Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Nomi preview

"You heard of Chelle?"
i looked up at the bullet pointing to my face, "we're gonna do to you what our olders did to her- and worse."
He kicked my face and as i slowly closed my eyes i could smell the scent of hot piss and sweat.
"Dese snitchin hoes never learn."

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Nomi Part 3

As I sat at the back of the bus, I thort about what Faisal had told me the night before, bare shit was running thru my mind but it all stopped when the cheungest ting ever got on the bus.
He kept givin me the eye and even tho I was really tired from the nite before I had to give him the eye back and said, "whats your bluetooth name."
He was taken aback and looked kindashocked and den he said "9 inch vanilla."
The old lady sittin next to me jumped up kissed her teet and den moved away and so the bangin guy came and sat next to me.
"Whats your name?", he asked.
"Nomi Almaz- but my friends just call me Nomi."
He nodded, "whats your name?", i asked.
"Brian," he said looking at my tits, "where you off to?".
"My friend Tripti's house."
"Oh skeen skeen- mans on the way to uni innit?".
"Oh is it- where do you go?".
"Kingston- Im doing engineering."
"Why is your bluetooth name 9 inch vanilla." den he whispered the answer in my ear and i felt my pussy start pulsating, he typed his digits into my phone and said, "im getting off next stop to catch the train yeah- but bell me when you can."
I nodded and watched him get off the bus, now i was horny and the shockin ting that faisal told me was at de back of my head.

When i got to Tripti's house her dad was leaving it. I smiled at him, "Hi Mr.Nair," he smiled back and den got into his car. I walked up to Tripti's room and knocked.
"Come in."
I walked in and she was creaming her body naked. I shut the door behind me and sat on the bed next to her, i wanted to tell her what faisal told me so bad but i knw how risky it was.
"Have you seen the new Man U footballer- he is so fuckable," she told me.
"whats his name?", i asked.
"robbie," she replied, "he goes clubbing with my older brother, he came by last nite- i was so tempted to move to him but my bruva's girl said he already got in trouble for doing a ting with some hoe in the past so hes not really into girls anymore."
I burst out laughter and watched as Tripti took the cocoa butter and used it to smear her pussy.
I got up and kissed her, i started fingering her as she kissed my face and then she said, "Nomi- Jermaine told everyone u sucked his dick."
I moved back, my face said "what?".
"He came back to the party and told everyone how you sucked his dick."
I was so shocked- why would Jermaine do that to me.
"What did everyone say?", i asked.
Tripti's face said it all, "they were just calling u a slosh and shit- but it dont matter anyway."
then she climbed on top of me and we kissed for about half an hour. I ate her pussy, licking it softly and then fast and when she came in my mouth she looked at me, "we need to get some dick," she laughed.
i kissed her nipple, "should we call faisal?", she asked.
"no," i said trying not to sound panicked, "call up that man you fucked- whats his name again?"
"Ah Gavin- i cant be bothered with him- his dicks small anyway- lets just call faisal."
"no," i said.
"why not."
And then i blurted everything out, Tripti looked at me and said, "no- not jermaine- nah nah it cant be true."
and then i said to her, "it is true tripti- and now Faisal needs to duppy him because of it."

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Nomi Part 2

I knocked on Faisal's door.
I heard his feet run down the stairs and then open the door. "U kl?", he asked as I walked in. His house smelled of shisha and da light blue walls made it seem bare airy. He spanked my ass, "U jus came from the party?", he said as we made our way to the front room. We both took a seat.
"Yeah-yeah- why are you such a pussy for?", i asked.
"Listen- dem man are after me, Jermaine- Darren and dat lot so man cant really risk turning up at Tripti's shoobz and getting duppied."
I looked at him, he had the sharpest shape up and from his blue boxers I could see his dick rising.
"You look bangin," he smiled.
I kissed him on the lips as he placed his fingers on my pum, "You smell of sex," he said looking me in the eye, "who did you fuck."
I didnt wanna say cos it was Jermaine and even tho Faisal was jus a link- i didnt want any trouble.
"Nobody," I said.
Just as we were about to kiss again, his phone rang.
"Wagwan 'Mara ..... ahhh man was jus about to handle the wife- mmm yeah yeah- oh skeen- alrite I'll be there in a bit- oi oi before you go- i beg you dont call me dis late again if it ain't an emergency- bless."
Then he looked at me, "I need to go and collect a few tings from my boy in Harrow- come we go get it then come back here."
"Faisal it's about 1.45 in the morning- if we're not fucking now then you might as well drop me back home- my pussy ain't nocturnal yano," i told him.

