Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Part 1 of the final chapter.

The Indian girl had her hand around my neck.
"Ur fuckin spot on Nomi," she said lookin at the lift which was only on the floor that we were on by a quarter, "its tripti."

I looked up at her and started crying, she slapped me.
"leave her alone!", i heard rochelle say.
"nah nah it cant be- ur dead-," i heard nomi say, "youre supposed to be dead."
then the indian girl picked me up and sat me on a chair and mouthed, "stay here."
then she said, "rochelle's supposed to be dead too- but tru say shes lying right there nexr to you- u lot must be fucked up by now- that mustve been a nasty fall."

When the lift had sped down, it stopped halfway and was in between floors and i felt hands pull me out, it was this tripti girl.
"You think rochelles the only one they hooked up," she said.
i heard rochelle say, "dont hurt michelle."
then tripti laughed, "you sound EXACTLY how i thought you would- i heard you're a boom ting- if we were in different circumstances me u and nomi could have had a group ting- but den again she IS your half sister- so thats kinda rank."

i was cryin- i was so cold and i could smell smoke- we were on the 10th floor i think and i i think that fire had died out by the time it reached the fifteenth floor cos i couldnt feel its heat anymore.

"You set me up Nomi- faisal and his boys raped me, fucked me up and left me for dead- i woke up in some ditch gettin my tits nibbled on by some perveted fish- i walked all the way to the police station and when i got there that James guy was there and i told him everything about how corrupt Omara was, about how rochelle was still alive- bout how faisal and his man set me up- and you know what he did- he called in some head of the force and they told me to hide- get a new identity cos they wanted faisal and his boys for pen so that Omara would be forced to try and help them and when he did that would be their evidence to arrest him for corruption BUT YOU TOLD THEM THAT GAVIN MIGHT HAVE DONE it- and when he couldnt give an alibi they had to arrest him and THAT FUCKING BITCH Sandra said he had violent tendencies."

i could hear nomi whimpering.

tripti continued, "and so there was nuthin they could do- ive been living in bengal in some womens shelter all this time and my family- family wanted to bury me- to see my body but the feds had to lie," she started sobbing then, "they had to say my body was so fucked up that they wouldnt wanna see it- and then do u know what happened Nomi- my nan had a heartattack."
tripti fell to the floor and started bawlin, "she had a heartattack when they showed her the body of some other indian chick who some guy had mutilated- and she throt- my whole family thort it was me and my nan died on the spot- her heart gave in BECAUSE YOU set me up."

"why are you back?".

"which one of u hoes said that," tripti said.
"me," rochelle said, "why the fuck are you back?"

"ask your friend James- i came to a deal with the feds- they said that i can come back and say i went missing and that it was their mistake for finding the wrong body- i can go back to my family and Gavin will get out as long as I testify against O'mara and tell the court that you're still alive- James set this whole thing up."

"He wouldn't have," rochelled screamed.

"dum bitch- whyd u think he let you come back- people have seen you rochelle-uve been on cctv- the people who set up your new identity are the corrupt ones in the feds- they're not allowed to do what they did- its against the law to fake your own death- and thats what they helped you do."

"but if u testify- monique, kieran and rico will get let out of pen- so would Gavin,"nomi said.

"You catch on fast," Tripti laughed. "Is he up there?", she said looking at me.

"hes dead,"i cried, "he burnt."

"aaaawwwww- your daddys dead little chelle chelle- your fuckin perverted daddy got toasted," then she laughed.

"leave her the fuck alone," i heard rochelle say.
tripti walked over to the lift button and pressed the button. the lift slowly came down and i could see rochelle and nomi standin there side by side covered in blood and bruises.

nomi started bawlin when she saw tripti and her eyes were sayin sorry.
"how did u get here," rochelle asked.
"i followed nomi here- when they kidnapped her from your dutty nans house- i followed- i was originally gonna run up in the house and fuck you up nomi but them guys beat me to it."

the lift jerked.
rochelle and nomi tried to jump out but tripti pulled out a strap.
"stay in the lift," she said.
"its gonna break and kill dem!," i screamed.
"thats the point," tripti said, "thats the fucking point."

