden, how can my girl bust in the room actin like some big gal. "Don't worry girls, Monique is here," Monique said, "Whos dat?", she said lookin at me.
"Rochelle, shes a new girl," Antoine said. Monique gave me the dirtiest look. One fing i culdnt deny was dat my girl was a boomtin, she was tall, mixrace and had a bangin body, if i was a guy i would hit it. Then Monique said, "I dont want her here, im the chief dancer innit, what i say goes."
Antoine told her, "Nah nah Monique, stop your shit, i'm the choreographer and im the one in charge of selectin dancers, im sayin she stays."
"Never dat!" Monique replied, "Look at her, she ain't no dancer, listen likkle girl you need to leave the fuckin set."
I was bare nervous, normally i didnt take anybodies shit but this was all new to me so i said, "Its ok antoine, it dont matter, the girl oviously got jealousy issues innit." da ova girls started crackin up, den i said, "Monique, ill be in the waiting lounge yeah, when ur finished teachin the bitch 2 dance, ill chat 2 u den." Monique smiled as i left.
so i was waiting in the waiting lounge, it was fuckin busy, people go and back and fort, back and fort like Aaliyah. Then all of a sudden, i heard "wharm sexy." I looked to see some sexy, tall guy with dark skin and dark green eyes. "Hello," i said.
"Whats ur name?".
"Rochelle," i said, "And urs?".
"Shawn, why u sittin out here, swear down ur choong enuff 2 b one of the dancers."
"I was meant to be, but that fuckin bitch Monique said i couldnt be."
"Yeah yeah, that means ur banging, she always wants to get rid of the hot tings cos she scared her man mite like dem more."
"Who's her man."
Me and Shawn were chatting for time, i didnt tell himbout what had happend 2 me but i did tell him i was from brixto. He lived in Hackney and was 19 and was Tinchy's bredrin. He was there for the video just to support Tinchy. "So have u got a man?".
"Nah," i knew it was a lie cos me and Daniel were official now but Shawnwas 22222222222222 much, and now that my pussy and ass were better i could fuck him as much i wanted.
Then Shawn said, "Me and u should do a ting sometime."
"Id like that," i said.
Next ting i knew we was in one of the toilets and he was fuckin me sensless wiht a rubber on. his dick was so big that it filled my entire pussy, even if i wanted to cum it wouldnt be able to come out cos there was no space, it was so fuckin nice.
He had his hands round my neck and then he took his piece out and shoved it in my mouth, i did my trademark bunny rabbit move, the pre-cum was all over my teeth as i sucked that dick quick and fast, i licked his balls and he said "uh", then i tickled his balls whilst i sucked the dick, then i pulled the rubber off and did it bare back, as i was suckin, my phone rang, i cheked it, it was daniel. even tho i felt guilty shawns dick was too good to let go and so i kep on suckin, then i took it out and turned around and put it in my pussy. mmm. the tip of it made my legs shake and a weird feeling came in the bottom of my stomach and i bust. I was about to pull my jeans up when he said, "youve got yours, now i need to get mine."
Then he rammed it so hard in my pussy that my head was bangin against the cubicle wall. den dere was a knock on the door.
"Who's in there?".
shawn said, "Me im fuckin takin a shit, fuck off."
Then the person left.
He carried on fuckin me, he reached around and put his fingers in my mouf as his dick got bigger and bigger inside of me. He pulled my hair with his right hand and wiv his left hand he held my left leg up.
Then he bust, as soon as he did, he pulled out and i fell to da ground, my head hit the toilet seat. Then he said to me, "Listen, take my digits, when ur back in London and we can do dis again."
Then he left. I was fixin myself whilst lookin in the mirror and as i was Monique walked in.
"Ur still here?", she said washin her hands.
"Yeah i am."
"Listen- jus so u knw if we had been on road and u spoke 2 me da way u did, i would shanked u up, my bruvas in pen rite now for torturing some sket, u ever heard of SSK, mybruvas in dat crew, dey dont fuck about."
I froze, her bruva was one of the guys who did dat to me but she didnt know it was me cos da police had kept my identity a secret.
As i was leavin da toilet, she grabbed my arm and said, "Did u hear what i jus said?".
I nodded and said, "Sorry."
Then she said, "Good, id hate 2 have to fuck u up."

When me and Antoine got home, Daniel was waiting for us and he said, his face looked proper upset, "Rochelle, i need to talk 2 u."
It was about the trial, i sat down and he tld me, "All of dem got 25 years in pen wiv no parole," he said but his face still looked sad, "but your mum- rochelle- your mum's dead."

Thursday, 28 May 2009

chapter 4

I looked in the mirror in the hospital toilet. They had really fucked me up.
I had two black eyes, they had cut off bare ov my hair and the scars on my body looked like theyd never go. then i looked at my nose and realized dat the doctors had improved it, it was bare nice in a weird way, plastic surgery for free i said to myself as tears ran down my eyes, i touched the bandage on my nose, it was so sore. How did my life get this way, how could i go from playing with my little cousins on the bus to bending down and drinking a guys bust. I knew fings were fucked up, i accepted it for da first time and it hurt to fink it took dis to let me see it. my legs still hurt from when they let the dog fuck me and cos the doctors had to stitch the parts of my ass it tore up, my ass was sore.
I cried a little and the ended up bawling, i put my hand ova my mouth so nobody would hear. Daniel would be comin 2 pick me up in a few hours so me and him would stay at his friends yard in Milton Keynes for a bit until the jakes arrested all dem fuckin dickeds who did this to me.
I ran my fingers thru what was left from my hair, it was still enough to cainrow but it felt horrible cos there were some bald patches. I walked back to the ward slowly and lay in the bed, thinkin bout Daniel, how much i loved him and how much i wanted to fuck him as soon as i saw him but i knew i couldnt, the doctor said i had to wait 6-7 weeks for my pussy to heal. I slowly drowsed 0ff

Morning came and Daniel was there sitting on my bed when i woke up. He kissed my forehead and said, "They've arrested dem, all of dem pussy'os,", i smiled and hugged him, "But you have to go and identify dem innit make sure all of dem are dere."
"I dont wanna go back to South", i said, "I never wanna go back dere again."
"Just come and identify the fuckers and then well go to milton keynes and stay dere for as long as u like, got my goons to do my shotting for me so i can spend all my time with u until ur ready to go back home and live wiv me."
I kissed his lips, letting my tongue lick his and then i told him, "I'm gonna marry you."
He smiled and said, "Corse corse, we talked bout dis on de fone."
Then the doctor came in and shook Daniels hand, "Hello, My name is Dr. Cox, i presume you are Rochelle's boyfriend?".
"All day every day innit brav," Daniel replied. The Doctor smiled and said, "You're free to go home, but before you do, i think i need to explain what we did to help you yesterday in surgery, your nose was broken in 18 different places, so we had to break the entire nose, take out all the bones and rebuild it from scratch, it will be sore for a while and a little blueish for about three weeks, your anus was so torn out that as you know we had to stitch some of it back together again and we unfortuenately found traces of dog semen inside of it, you explained what happened and it saddens me to think people are so sickening to allow their dog to do that to another human being, your eyes arent black from the attack but are black because of the nose surgery."