"Nah nah please jus come- ive missed u bare- we can talk in the car."
I agreed and after he got dressed we jumped into his Fiesta and drove.
Faisal had been a link from day- I met him at one shoobz some guy had in North some time back and by coincidence he went to my college- even though he was a major pussy he was so bangin, good skin, nice body, long tongue, big dick that made me want to convert. one of them ones.
He was bare shook of SSK cos they must have shanked up his boy at some party in West about two years ago and when I met him he was always paranoid dat deyd come after him too- he was a big pussy but somehow he was still kinda respected on road.
As we were drivin he had his left hand in my g-string and his right hand on the wheel.
"When we get there- jus wait in the car yeah," he said, "i wont be long."
We got to a warehouse and Faisal parked and then got out of the car, i saw him walk towards some hench guy in a blue t-shirt who gave him sumthin and then Faisal got back into the car and put the bag underneath my seat.
"What is it?", I asked yawnin.
He looked at me and said, "It's a 9- been hearin too much shit about Jermaine sayin hes after me- man dont know dat im well equipped."
I tried to act hood like i wasnt shocked but i was, so i asked, "Jermaine?- hes only after u cos he finks u jacked his brother."

Faisal turned to me and said, "Only cos his bredrin Kieran and him set up my boy at that shoobz- i aint gonna use it till dey come for me, i know most of dem ssk man are in pen for when dey kidnapped and den killed that Charlotte chick."

"I swear her name was Rochelle."
There was a brief silence and then he said, "Oh yeah."
"I beg u throw it away," I told him, "I dont even fink Jermaine's still after you."I knew that was lie.
"Its not only even about that- nah it dont even matter," Faisal said beginning to look worried.
"Whats wrong," I asked.
"I lied to you," Faisal said, "Im not gonna shoot Jermaine out of defence- im gonna shoot him because I have too."
Then he looked at me said, "They know that he knows shit- shit that cant get out."

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Nomi Part 1

I zipped up my jeans as my phone started bellin up.
"Hullo," I said.
"U ready yet babes."
"Yeah how long till u get here?".
"Five ten- Darren's saying ten, but im saying five," Shawna said.
"Aight kl," I said, "Im ready anyway."
Grandad Rupert was at his woman's yard so i had the yard to myself, today had been da first day back at college and even tho i was tired i culdnt wait to go to Tripti's shoobz.
I creamed my tits and quickly epilated and put on a tight white tshirt and the Chanel heels that Tripti had bought for me when we went Paris last year.
I applied some cherry chapstix to my lips and then did my make up cos I knew dat Darren and Shawna weren't five minutes away cos Shawna was always late.
Darren and Shawna had been goin out for year, they met thru facebook cos Shawna went to nursery with Darren's half cousin Kieran who was in pen whose older sister Monique used to go college with Darren's older sister Denise who used to link Shawna's cousin.

I heard Darren beep his Punto as I ran down the stairs, out of the house, locked the door and jumped into the backseat of the car.
"Whoa!, Shawna said, "Where u goin wivout a bra on?".
"Shut up man," I laughed.
"Yeah Shawna- shut up," Darren teased as he began to drive.
"How u been?", Shawna asked me.
"Alright yano, saw Faisal today at college- he said hes comin tonight."
"That guys a fuckin pussy," Darren said as we turned the corner onto seven sisters road, "A few man I know after him- how can man see Jermaine's little bruva and try jack him."
"Bruv I aint seen Jermaine in da longest time," Shawna said, "I heard hes proper mixed up bout da whole ting wiv sherice and ssk."
"I beg u dont talk about dat shit- i got fam involved innit," Darren said.
"Did u hear about dat hoe they killed," I said.
"You know she came to give a talk at my college before dey killed her-talkin bout how we girls should get our education and shit so we can better ourselves- hows a hoe gonna tell me how to better myself."

"Beg u shut the fuck up," Darren said.
Shawna looked back at me, she was fuckin nang- she was proper ebony like proper dark wiv long black hair extentions, her body was banging too, big tits, flat stomach but da only fing was dat she had a small waist and a really big bum, some man liked it, but some man did it cos it was just too big.
She was about 6 ft 2 and Darren was about 6ft 4 and so me being 5 ft 8 was kinda short but in heels i was around shawnas height. My dad was half basian- half Maltese and my mum was Eritrean.
My hair was bare thick and sandy but cos it was too much handle, i put the back of the hair in a blonde weave and cut it to the legnth of my real hair so the top part of my hair was a light brown and the bottom part was a mary j.blige blonde.

When we got to the shoobz, dey were playing In da morning. I lost my mind and started skankin out in the middle of the dance floor, Tripti turned and saw me and kissed me on the lips, me and her started whinin and den she whispered in my ear, "Jermaine's here."
I replied," where is he?"
Then Tripti directed me wiv her eyes to him, he was talkin 2 some guy I had seen the in the Dotstar video, Jermaine caught my gaze and he followed me outside of the party.
"Wharm babylove," he smiled looking at my tits.
"Long time brudda," I said, "How u been?".
"Dont come like u aint heard about what happened."
"Yeah I have- but i wanted u to tell me for urself."
He shook his head and said, "all i know is dat dem SSK man aint even rite anymore man- what dey did to dat chick- deyre on some dum levels."
"Swear down you used to be in it," I said.
"Nah nah- i jus used to role wiv kieran and dem man- it was never an affiliation ting."
He looked at my tits.
"U remember the last time we banged?", he smiled.
"When u were linkin dat dat dutty hoe Sherice."
"Oh yeah did she try bang u up?".
"She came to my school wiv some next chick and try start shit, but i was wiv Tripti and a few ova chicks innit- so she just lef."
Jermaine was about to say something and then he stopped, then he said, "Come we go somewhere private- dem tits are makin my dick stand to attention."
I smiled and said, "So what u doing now?".
"Mans working on some big tings- makin serious P- bought a whip today innit," he pointed his head at the Volvo parked right behind Darren's whip.
"How u making serious p?", i asked.
"Dont watch dat," he smiled and then he put his hand on my tits. He said, "Come we bang."