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Rochelle Sket Chapter 27/Rochelle

I opened my eyes and all i could see was black and then i could taste the color red and feel it all over my eyes, i couldnt move my arm but i could move ma head and so i tried my best to see where michelle was. i couldnt see her.
"michelle," i called.
i heard a groan, but it wasn't michelles.
"rochelle," i heard nomi say.
"what happened," i said, i looked and saw nomi standin up, she grabbed my hand to help me.
"aaaah," i screamed, "i fink my arms broken."
my eyes were jus seein red.
"rochelle- ur eyes a red up,"she said cryin, "i feel like we're floatin."
"where's michelle," i asked.
"i dont know where she is," nomi said, "i- i cant see her- rochelle- we're floatin."
"what do you mean?".
then i saw what she meant.
the lift was half on one floor and half of the other and so a small section of the lift was lettin me see the top of the other floor. the lift hadnt completely snapped.

then i heard voices and then i heard michelle scream from outside.
"Rochelle help!".
then i heard a voice say "shut the fuck up."
nomi got on the floor and me and her were trying to see as much as we could from the bottom of the lift and i saw heels.
"the fire hasn't gotten here yet," nomi whispered.
i nodded, "Whoevers out there- please don't hurt michelle."
"shut the hell up,"the voice said.
and then i looked at nomi and she was shakin and shiverin.

"It's Tripti,"she said. "It's Tripti."

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Rochelle Sket Chapter 26/Rochelle

I looked at her.
"He has Aids Nomi- and hes fucked u."
she looked at me and said nuthin. "ur chattin shit."
i looked at michelle.
then nomi looked at michelle and then looked at me, "tell me ur chattin rochelle or i'll kill her."
Then i stood up in front of michelle whose body was restin against the lift.
"what did u say nomi," i asked, "ur gona kill michelle."
i punched her.
"i did someresearch on him-hes hiv positive- he caught it from inside- why the fuck did u think i kept saying dont scream- he can only get a boner when he hears girls screamin."
i saw a tear roll down her eye.
"u knew all dis time?".

"how the fuck did i know he was gonna kidnap us- doesnt matter we're gonna die anyway."

she backhanded me.
"u fuckin ho," she screamed. the lift jerked.
we all fell back- the lift suddenly got bare hot.
then it was still.
"ur tryna tell me ive got hiv because i fucked dat pervert."

i nodded, "so even if we make it out of here- ur gonna die."
nomi wiped her tears and nodded.
she walked to the other side of the lift and den said, "so ur sayin ive got hiv."

i looked at her, i could see the sweat running down her face.
then she lunged for michelle- i jus had to flykick that bitch back to the other side of the lift.
"u tried to hurt my sister bitch."

i grabbed her hair and slammed her head into the lift door.
"didnt i warn u about what would happen if u tried to hurt michelle- didnt u hear about what happened to sherice and daniel when they tried to hurt the twins, u didnt hear about it bitch?!"

she kicked me in the stomach screamin and shoutin, she grabbed me by neck and tried to flip me over her head but i floored her.
the lift jerked back and forth, it started gettin hot.
i looked to see michelle wakin up.
i ran to her.
"ROCHELLE!", Nomi screamed.
The lift cord snapped.
The lift doors smashed open.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Rochelle Sket Chapter 25/Nomi

I shut the lift door quick and stumbled back. i could tears rollin down rochelles face.
"what did it look like," she said.
"the cord is gonna snap," i said holdin back tears, "we're not gonna make it out of here,"
she looked at michelle who was still unconcious and said, "nomi-im sorry."
i said, "its kl- dats not even important."
"no nomi- you have to know something."
I looked at her and said, "i dont wana know- we're gonna die anyway."
she put her eyes to michelle and stroked michelles hair.
the heat was comin into the lift and it was jerkin from side to side, when i had looked i could see hw big dis tower block really was- it was more like an office building.
"Rochelle- do u think we're gonna go to he-"
"it doesnt matter where we go nomi, " she said lookin at michelle, "you and me have been in hell since the day we were born."

the lift was swayin and i started bawlin.
i heard the cord snap a bit.
"nomi- i need to tell you sumthin," she said, "i didnt want to tell u at first but now u have to know."

"what is it."

"he has aids."

"who has aids?" i askd.

"my dad- he fucked you and he has aids."

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Rochelle Sket Chapter 24/Nomi

I gave her one look.
I know this sket wasn't tryna blame me for her sketitrocities.
"What did you say?"
She stood up and came up in ma face, "It's your fault we're in this mess cos u told shirley i was alive."

"U need to come out my face rochelle," i said gently pushing her back,then i said, "If you weren't such a dutty sket none of this shit would be happening- you might as well tatoo the map of the london underground on you cos like the circle line your pussies been everywhere."

she boxed me.
I grabbed her hand and slammed her against the other side of the lift bein careful not to hurt michelle, then i boxed her back.
"I ain't sherice y'nah- I will fuck u up rochelle."

