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Monday, 11 January 2010

Rochelle SKET the end.

I looked at her and she gave me one look.
"we need to get out of here- its gonna burn- the whole fing is gonna burn," i screamed.
then she said, "you're not suprised to see me."
i punched her and tried to run past, but she pulled me by hair and threw me on the stairs.
i knew i wouldnt have the stregnth to fight. "i went to pen for you you dumb bitch- faking like you were dead, now everyone knows about you and O'mara, i'm out- me kieran and rico are out."
and then i thort about michelle and i looked up at her and said, "kill me monique- im tired of all this."
then she punched my face, she was crazy, it was like she culdnt even smell the fire, all of a sudden i heard a ping and i knew it was her BlackBerry, she ignored it and headbutted me. "dont ever fucking tell me what to do," she said, "there's ambulances, fire brigades and police outside and they're gonna come in to find ur dead body on these stairs- who else is up there?".

"I'm never gonna stop making you pay for making daniel do what he did to kieran- dirty chich, how you lied to daniel about kieran being gay- this is what caused all of this u hoe." then she screamed and smacked me in the pussy.

i didnt say nuthin, she spat in my face and kicked me in the forehead, all of a sudden i heard glass smashing and bare noise coming from outside and then i saw the fear in Monique's face and then she laughed. she pulled out a rope from her backpocket and punched me about, then kicked me in the pussy. she tied up my hands and feet, i tried to fight her off but i was too tired and then when i wasnt able to move, she looked at me and said, "now you can bun in the same way we're gonna make that chichi man ladyboy antoinette bun."
then she ran off.
and then i felt bare heat, and i could smell fire and then i could feel the heat in my chest and then i felt myself burning. i was burning and i could feel it tearing me up.

I looked up at the burning building and cried, i was in the back of the police car with a police lady who was holding my hand. "michelle i need you to think," she said, "how many people are in the building," and i looked up at it and the way it was burning and the way i could see rochelle burning in my head and i said, "they're gonna die,"
and the police lady said, "michelle- who was in the building with you."
and then i looked at her and said, "wheres my mum?", i wiped my eyes and she looked at me and said nothing and put my head to her chest and said, "you're going to be alright- we'll find someone to look after you."
and then i knew what she meant and i pulled myself away from her and looked up at the building and said, "it was me,my dad and nomi."
the police lady looked at me and asked me to repeat myself.
"me, my dad and....nomi."
"and thats it."
"yeah," i said, then i saw her rush out of the car and speak to another police guy who was trying to stop people from getting too close to the fire and then i started to wish rochelle was burning slowly and that the fire was eating her alive because it was her who started all of this.
and then i saw a man walk over to the police lady and show her a card and then she walked over to me and and opened the door, "michelle- this man is going to take you to a warm place, alright- he's a social worker and will make sure you're alright and in the morning i'll come and see you."

"but i dont wanna go," i said,"i need to stay to see if roch-" and then i stopped, i didnt want to see if rochelle was alive or not, dat hoe was dead to me and so i got out of the car and the black man said hello.
he said something to the police lady and signed something and took me to a car, he opened the door for me and put me in the backseat.
i sat there sobbing,
"its alright," the man said getting into the drivers seat.he took off his blazer and was wearing a black t-shirt and on his arm was a tatoo.


Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Final Chapter - Rochelle

I could see from the way tripi was holding the strap that she didnt know what she was doin, so wiv all my might i kicked it out of her hand. Nomi jumped on her and them two started wrestling as i ran to michelle. I could hear fire engines and could smell smoke.
I put Michelle on my back but i fell to the ground,my back was fucked up and i was feelin a dirty pain in my head. i could feel my nose bleeding, michelle screamed and called my name.
"michelle go now!," i said, "i can hear fire engines, run down and if u see fire duss the other way."
michelle kissed my head and ran passed nomi and tripti fighting to get the gun.
i tried to get up slowly but everytime i did i fell.
i saw nomi kick Tripti in the face.
then i could smell the fire.
I got up slowly and wipe the blood off of my nose.
"we have to get out of here," i said.
Nomi picked up the gun and held it at Tripti.
"Nomi don't do it," i said.
"whats the fucking point?!,"she said, "we're gonna die anyway."
then she pulled the trigger.

Nomi fell to the floor.
I screamed, it was dad- his face was burnt up, he pulled the knife out of Nomis back.
Tripti walked back slowly.
i looked at him, he waslimping towards me, he was naked- his skin was hangingoff him, his face looked like he had spent the summer in Tanarife.
he was speaking but his mouth was too burnt, i could hear what he was saying, i started to feel dizzy- the pain in ma head was coming back. Tripti ran and picked up the gun and said, "im gonna shoot the both of you."

I looked down at Nomi, she was covered in blood, she was dead.Tripti fired two shots at her and laughed and then turned the gun at me, jus as i saw her hand get ready to shoot again,i pulled dad in front ofme.
i heard the bullets pierce into his flesh and then i threw his body onto tripti. his burnt body was on top of her,she was screaming. i ran out and made my way to the stairs.
i could smell the fire getting clse,i could hear the firealarms and i cld hear a man saying, "stay where u are," but i cldnt see where he was saying it from.
i could hear footsteps running towards me and i thanked God, it was someone to save me.

the steps were coming towards me from down the stairs, but they sounded like heels and when it got to me, i knew it wasnt a man but a chick.
"You didn't think you'd see me again."
It was Monique.

To be continued on 11/1/10

Thursday, 7 January 2010