"What about my hair, doctor, will it grow back," i asked.
"Yes it will, in due time, they did a pretty nasty thing to you,but from what ive heard theyve been caught, hopefully their punishment will fit the crime," Dr. Cox said. He shook my hand and Daniels and left.
After i got dressed in fresh clothes and wore a headscarf, me and Daniel drove back to Brixton Police Station.
I had to identify all of them, including Sherice, my one best friend, my girl, how could she betray melike dat, then the police told me dat i had to tell them what happened in front of a camera so it could be used in the trial cos i didnt want to be dere myself, so i did, it was fuckin horrible havin to relive everyfin they did to me, havin to feel all those feelins of being kicked, fucked by a pitbull, pissed on, spat on, farted on. The police lady told me dat dey all had denied it at first but when they were shown the cctv from the warehouse dey all confessed.
When it was done, the police gave Daniel the police station number in case of anything and the police lady said, "To be safe, stay out of London for a while, SSK crew are known to us as being wide spread gang around London and they may try and harm you."

Then me and Daniel went to Milton Keynes. His friends yard was niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. It had four bedrooms, a pool, widescreen tv, three bathrooms, it was just fuckin banging.
After Daniel called the friend to let him know we were dere, we unpacked our fings and spent the rest of day relaxin watchin tv, then Daniel put on Dj Ironiks album and started singin along to it, it was so sweet, he had been so fuckin good to me and so i had to reward him. Even doe my jaw still kindof hurt, i walked over to him and unzipped his jeans, then pulled down his baggy boxers and kissed his cock, he already had a boner.
Then i sucked the top, sucking so hard on it, then i put whole mouf on da ting, back and forth, gaggin on it, i managed to fit the whole fing in my mouth, he said, "Chelle! Chelle!" i sucked dat ting good, lettin my tongue flicker all over it, then he started going back and forth basiclly fuckin me in the mouth, his white cock tasted bare nice, i let the dick slide in and out of my mouth, lettin him see it den lettin it dissapear into my warm mouth like a fuckin magic trick, "Im gonna cum, lemme pull it out." So i let him and he bust all over my face, for dat brief moment my body felt fine but as soon as he finished rubbin the cum into my skin, the pain came back in my ass and i cried. he picked me up and lay me on the couch. and gently began to lick me , soft and first but even dat hurt so then he flemmed on it and wiped the flem all over it so it felt softer, then he used his little finger to finger me. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, my pussy worked! it didnt hurt, my ass still did hurt tho, then Daniel did it, he placed the cock in my puss and gently put my legs on his shoulders and fucked me and said, "If you fink im fuckin u hard now, wait till ur ass gets better."
I laughed a bit, i couldnt wait. I felt the dick get bigger and get bigger in my pussy, then he took it out and let the fountain of cum fall into my mouth. It tasted sort of bitter this time but i swallowed it all up. It was the least i could for Daniel, he was all i had.
We lay down for a bit and den i said, "Daniel i need to sort my hair out, we need to contact the nearest hair salon."
Den Daniel said, "Yeah uno wat, my bredrins coming here 2 nite to c u cos i tld him what happened, when i come ill ask him if he knows one."
"But hes a bre, i doubt he'll know about dem sort of tings."
"He's gay."
I looked at Daniel like what?! "Gay?", i asked, "But u hate gay people." Just as he was about to respond, the front door opened. Some hench black guy wearing a weave, a tartan mini skirt, a pink shirt, 5 inch heels and a cardigan walked in.
"Antoine!", Daniel ran up to him and hugged him. "Rochelle this is Antoine, my bredrin frm skl innit, dis his yard."
I smiled and waved cos even tho i thrt he was fuckin weird, i was stayin in his yard, so i said, "Hi."
Then Antoine said, "Daniel told me what happened, boo boo, what sickos, anyways make yourself feel at home, just came back from LA."
"Antoine is a choreographer," Daniel explained, "Ees done bare videos, i swear u even did one for Estelle."
"Yah, uno American Boy,i taught her how to pose awkwardly." Daniel burst out laughing, i culdnt believe my eyes, Daniel laughing at a batty mans joke, laaaaaaaaaaaaaater.

Later on that night, when the three of us were yammin on some Chinese, Daniel said, "Cos of what dem dogfuckers did to Chelle's hair, she needs to get it done, do u knw anyone who could do it for her round ere."
"Darlin, am i gay?", Antoine said.
Daniel said, "Yeah."
"Then theres ur answer honey," Antoine laughed. This was gettin too much, this chichi boy was pissin me off, in my head i started singing log on wagan chichi man but then i realised dat was dumb cos the guy was givin me a place to stay and he had been bare kl to me.
"I know a girl," Antoine said, "Actually she'a guy, but she had her peepee cut off two years ago darlin- anyway she does the hottest weaves this side of Milton Keynes, ill call her to come round tommorow, judging by the look of your hair Rochelle, ull need a full weave."
"How much is it?" Daniel asked.
"Dont be silly, i'll pay," antoine said.
"Thankyou so much," i said.
"Oh honey dnt think nuthin of it, any friend of DanDan is a friend of mine, besides a girl as beautiful as u deserves to look good, has anyone ever told u that u look jus like Naomi Campbell."
"No," i said.
"Thats because you dont, HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA", Antoine laughed. Daniel laughed along to so i smiled. "Only kidding babe, but u do actually look like a dark skin version of Rocsi from that american show on the blackpeople channel, 106 and Nigger?".
"106 and Park," i said.
"Oh yes yes, you really are up to date with your urban peeps arent you, only joking babe, oh im so full of life, i just got hired to do the choreography for Tinchy Stryder's new video."
"You're fuckin jokin mate," Daniel said eating his chow mein.
"Im dead serious, we start rehearsal tommorow." Omg, i couldnt believe it, i said, "Tinchy Stryder is like a hero, hes really doing it big for Uk music as a whole, not just grime."
"Grime honey?", Antoine asked, "Darlin, get to know- Tinchy is a diverse artist, he dont do grime anymore, he leaves that for the negroes doing the gun fingers on Channel Aka, Tinchy is doing big things, the video is big budget, i got paid 3 grand to do it, thats how u know he has money to spend, you know what Rochelle, one u get that plaster off ur nose so we can see what it looks like and once we get ur hair fixed and ur black eyes heal, ill talk to the director and ask if Tinchy needs any extras, youve got a nice body and im sure Tinchy would like to get to know you anyway."
Daniel smiled at me.
"Yeah thanks, that would be so nice of u." i said, cos to be honest, i felt my body start to heal about then cos i was jenuinly happy.
But that nite as i lay next to Daniel in one of antoine's sparerooms, i cried myself to sleep as the memories of what happened to me came back and the sound of that dog barking made me want to cut off my ears so i couldnt hear it anymore, but Daniel held me tighter and whispered, "My wifey for lifey anybody hu try step 2 u will get cool with my knifey."

