Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Rochelle Sket Chapter 24/Nomi

I gave her one look.
I know this sket wasn't tryna blame me for her sketitrocities.
"What did you say?"
She stood up and came up in ma face, "It's your fault we're in this mess cos u told shirley i was alive."

"U need to come out my face rochelle," i said gently pushing her back,then i said, "If you weren't such a dutty sket none of this shit would be happening- you might as well tatoo the map of the london underground on you cos like the circle line your pussies been everywhere."

she boxed me.
I grabbed her hand and slammed her against the other side of the lift bein careful not to hurt michelle, then i boxed her back.
"I ain't sherice y'nah- I will fuck u up rochelle."

She wiped the blood from her mouf and said, "so u know about sherice do you- then u know what happened to her AND daniel when they tried to come for me."

"Sherice was an overweight sket and daniel was some down low chichi pussy o- dont compare me to dem because i will fuck a bitch up sweet and gnarly trus'".

She could see i wasnt jokin.

"talk to me like that one more time nomi," she said.
"talk to you like what?".
"talk to me like dat one more time," she said.
"like when i called you a dutty skank."
how can my girl flykick me in the stomach, i fell to the ground- i felt my stabwoundbleed a bit. she saw the blood, i slowly stood up. "Your pussys seen more dick than a public urinal," i said.
as she walked over to me to punch me, i kicked her in the stomach and slammed her head against the wall, she fell on michelle who coughed and then went back to bein unconcious.

"There's something uno should know about michelles dad, he has-," she said. before she could finish speakin i threw my shoe at her.

me and her started scuffin in dat tiny ass lift.
she picked me up and threw me against the side and the kicked me as i slid down. I leapt back up and backhanded the bitch about 8 times, then she started chokin me, "you fucked ur own mums man and u wanna try blame me," i shouted, i kicked her back.
"you set up your own girl to be killed," she replied.
"you killed your own girl."
"self defence."
"i hope youve got lots of it cos im about to teach you a lesson."
i punched her six times and then said, "you even got fucked by a dog- how do you feel?".
she headbutted me and then punched me in the pussy so hard she winded me. i fell back, then she started kickin the shit out of me and then put her foot on my neck, "I've killed bitches before Nomi- dont think I won't kill you."

"you couldnt," i said, "not with michelle here."
suddenly she looked up, "did u hear that?",
"hear what," i asked.
before she could speak, we were zoomin down, our bodies were forced to the top of the lift, we were screamin and den it stopped.
"one of the cords snapped," she said lookin worried, "help me open the lift door."
"you're fuckin nuts," i said.
then i got up and fell to the ground, i could feel the stab wound from faisals knife slowly openin up but i didnt say anythin, she was tryin to open the lift door.
"you can't do it, its too heavy," i said.

"then fuckin help me," she screamed. michelle coughed.
"whats goinon," she cried.
rochelle ran to her and hugged her, "michelle speakto me are u ok."
"i feel so sick inside," she said, "like its hard to breathe- where are we?".
rochelle started bawlin.
"we're gonna be ok," i said lookin at michelle.
then i stood up and slowly pulled open the lift door.
Fire everywhere.

i poked my head out of the lift and looked up.
the fire eating at the lift cords.
"we're gonna die," i said, "we're gonna die."



    the girls fi dead loool. tru say i fink nomi would have had rochelle easily if they had continued fighting


    them na easy ah t'alllll!!!! looool

    i'm surprised the lift cord didnt snap sooner the way they were scuffin...nomi took it deep, about you got fucked by a dog..how do you feel?!?!

    PARRRRRRRR loooool

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    PLEASE i wanna

    Not sure if its real or fake, but this is GREAT!!!! lol

  6. cant wait to read the final chapter, it's gna b live boi!! i jst wish it cud be released before 31 december, dats a long tym 2 keep man hangin from a cliff lol.... sick story tho, got me hooked frm day trusss!!!

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    i mus say i wasnt expectin it 2 happen cos dey were all cool and shit up until rochelle got vex for a reason i dont quite get.

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