She wiped the blood from her mouf and said, "so u know about sherice do you- then u know what happened to her AND daniel when they tried to come for me."

"Sherice was an overweight sket and daniel was some down low chichi pussy o- dont compare me to dem because i will fuck a bitch up sweet and gnarly trus'".

She could see i wasnt jokin.

"talk to me like that one more time nomi," she said.
"talk to you like what?".
"talk to me like dat one more time," she said.
"like when i called you a dutty skank."
how can my girl flykick me in the stomach, i fell to the ground- i felt my stabwoundbleed a bit. she saw the blood, i slowly stood up. "Your pussys seen more dick than a public urinal," i said.
as she walked over to me to punch me, i kicked her in the stomach and slammed her head against the wall, she fell on michelle who coughed and then went back to bein unconcious.

"There's something uno should know about michelles dad, he has-," she said. before she could finish speakin i threw my shoe at her.

me and her started scuffin in dat tiny ass lift.
she picked me up and threw me against the side and the kicked me as i slid down. I leapt back up and backhanded the bitch about 8 times, then she started chokin me, "you fucked ur own mums man and u wanna try blame me," i shouted, i kicked her back.
"you set up your own girl to be killed," she replied.
"you killed your own girl."
"self defence."
"i hope youve got lots of it cos im about to teach you a lesson."
i punched her six times and then said, "you even got fucked by a dog- how do you feel?".
she headbutted me and then punched me in the pussy so hard she winded me. i fell back, then she started kickin the shit out of me and then put her foot on my neck, "I've killed bitches before Nomi- dont think I won't kill you."

"you couldnt," i said, "not with michelle here."
suddenly she looked up, "did u hear that?",
"hear what," i asked.
before she could speak, we were zoomin down, our bodies were forced to the top of the lift, we were screamin and den it stopped.
"one of the cords snapped," she said lookin worried, "help me open the lift door."
"you're fuckin nuts," i said.
then i got up and fell to the ground, i could feel the stab wound from faisals knife slowly openin up but i didnt say anythin, she was tryin to open the lift door.
"you can't do it, its too heavy," i said.

"then fuckin help me," she screamed. michelle coughed.
"whats goinon," she cried.
rochelle ran to her and hugged her, "michelle speakto me are u ok."
"i feel so sick inside," she said, "like its hard to breathe- where are we?".
rochelle started bawlin.
"we're gonna be ok," i said lookin at michelle.
then i stood up and slowly pulled open the lift door.
Fire everywhere.

i poked my head out of the lift and looked up.
the fire eating at the lift cords.
"we're gonna die," i said, "we're gonna die."

Friday, 4 December 2009

Rochelle sket chapter 23 pt 2/Nomi

When he grabbed my neck, I tried to fight him off but he jumped into the lift, rochelle put michelle on the floor of the lift and me and her were fighting him, rochelle headbutted him and i kicked him whilst pressing bare buttons on the lift, he fell back into the fire and we watched as his dutty perverted body caught the flames as the lift door closed.
i turned to rochelle and huggedher crying as the lift went up.
"what are we gonna do?", i asked.
"the fire cant have reached the top floor yet- when we get up there- call the ambulance."
"but you- what if they see you," i said.
"dont matter anymore- the longer we wait- the more chance michelle dies- i fink she inhaled the smoke."
Then the made a weird nose and stopped.
rochelle gave me an "oh shit" look, it had jammed.
"did u press bare buttons," she asked.
i lied and shook my head. "we're locked in," she said.
I was about to press another button and she said "stop."
so i did.
she fell to the ground and held michelle to her breasts.

I looked at her, suddenly my phone rang, my ringtone was Dotstar Dirty bass
it was witheld number, "you had a phone all dis time."
i answered the phone, then the person put the fone down. "this phone wasnt workin before- he smashed it when he took me from shirleys house."

i sat on the ground next to her.
"what did he to do her," i asked.
I looked at her and started cryin, "he and his man ran up in her yard and beat her up- they erm- when they pulled me out of the house- i saw her body on the floor- and he was kickin her then they threw me in the boot."
I nodded and wiped a tear from my eye.
"rochelle- can i ask you a question?", i said. she looked at me, "why did u come back?".