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Chapter 3 of rochellesket

There were so many questions running thru my mind, was Daniel gay? did he really rape Kieran? i felt sik at the thort and jus had to call daniel himself to see see what he had to say bout this. i dialled his number.
Daniel: evenin lav, problem taking care of, kieran wont be bothering u again
me: thankyou, but daniel someone told me u did somethin really dirty to him, is it true?
Daniel: i got some ova man to deal wid him, why what did someone say?
Me: that you- that u raped him?
Daniel: NEVER DAT! i let some of my goons from Norwood deal wiv him, if dey did dat to him- den boy- it obviously gt da job done, anyways why u concerned for- u got what u wanted.
Me: As long as it wasn't u who did that cos thats dirty.
Daniel: Them man dont even care, theyre my goons innit, always got back my back, but listen i gotta go now innit, wait at ur mums drum for a few days and ill call u when its kl 2 come back, ill check on ur drum 4 u, collect any post and shit.
Me: Thankyou babe.

Then he put the phone down. I was so relieved that it wasn't Daniel who did that and it was some other bres, i was relieved- no way could i be fuckin a guy whose into dat shit. I went to bed still sort of horny from my fuck with Nathan and when i woke up the next morning, i was still horny. My mum came into my room to wake me up at 1 in the afternoon, she sat on the bottom of my bed, "Listen babe, are you ok from yesterday- just watch who u sleep with, you're a big girl now so make good decisions, anyway i need to go and get my hair done in camberwell and so ill be out for a while, actually for the whole day, nathans home tho so if u need anythin just ask him, hes a nice guy isnt' he, i think i could even marry him." I smiled at her, she looked so happy and i said, "Yeah he's a nice guy" (if only she knew that i had experienced how nice he had been to my pussy the night before.) My mum then left the house.
I got in the shower and as the warm water dripped all over my body, i felt hot all over, i needed some more of that nigerian dick ramming my clit, so i walked out of the shower naked and walked downstairs where Nathan was yammin some KFC and drinking supermalt, he said to me, "listen rochelle, what happened last night was a one off, go up stairs wear your clothes and we'll forget it ever happened." But i started fingerin myself, letting my slim fingers get deeper in my pussy, then i reached over to his bottle of supermalt and poured it all over my body. i saw his eyes light up as i walked to the living room, letting him watch my bangin ass. by the time i was in the living room, he had pounced on me and was licking the supermalt off me and just as he did:
"oh i forgot my purse."
My mum screamed at the sight of her boyfriend licking my back. She screamed, her hands were shaking, tears ran down her eyes and she said to me quietly, "Rochelle get dressed and get out." when i tried to say sorry, she ran toward me and punched me in the face knocking me into the wall, i fell on the floor den ran up the stairs and got dressed, i cried as i got dressed and i heard my mum smashing bottles, when i got downstairs she was kicking nathan in the head with her shoes, i tried to say sorry to her again but she told me, "You are dead to me, i never want to see you on this earth, or in heaven, or in hell, you slut." Then she flemmed in my face and threw me out of the house. I used the back of my top to wipe my face as i made my way to the bus stop, i couldnt go back to brixton cos it mite not be safe in case Kieran decided to get revenge by comin 2 my yard so as i sat at the bus stop wondering what to do, my phone rang, it was a witheld number:
Me: Hello (i said dat quietly)
Person: yeah it's me.
Me: Kieran? (oh shit oh shit, i was bare scared at this point.)
Rico: Nah nah, its rico, looool- who the fucks kieran. (i was relieved, shit boy their voices sound bare alike.)
Me: Just some pussy hole, erm how did u get my number?
Rico: Sherice gave it 2 me, uno we had to sack her from primark, bitch was trying to jack bare shit, your voice sounds like you've been crying, are u ok?
Me: No, im not actually (i burst into tears.)
Rico: Where r u now, ill come pick u up, im whipping it innit.

I told him where i was and within half an hour he was at the bus stop in his Peugeot, he was playing the Dont Jealous Me Funky tune bare loud as i got in the car. He kissed my cheek, "U alrite babe, do u want somefin to eat?", he asked.
"No no, im ok- can we jus go 2 ur yard", i asked him beginin 2 cry again.
"Yeah, but i need to go get some money off some guy first innit, then well go back 2 my drum."
"Ok" i said.
We was in the car for half an hour and then after that i didnt recognise where we were going, "where we goin?", i asked him.
then as he got onto the motorway, he said, "To teach you a lesson for setting up my cousin."
"Your cousin?", i asked bare scared.
"Kieran, kierans my cousin u hoe and he told me what u made them bres did to him."
Now i was scared, if we were on a normal road i would have jumped out the car but we was on the motorway, i wasnt getting licked down by no truck for nobody. I told him i was sorry and as i begged him, he used his left hand to box my face. then i blacked out.

When i woke up, it was in some warehouse, i heard a dog barking my hands were tied together and i was naked, my pussy was aching and my eyes were stinging, i looked up and saw a gang of bres all dressed in balaclavas and black hoodies which said SSK on the front, i knew it stood for SLAUGHTER, SHOT, KILL, they were a gang from south east who had killed some guy for looking at dem funny one time at a shoobz, i know cs i was there.
"Look at her, fuckin dirty sket," i heard a familiar voice say, it was Sherice, she was standin wit the bres holdin a pitbull, "You fuckin hoe- u fink wed let u get away wiv setting Kieran up, nah nah bitch, oh wat- ur shocked cos im wiv dem now- yeah ill betray u like u betrayed me by trying to fuck rico."
"Please help me" i cried, "im sorry, please let me go."
Then all the guys took off their balaclavas, one of them was Kieran, one of them was Jermaine and the other was rico, i didnt recognise the rest except one who had chirpsed me one time after college.
"Come we all fuck her to punish her," one of the bres said, then rico said, "Let kieran decide, hes the one who she set up."
then kieran said, "since ur a bitch rochelle, its only fair u get to fuck a dog."
then he looked at the pitbull in sherice's arms, sherice let it go and said, "its it mating season and it hasnt fucked in a year, what du u think were gnna let it do to u"
i just vomited, i just vomited at the idea that they were so sick in da head. Rico walked over to me and turned me over in a doggy style position, my head so dazed from his punch that i couldnt stop him and then i felt something being rubbed on my pussy, like meat.
(the following section of was removed by Blogspot due to extreme explicit content which some members of the general public may find disturbing.)

I vomited again as they pulled it out of me, it barked bare as they all laughed. i wanted them just to kill me, they couldnt do any worse to me, "just do it," i sobbed, "just kill me."
"laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayta sket!" jermaine said, "u dnt tell us what to do, we tell u," then he laughed, "u always liked doggy style didnt u, now u gt the real fing." then all of them kicked me in the head, they stamped on my stomach and i felt a bottle smash on my nose, my nose bled as i felt the bones in my nose shatter, the pain knocked me out half way and as i was half unconcious i could see and feel kieran kickin my pussy and sherice and some ova guys cutting my hair, "no," i tried to cry, but they ignored me and one of them farted in my face. the smell kncked me out.

i woke up in a bush, being looked at by some old man, "Are u ok dear?", he said.
i cried, "where am i?"
"you're in epping forest dear."
The old man called the ambulance and they took me to the hospital, i heard the nurses say i was lucky to be alive and that "they're going to put her in surgery for nose" and they cleaned the blood off of me and dressed me in the hospital clothes because i couldnt walk. i fell asleep and then a few hours later the doctor came in and sat at the bottom of my bed and said, "we've fixed your nose which we was severly broken and weve stitched up your anus as it was severly torn apart almost as if it were done by an animal, who did this to you?"
i sobbed and told him everything, some time later, the police came and i told them everything, i gave them sherices number, jermaine's number and kierans number cs they were the only ones i had then i asked who my next of kin was and i gave them daniels number.

then they left me, it got to midnight and i was the only person in the ward awake, one of the old ladies was snoring and the other girl was deaf so it was kl when my phone rang, it was daniel.
Daniel: Babe, them people are dead, when i get dem, theyre gonna fackin pay- already rounded up some of my goons to deal wiv dem.
Me: Baby, i was so scared, they did some dirty shit to me.
Daniel: the police told me, listen- u sure it was SSK yeah?
Me: Yeah they had the hoodies, it was sherice, that guy kieran, his boy jermaine and some guy called Rico too, the guy rico set me up.
Daniel: shit, nah nah- nobody fucks up my chelle and gets away wiv it, nah brav, nah brav, never dat.
Me: i need you here,im so scared.
Daniel: all of ssk are at a shoobz now, one of my boys jus told me cos hes dere now, he said theyre braggin about it.
Me: well call the police, tell them that they're der, dont try fight dem it aint worth it.
Daniel: but i aint no snitch, i deal wiv shit myself, uno dat.
Me: but then when will it end, call da police.
Daniel: alrite kl, ill drive up to the hospital 2mrw yh, then we'll stay at my friends yard in milton keynes, hes never there and i got the key, well stay dere till everyfins bless in brixton, yeah?
Me: i love u, i swear ill never fuck anuva guy but u again.
Daniel: as soon as them pussy'os who did dis 2 u are locked up, ill put a ring on ur finger, make u Mrs. RoseHart.
Me: Is that ur surname?
Daniel: Yeah, dont fuckin laugh.
Me: No no, its beautiful.
Daniel: Yeah, yeah it is.

Monday, 25 May 2009

part 1 of chapter 2

the whole fing wivsherice at the party was two days ago and as i sat behind my computer watching dotstar i still didnt understand why sherice was so protective over rico when she had only known him for two or three days and they had fucked once. my pussy was still hurting from when she bit it and my whole body was tired from all the fucking so i basically turned off my phone, didnt go on facebook and just wanted to be alone for about a week. i just wanted to get away from the world, eat food, watch the jazzie show, order shit from asos and just be me, just be rochelle, without getting fucked or gangbanged or having cum wiped on my face, just be a normal girl.

So i got in the bath and scrubbed well cos i felt proper dirty and as i got out of the bath, the housephone rang which shocked me cos the only people that knew my housenumber was my mum, my grandma back in bados and sherice. so i answered it and guess who it was:
Sherice: hi.
me: don't fuckin talk to me, u need to come off my line
sherice: i called 2 say sorry but if your gonna go on like dat, den fine u fucking slut, jus so u know, everyone on facebook knows your a hoe, i dont know how- but someone posted a video of you banging kieran on xtube"

I put the phone down as soon as she said that, then i put my mobile back on, as soon as i did it said i had 40 missed calls from different numbers and bare texts and one of them was from kieran and it said, "had to expose your shit, how can you be fuckin bare othe man bare back, then fuck me, fukin slag," then it said, "type in dirty black girl gets fucked by big mixed race guy on xtube, our likkle vids waiting for u to c, haha."
i felt sick in my stomach, my head felt dizzy and my eyes couldnt see clearly, i was finding it hard to breathe as i typed in what he told me to and it was true, i saw the still image of my tits on the video and whn i clcked it, the video that kierantook of me and him came up, i read the comments and they were all sayin "that guys a fuckin g- yeah bruv bust in her mout- wat a fuckin hoe- that girl used to go to my skl, she was a hoe there too- imagine if her mum saw dat." I burst into tears, and fort i was dreaming like this cldnt be true, like it cldnt be real. so i called kieran.
kieran: Who dat?
Me: Kieran, why did you do that? me and u r cool.
kieran: Heard that uve been fuckin bare man bareback from sherice and how u gave some next guy brain right before u came to give me brain, thats why i had to expose u.
Me: but me and u arent even goin out- please man- take the video down, i'll do anything u want, please take it down.
kieran: send a bill to my account and ill take it down.
Me: What?
kieran: send a 100 pounds to my account and ill take the video down- u didnt hear it de first time, or is my cum still blocking ur eardrum?
Me: i dont have it.
kieran: den da video stays, dont bell this line again cos u will get boyed off, do you know how many girls i knw dat r lookin 2 fuck u up just for being dumb enough to let me film u gettin fucked by me.