she looked at me and said, "i wanted to make gavin give sandra a divorce- when O'mara got put inside for workin with that faisal guy after darren and his man killed bare of them arab man- the MET sent me James to replace O'mara and i begged him to let me come back just for a bit to see gavin- to make him give sandra a divorce so she could get some dough off him- it was the least she deserved after all he did to her- fucking that asian chick- killing that asian chi-"
then she looked at me, "what did he mean when he said you killed tripti," she asked.

i said nuthin for abit and said, "he was chattin shit- uno hes mad." she nodded, then i looked at michelle, "will she okay?", i said.
"i fink she's just knocked out,"she said, "all i wanted is to show her that what happened to her didnt have to define her future."
she looked at me, "that bastard hurt her in the same way he hurt me- and because of the tings he did and that my mum and nan let him do i did fings that has led to all this shit- and i couldnt let michelle do the same- i wanted to be her role model- i wanted her to see me going to college- get my alevels- going to uni- falling in love- having fun and know that i was like her once and that she could be like me if she jus believed, but they wouldnt let that happen- them hoodrats wouldnt let that happen."

then she held michelle closer to her chest, "this city is fucked up- these kids dont see anyfin wrong wiv killin themselves- they dont know how sick what theyre doing is- they dont see that they aint gonna be young forever- that one day theyre goin to look on the tv and see that girl that they called a hoe become the CEO of some big company or see the guy that they called gay achieve more than they could imagine- and all i wanted was to show michelle how big this world was- how she could escape this sick part of the world with education."

tears ran down her eyes as she held michelle tighter, "you know- when i was in dat mindset- i banged up a girl for looking at me funny in west once- just for lookin at me and i fort i was so hard- i was a fuckin animal- what kind of person has it in dem to act so violentely all of a sudden- not a person at all- an animal does dat- animals walk on road wiv knives- real men- realest guys walk on road wiv fists and handle wiv that- thats how real guys sort shit out- wiv their own stregnth- these people on road fink theyll be young forever- they leave school- stay on road and fink life is sick not realizing dat all the people that actually made the effort are comfortable- dey got dere grades- got their jobs and their cool- but there aint no guarantees on the road- u fink shottin is safe- the second the feds get you all your shit is theirs but if you put a bit of effort in- pay a little more attention lesson you can escape it all- work hard to achieve REAL stuff- move your fam out of the ends- live nice- thats all i wanted, thats all i wanted to show michelle."

I looked at her and said, "we look alike."
she nodded, "we have the same eyes- and nose."
she smiled at me, "what was dad like."
it was weird hearing her calling my dad her dad- but it was true- it was.
"he was a good man- every morning before nursery he would tell me the story about the hungry caterpillar and then feed me bare food- he and ma mum mustve wanted me to be fat- eggs, bacon, sausages, toast wiv bare butter."

"some any high calorie breakfast," she smiled.
"do you think he would haveliked me," she asked.
i nodded, "you're such a beautiful person rochelle- dad liked beautiful people."
"how old were they when they died."
"5," i said, " i was wiv grandad rupert- when the police called and said theyre car had crashed on the motorway- it was the day before christmas eve- dey were erm goin to get me sumthin from toys r us." then i sobbed and put my head on her chest,"and when i heard they were dead- i felt a part of me die- like i wasnt anybody's anymore- dat i didnt belong to anybody anymore- and ive never stopped being that lonely rochelle- ive never stopped crying- i cry myself to sleep every night hoping that if i cry hard enough God will give me answer to why he took them away- but nothin yet- no answer yet."

She kissed the top of my head as the lift moved a bit. "we're jammed in here," i said, "what are we gonna do."
"try nd use ur phone," she said.
i took out the fone and tried to dial 999 but it dint work.
"i wonder who tried to call u," she said. i looked at her, "it was witheld number-" i said.
"are we gonna die," i asked her.
she looked at me and sed, "we have to pray that the lif cord dont snap."
i sobbed.
she whispered,"we'll be ok- nomi- did you fuck jermaine?"
i looked at her and said, "no- i never." i didnt like lyin2 her but i didnt want her to know i had anyfin to do wiv him gettin killed.
then she said, "you know what ssk did to me innit,"
i nodded, "theyre sick."i said.
"nomi- i dont think im alright in the head- i feel sick all of a sudden."
"what do you mean?".
"i feel sick because i just realized that you are the one who told shirley i was alive- you confirmed it for hers o that he would know to try and find me- i know you enjoyed fucking him- because of you we're here- and so i'm gonna fuck you up."

I gave her one look.

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Chapter 24- December 8th