Then he put the phone down. The first thing i did then was to get dressed quickly and run to daniel's house. when he answered and saw me crying, he let me inside and asked me what was wrong, when i told him, he said "you let him film u tho? c'mon chelle that's dumb."
"i know, i know" i told him and then because i wanted to get revenge on rico i said, "the worst part is that he's a batty boy, i saw some gay porn magazines underneath his bed after we finished fuckin."
Then Daniel's face changed, it went brite red and i swear down his nostrils began to flare. "A chichi man yeah?", Daniel asked. I should have said no and that i was lying but i said, "yeah, i only found out after."
"Alrite den, alrite den," Daniel said, "no battyboys gonna try expose rochelle and get away with it, does he smoke dro?".
" i fink so," i replied. "why wat r u gonna do?".
"set the fucker up, gimme his number."
I handed Daniel my phone and told him where the number was, then he put the phone on witheld number and dialled it.
kieran: oooos dis.
Daniel: kl brav, yeah yeah-man herd u was lookin for dro, im shottin innit.
Kieran: yeah i am but howd u get my number.
Daniel: i mustve jacked this fone from anuva shotter, so u want dro yeah?
kieran: yeah yeah course, a tens.
daniel: i can shot that to you for cheaper, ill shot you a tens for a fiver.
kieran: swear down bruv? all rite kl, where shld i meet man to collect.
daniel: outside brixton market in half an hour, i'll be whippin it, i'll beep three times when im there.
kieran: ahhh safe man, yeah yeah, ill be dere. bless.
daniel: bless.

Then Daniel put the phone down and smiled at me, then he said "go to your mums yard and stay there till i call you back."
I nodded and then said, "what r u gonna do to him?".
"what deserves to happen to him," he replied.
Then i kissed him, went back to my house, packed some things and called my mum's boyfriends house, he answered, "Hi Nathan, it's Rochelle, is my mum there?".
Nathan: Yeah she is, Gladys its Rochelle.
My mum: hi babes, is everythin ok?
me: no mum its not (i started cryin) can i come and stay wiv u.
My mum: oh baby of corse u can, i'll come pick u up rite now, get dressed and ill be there.
I put the phone down and waited half an hour by the door and when my mum get to the house, i ran into her car and we drove off.

By the time we got to her mans house, i had told her the full story and she was bein bare kl, she basicaly said, "it was silly of u 2 have sex in front of a camera but what can u do about it now, stay with me and nathan for a bit till the situation dies down, we have to find a way to get the video down."
So i logged onto her laptop and when I typed in the video link it said, "this video no longer exists", Daniel had sorted it out. "See," my mum said, "its died down already." little did she know it was cos daniel had done somethin to kieran.
for the rest of the day i was still upset and spent it watching bare shit with nathan (my mums man) and my mum until my mum had to go to work innit, cos shes a nurse so she works from 9 till 11 the next morning, some fuckin next hours.
so i was home alone with nathan. we were watchin tv till late and i decided that i needed to shower cos my face was still damp from the tears and so i told nathan i was going to shower then go to bed in the spare room. As i was showering, i felt eyes on me. cos the soap was on my eyelids, i had to rinse them off b4 i could open them and when i did i saw nathan there, just wathchin me. I screamed and said "get out what u doing?!".
then he came to his senses and said "oh shit, what am i doing, im so sorry rochelle, oh fuck, im sorry," then he ran out. I could tell that he was bare sorry and shockedby his own behavior. I dried myself and then wrappedmy towel around my chest and walked down stairs to where nathan was lookin really scared and nervous, "im sorry rochelle, i dont know what came over me, please dont tell ur mum, shell get the wrong idea, i love her, i really do."
I looked at his hench shoulders and dark african skin and the way i could see the outline his long and thick jungle stick in his calvin klein boxers. mummy has good taste.
I dropped my towel, i dont even know why i just did and he looked away, "Get dressed rochelle," i was so embarrased and ran upstairs, when i did i saw on my phone a text from daniel which said, "pussy'o's been dealt wid, come back in four days, he aint never gonna try that shit again." just as i finished reading it, my mind went back to what i had just done, i had tried to seduce my mum's boyfriend and as i started to cry because i was so disgusted with myself, i heard a voice say, "come to my room." it was nathan. i froze at first then i slowly got up and walked to the room where he and my mum slept. there he was, naked on the bed stroking his dick. my pum pum started getting wet and even tho my head was sayin no, my clit was saying "yeah get that dick."
so i dropped my towel, climbed on the bed and kissed him. then i stood over him and lowered myself onto his dick (which i fink was about 13 inch) as i lowered myself onto it, my pussy got really hot and wrapped itself on the long cock, i felt it in my lower stomach, then i started riding him, hard and fast, he was lovin it, his hands gripsed my arse and poundedme up and down, up and down. then i got off him and put my mouth on the dick and sucked it like my life depended on it, i felt it pokin my cheek as i played with his black balls. "good girl" he said, "good girl."
then he slapped my face gently and said, "stop sucking" so i did. then he stood up over him and gripsed my jaw and opened my mouth wide with his strong right hand and with his left he placed his dick in my mouth, then he used his left hand to bash off, when he came, he shoved his dick in my mouth and stuck his fingers in my nose so i couldnt breathe. he laughed at de sight of me gagging for air and then after a few seconds, he took his dick out and his fingers out. the cum and my saliva ran down my tits and onto and into my pussy. it was a good thing i had taken the pill. then he looked at me and said "get in the shower and go to bed."
So i did, but around 5 in the morning, i got a text from sherice, "u fuckin bitch, you set kieran up, since when did u roll wid white bres who fucked ova guys in the batty, fuckin slag, ur a dead girl bitch."
i was thinkin- wtf- did daniel rape kieran? what kind of batty boy revenge flex is daniel on? is that why daniel always fucksme in the ass? because he's gay?

to be continued.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Preview of part 1 of chapter 2

The blood ran down my legs as they kicked my head harder and harder, they stamped on stomach and i vomited, then they spat on my face and then stuck the entire 14 inch dildo inside my pussy and tied my hands and feet together. the vibrations from the dildo got too much and my chest started to hurt, i got lightheaded and blacked out.
I heard their voices, and i knew who one of them was when i heard her say, "Rico is mine."

Friday, 22 May 2009

rochelle sket part 2 of chapter 1.

Today was Monday, it was Sherice's interview today and even tho i was fuckin jealous that she might end up workin with rico i didnt even let it bother me coz i was spending the day with Daniel at his yard.
He fucked me in the ass bout 9 times and stopped when my dad called me, he lives in Manchester wit his new girl and their kids.
"Hi Rochelle, its your dad,"
"Hi dad, how are you?"
"Good, so you're on summer holidays now, how are you spending them so far?"
whilst i was speaking to my dad i was giving Daniel a hand job with my left hand, "just with friends- relaxin," i said whilst smiling at Daniel who smiled back.
"How's your mother- is she at work?"
"Yeah yeah she is- dad listen i gotta go now."
"Ok, i just called to say i've sent you some money in your account for the summer."
"Oh thanks," i felt sort of bad but i needed Daniels dick not a dead conversation with a man who told my mum to abort me when he found out she was havin me. "Ill check later on, bye dad." I put the phone down, i fuckin hate that guy, he thinks sendin money every now and then will make me forget how he used to beat mum up and touch me. it dont even matter anymore cos Daniel just bust all over my hand. We sat down on the sofa and i put on Will and Grace.
"Turn that batty boy shitoff Rochelle," he told me, "Fuckin faggot".
"You still hate gay people?" i asked him whilst trying to sit comftably, my ass was hurtin so bad from when he fucked it.
"Cant fuckin stand em," Daniel replied and then he said "If i ever saw a faggot and knew he was a faggot, id shank him up- no doubt." Daniel had hated gay people from when i met him cos i had this friend called Joel who was bare nice and sweet and kinda cheung but he was a batty boy and Daniel made me stop talking to him, so i did.
"Listen," he continued beggining to play with my ass, "I need to go handle some shit down in Hackney, collect some money from some pussy'o who owes me, do you wanna come?"
"Nah", i said, "I'm thinking of going to check Sherice, she got an interview at Primark so i need to go to her yard when shes done, im staying at her place tonight."
Daniel said, "Skeen, Skeen, she's the butters one innit?". I didnt want to laugh but i had to, "People say dat, but i think shes pretty, just needs to sort out her skin and clothes and hair," i replied trying to sound nice, but it was true Sherice was boosted, her hair was always done in dutty extentions and she had really bad acne and thought putting on peyare foundation would hide it, she had a bit of a belly as well and one time when me and her was doing a ting, i realised that she has a spotty pussy, but she's my girl innit and i love her to death.

I left Daniel's house at 2'oclock because Sherice text me saying she was on her way back from the interview and that she had a suprise for me, so i decided to go and see Kieran at his drum. I didnt know if he was home but cos he lived right near Sherice and because she wouldnt be home until another hour and i knew had a free drum cos he said his mum and dad were in holiday in Egypt for five weeks. I looked HOOOOOOOOOOOT as i walked to his door, i was rockin a black and white stripe belly top which made my banging torso and tits look huge and some high waisted jeans and some Vans, my hair was in a back pony tail and i was rockin some kanye west stunnas.
When i got to his house, some guys were standing across the road and shouted, "Look it's fuckin RochelleSket from school, eeuuh man, shes boom tho- is Kieran fuckin dat?", so when i knocked on Kieran's door and he answered, they all started laughing, Kieran ignored them and let me inside.
"What a suprise?", he said lookin at my tits.
"Jus seein what u was on," i told him, "do you know them guys?"
"They're wasteman, do you want me to go deal with dem?"
"No, dont bother," I said. He was such a man, taking control of shit, i loved how his voice was deep and how big muscluar hands grabbed my ass and whispered in my ear, "I'm gonna fuck your tight little Basian pussy." That turned me on straight away and we made our way to his room.
It was really small and dirty, it was painted green and there was a poster of DMX on the wall, his bed was big and had a purple duvet and the curtains were black and green, i had never seen anything like it in my life.

He took off my top and then my vans and then my jeans until i was in nothing but my pink lace underwear. he took off his clothes and i saw his long, black, thick and hard mixed race dick ready to fuck my wet pussy. he put me on the bed and got on top and put his piece in me bareback, he started to fuck me so good, but then i asked him to doggy me, so he did, he hand his hands on my waist and as he doggied me i felt his strong pelvis muscles banging into my ass, MMMMMMMMM, i fuckin love dick. Then he said, "can we film this, i wanna bash to it tonight?".
At first, i was thinkin nah but i had always wondered what it would be like to watch myself get fucked so i said yeah, so he got off me, set up his camera and put it on his desk directly opposite the bed and positioned me so my face was facing the camera, he then carried on doggying me until my legs started shakin and i thort i was gointo piss my self but it was cum, then he stood in front of me and told me to say hi to the camera, so i did, it was bare sexy. then he got his cock and put it in my mouth, it had my cum all over it and i could taste it as i licked, sucked and gently bit Kieran's cock, he was groaning and then all of a sudden he took it out of my mouth and bust on my face,i rubbed his bust on my skin and let my foundation mix in with the white cum. Then he started to finger me and i was moaning bare loud when he put another finger in my crack cos it was still hurting from when Daniel beat it.
I came on Kieran's fingers and he put his fingers in my mouth and i licked the cum off and i could sort of taste a bit of my ass on his fingers too. Kieran then licking me out, sucking on my pussy from behind, my face was groaning in the camera as he stuck his entire tongue inside my flange and let my cum run down his tongue into his throat and into his 8 pack (yes man has an 8 pack). I then sat down in front of the camera and started fingering myself as he licked my neck and then he got his 12 inch dick and began to rub it in my face whispering my name, so i sucked it again harder than ever before, so hard that he screamed out like a bitch when he bust in my mouth, the cum covered my teeth and my tongue stick to the top of mouth. He then got up, and put the camera off.
When i came to my senses i told him "I beg you dont show anybody that, its just for you".
"Course course," he told me kissing me on the lips trying to get some of his cum out of my mouth and into his which i fort was dirty but he was such a good kisser. I got dressed and when i finished, Sherice called me to say she was home. so i kissed Kieran goodbye and went to Sherice's house.

When she answered the door, i could not believe my eyes, my girl had shaved off the left side of her head and dyed it blonde and cut the other side really short and made it spikey, it would have suited her if her face wasnt so round, but i had to act like i loved it. "You look bangin," i told her walking inside. She smiled, "I got it done this morning before the interview," she explained. As we sat in her room i asked her, "So how did it go?"
"I got the job, they called me just before you knocked," she said.
"Shit boy, you must have been good, did Rico interview you?"
"Yeah yeah it was just him, i fucked him," she laughed, "in the interviewing room", all i could think was "what a fuckin hoe" but i said, "go on girl, was he good, was he big?"
"It was so big, i gagged on it, he's Nigerian innit, they're always big."
I had to agree, i fucked this guy called Tolu once and his piece was about the size of a beercan. "Anyways," she told me, "Me and u are going to a shoobz tonight in Tottenham, it's Rico's bredrins party."
"Skeen i said, yeah yeah im on it, but i need to home and get changed then," i said, so after Sherice got changed into a mini black dress which made her belly look fat and showed her stretch marks on her arms, we caught the bus to my yard and i got changed into mini blue shorts which showed a bit of the bottom of my caramel ass and a purple Star in the Hood tshirt which i rolled up and turned into a belly top and then i wore some purple heels.
Sherice had the adress of the party on her phone cos Rico texted it to her so we found it alright and when we got there it was live, we spotted bare man from Channel Aka entering the house.
Migraine Skank was playing and the house was pack up-pack up. We saw Rico talking to a few man at the front door and when he saw me, i saw his face light up, he kissed Sherice on the lips and then smiled at me, "Wagwan girlies, you lot find here alright?"
"Yeah yeah," Sherice said, "North is so long to come to from south tho." Me and Rico burst out laughing and i said "thats cos there on opposite sides of London," i could tell Sherice then felt sort of dumb. Me, Rico and Sherice walked into the front room and all eyes were on us, Sherice saw some Turkish girl she knew and left me and Rico alone.
"You look bangin", he told me.
"You too," i said, "So whats goin on wit u and sherice, she told me u fucked her."
He smiled embarasedly and said, "I was bored." We laughed together and then he said, "Come we go sit in one of the rooms upstairs, its too noisy here." So he took my hand and led me up the large and crowded stairs and into one of the big rooms, i assumed it was whoever was throwing the party's room.
"I like you alot," Rico told me and he put his hands on my pussy. Even tho i had been already fucked by Daniel and Kieran already, the feeling of Rico's big strong hands against my warm pussy was enough to get me wet and so i let him finger me, just as i was about to cum, Sherice burst into the room. "How could you?!" she screamed at me. I jumped up. she leapt at me and began to punch my face, i grabbed her neck and slammed her onto the bed and said "im so sorry, but hes not even your man tho, you jus fucked." Rico left the room and shut the door behind him. "It dont matter! you know i like him!" sherice screamed and kicked my stomach, i fell back againt the wall as she grabbed my hair with her left hand and kneed me in the pussy with her right leg. I grabbed her pussy and clenched it hard so she would let go of my hair but she wouldnt so i clenched harder, digging my fingers inside. She started to calm down as i rubbed her pussy and she looked at me and said, "How could you try and do and stuff with him, you knew i liked him."
i looked her in the eye and kissed her, it always calmed her down in the past whenever i pissed her off badly, she kissed me back and then unzipped my jeans and then put her stubby fingers inside my pussy as we kissed. then i said, "should we just go home, it dont even matter about rico, im sorry, i didnt know you liked him that much."
She nodded and said, "Just dont do it again," then she got on her knees and started sucking me, and just as i was about to cum, she bit me so hard she drew blood and said, "you fuckin bitch- you think im dumb," then she bit again and wouldnt let go, my pussy was bleeding in her mouth and i begged her to let go, i didnt understand why she was so angry as the pain was so much i was starting to feel lightheaded, then she stopped biting and said, "Dont fuckin talk to me again." Then she left. my pussy was in pain. i got a tissue out from my purse and cleaned the blood off of me. Sherice had just made a big mistake and i didnt know why because she had only met rico the other day, but if she thought i was going to let get away with doing what she just did, she was fuckin joking, friendship or no friendship, if sherice liked bleeding pussies, i was gonna give her exactly what she deserved.

to be continued.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Woke up this morning feel over pissed from the night before,sherice had a drink up at her yard so i was there with her and a couple ova man were there basically getting lick up because her mum's in holiday in Jamaica so she's had a free yard for about two weeks.
Anyways, so i woke up this morning with a fuckin dirty hangover and then i start to remember what happened last night and then i smile. At the drink up, Sherice's new link Jermaine and his boy Kieran were there and basically I knew Kieran from way back in the day when me and him used to go nursery together but I hadnt seen him in time and so when i saw him and he was lookin peng i knew i had to get him. We were chattin for bare and then he must have kissed me and i was bare happy cos i didnt want to do it first.

So i told him to meet me upstairs in one of the rooms in ten minutes, and so when he gets there he sees me lying on the bed, playing with my pussy and he had this dirty look in his face that showed me that he was gonna beat me out differently, so I opened my legs and pushed my gstring to the side and let him push his big black ting inside of me, i got wet imediately as his crown got in and then the entire thing and then he started beating me and im loving it and then after ten minutes i took him out of my clit and then told him to put it in my mouth.
i sucked on it, , he grabbed my head bare hard and pushed it back and forth and forth, until i felt it in my throat, it was so far down in my throat that i didnt even taste his cum when he bust, it went straight down but i felt it in my stomach, then he left and went downstairs, then i went down said by to Sherice and got the night bus back home.

Now, i feel dumb for letting him fuck me because hes gonna tell his boys and theyre gonna be belling up my line like they think im fuckin dial-a-fuck, it's happened so many times, i fuck one bre and then everyones talking about it, it happened bare times before and even though I hate being known as a sket, i actually dont care anymore, i'm a big girl now and i can let anything i want in my pussy or in my mouth or sometimes in my backside.

Just as i thought that, Sherice called me, I answered, "You alrite babe," she said, she sounded bare lively, "I was like yeah yeah, i just woke up, last night was joke," i said, then she said "Innit- true say Jermaine told me about u and Kieran, my man said Kieran said it was sick." I kissed my teeth, "I dont even have time for that shit man- anyways what u doing today?," i asked.
"That's why i called- come we go central, i need to go hand out my CV at the Primark in marble arch," she said.
"That's a treck, i swear there's a primark right by your drum tho," i told her.
"yeah but they're not hiring, jus come innit, i'll buy you mcdonalds."
Me and Sherice have been friends since yr 5 cos she came to my primary school and then we went same secondary and same college to do btec, shes been my girl from day so i didnt really mind following her central cos she'd do it for me. In the past, she's backed me so many times in secondary school when bare shit came out about me backing some asian guy brain in his yard and when he told everyone, people would prank call my yard and tell my mum about it and then graffiti on my front door and shit but Sherice stuck by me and so thats why were bare close. I'd do anything for that bitch.

So i put the phone down, got dressed in a deep outfit, i put on my purple cardigan dress with a blue pin stripe shirt underneath, them black tights from American Apparel and some Airforces, tru say I looked banging. I put on my make-up, brushed my weave,, put in some earings and left yard to meet Sherice at Brixton station so we could get bus straight to central. When i got on the bus, some guy that i fucked saw me and tried moving to me and at first i was tempted to let him have my new number but i knew that if i gave it to him, he'd be bellin it too much and plus he looked like a fair skin sean kingston- ALLLLOW IT. I bascially met him at some party in East about two months, i think it was some Choice Fm ting, i'm not sure but anyway he was there and we must have been whining together for the whole night and he touched my pussy and to be honest, i couldn't even be bothered to say no, so i let him beat it. I was too pissed to remember if i came or not but all i remember is waking up in his yard, in his bed and looking up to see him fucking me again with stretch marks and spots all over his body. So when i saw him on the bus, it brought back them memories and like i said before, ALLLLOW IT.

Anyways, i meet up with Sherice at the station and she wasn't look all that good because her eye brows weren't done and her clothes were a little creased but i didnt tell her cos shes my girl innit and that would be raw.
After like half an hour we get to the Primark and it is fuckin pack up but it was a Saturday mornin anyway so it was to be expcted, so we go up to one of the workers and ask where Sherice can give in her CV and she said we needed to go up to the mens departement and give it to the supervisor called Rico, so we go up to mens and i asked another worker where he was and then the worker pointed to the sexiest fair skin ting i had ever seen in my life, he was around 6 foot, had a neat shape up and dark green eyes and some thick pink lips, OH MAN! Sherice looked at me and was like "he's mine" but that bitch knows that when it comes down to it, my pussy always win the prize.
So we go up to him and Sherice is like "Ah hi, can i give in my Cv please," and he said, "Yeah yeah, full time yeah?" and she said "yeah cos ive finished college for summer innit so i can do full time yeah."
Whilst he was looking at her cv i looked down at his trousers and could see the outline of his piece and i knew i had to get in there so i said, "You're so young to be a supervisor, how old are you?"
He said, "25," and Sherice said "Oh you look our age."
"how old are you lot?", he asked and then i said, "17 innit."
I saw him look at my tits, cos i was horny my nipples were showing and i kept playing with my hair, he asked me, "Are you lookin for a job too?".
I had to think fast and even though i wasnt looking for a job i said, "Yeah i am." Sherice gave me the dutiest look i had ever seen in my life boy, and then he said, "where's your cv,"
and i said, "lemme email it you," and i gave him a pen and let him write his email adress onmy arm, . Me and Sherice said by to him and i promised to email my cv to him then we left and when got outside, Sherice said, "You're a little sket man- you arent even lookin for a job."
"but me and u could work together," i told her, but i was really thinking about working on the dick of rico, she smiled and gave me a hug and then we went McDonalds.
Whilst we were there, my mum called me to tell me that she was going to spend the week at her man's drum in Mitcham because she was helping him move in so i said cool, i didnt mind being home alone anyway and was never home anyway, my dad was paying the rent for the flat so she didn't even need it or use it, i live there alone and she's always at work or with a new man so basically the flat is mine which is sexy because i can always bring man round when i need and if Sherice ever needs to stay the night, she can, so its cool.

So when i got home, i went on facebook and typed in Ricos email adress and found him, in his photos he looked even better, there was one with him and his pitbull outside of his yardand one with him and his boys and i knew that i needed to fuck him, i could tell he would be good.

Because i was bare horney, i went outside and knocked on my neighbours door, he lives alone, his name's Daniel and hes a big man, i think hes 30 but anyway me and him have been doing tings since i was 15 and he was actually the first guy i let do it in my ass so i got bare love and respect for him. I know he shots dro to bare of them Crystal Palace man because i remember linking one guy there who asked me if i knew him. Daniel was peng and his piece was, how do i say it without sounding like a hoe? long and good, lool, one of them ones

He answered the door and i asked if he was free, he grabbed my waist and took me to his front room, he knew what i wanted.
He had long fingers which he used to stroke my clit and then he pulled down my tights and licked me out, i couldnt take the pleasure, i was screaming like a fucking bitch as he bit my lips and then stuck his long wet tongue into my pussy and licked out the juice, i bus in his mouth and all over his red lips and then to return the favour i told him he could bus in my mouth, i know its dirty but i love it, it feels so good when the bus runs on the tongue and they have a big smile on their face. he wanked into my mouth and then fucked me in the mouth and when he came- he held my head so i couldnt move it, so the cum was floating around my mouth and his dick was stopping me from spitting it out, then he took out his dick and i just spat out all the cum, it went all down my top as Dappy shouted na na naii in the background on MTV.

Just as he was starting to eat me out again, the doorbell rang and he said "wait here, im going to get it," so i was waiting in the living room and then he came in with two man, one of them looked familiar, i was thinkin WTF IS THIS GUY DOING BRINGING THE GUYS HERE WHEN HE KNOWS WE'RE FUCKING and then when Daniel said, "This is my girl," i felt sort of nice and relaxed when he said, then he said, "We're just fucking," and for some dumb reason i said "you lot can watch," yeah i know it was fucking dumb but i was jus bare on it, so these two guys are watching Daniel beat the shit out of me and theyre proper bashing off to it and then Daniel says, "come and join in", i didnt even mind, i just needed some dick, i didnt care how many or whose it was, i needed it, so one guy banged me in the ass, whilst on was in my mouth and daniel was underneath. IT WAS SICK. i came like 6 times and thought, "its a good thing im on the pill". when we were done, i jus got dressed and left and didnt say nothing, i just went home, got showered, ordered some pizza and watched tv thinking about what it would be like to get Rico, i even forgot to email my cv and then Sherice called me and said, "Rochelle, it's me, Rico just called, he said i've got an interview on monday afternoon, he said he thought i was peng."

To be continued.