We found ourselves in some alleyway. He slowly pushed me against the wall and began to suck on my nipples which were now bare visible in the white tee.
He began to kiss my neck as he ran his fingers through my hair, i was prayin dat they didnt get caught in my tracks.
He smelled of weed and as i kissed his neck I tasted maybeline lipgloss on his neck, the same kind Tripti was wearin,i jus knew dat he had banged her recently.
He slowly pulled down my jeans.
"Oh shit," he said lookin at my pokadot g-string.
He began to tickle my pussy with his long slender fingers as he placed his lips on my neck. and then he went down and stuck his tongue out. he stuck his tongue out so far he was lickin underneath his chin.
I was screamin wiv joy in my head.
Then he used his tongue to take off my g-string and then began to lick my clit.
I threw my head and began to squirm, "aahahaahaoowoowwuihauhhahahahauauha"
he laughed and then quickly stuck his entire tongue in my pum. "i love you jermaine," i whispered and then he stood up and pushed me down, i pulled down his tracksuit bottoms, his giant dick which looked about 12 inches hit my face, it took me like 2 minutes to get it into my mouth and when it finally did, i shoved it all the way down my throat.

"Raated," he chuckled, "You're good."
I was suckin his dick so hard that i forgot to breathe through my nose and almost choked, i could feel the crown pushing the back of my throat and his entire dick was in my mouth- i wasnt shocked cos i was able to fit a whole hotdog in my my mouf at the fair last week. I stuck out my tongue so his dick could go down further and i saw him choke up as tears ran down his eyes and onto my hair i looked up into his black eyes and could tell he was about to cum and so i did a trick that Tripti taught me.
I pushed my tongue firmly against the tip of his dick, blockin his cum from cummin out.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!", he cried, the pleasure of his cum being stuck in his dick was drivin my man nuts.
He placed his palms against the wall cos the pleasure was almost makin him fall down, i kept my tongue where it was and could feel his cum pushing and pushing- it wanted to be released, he slapped me gently but i didnt stop but then he slapped me again so i moved my tongue, his cum ran down my throat so thick and fast it was like i was chokin on custard.
He pulled up his boxers and tracksuit bottoms and smiled at me, "In a bit," he said as he walked away.
I slowly got dressed, putting myself back together and checked my phone, I had a new text.

U alrite Nomi- I was coming to the shoobz but I heard Jermaine was there- got a free yard cos the fam is in Morroco so come round tonight. Bless.

I ran my fingers through my hair and then re-applied my lipgloss. I could taste Jermaine on my tongue and so i spat on the ground. I could hear the party playing that Hard track by Lethal B as I made my way to the bus stop to catch the bus to Faisal's yard in Edgware.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Monday, 14 September 2009

Chapter 16

Mark and the police had burst in as soon as they heard the gun shot, Rochelle had told Mark whilst they were in the car to alert the police of where they were and as the police proceeded to apprehend Monique, Rico and Kieran, Mark looked down to see Rochelle's body on the ground, a deep hole in her arm. Michelle was shaking her, "Wake up Chelle- please wake up Chelle."
Mark walked over to her, picked Michelle up but not before kissing Rochelle on the head, as Mark took Michelle out to her mother who was wailing and sobbing with Sandra and Gavin he heard the paramedic say, "we have one fatality," as the other paramedics rushed in to the warehouse.
As Monique, Rico and Kieran were escorted out of the warehouse, Michelle screamed, "It was them- they killed Rochelle- they shot her in the arm!!."
Monique looked down as they read all three of them their rights and pushed them into the police car.
Sandra rushed into the warehouse to see Chelle's body being wrapped up and put on a stretcher, "Can i take one last look at her?", she sobbed. The parademics looked to each other and then the head detective said, "No- i'm afraid that's not possible."
"But why not- she was like my daughter."
Detective O'Mara looked at Sandra and said, "Kieran and Rico are two well known criminals who served time for hurting this very girl- if i tamper with the body which is what id be doing if i let you see her- id be tampering with evidence which could see them walk free"

"But that doesn't make any sense," Sandra said, "Let me see her- who made the call to my house telling me she was dead- they were making a joke out of it."

"How do you mean?", O'mara asked.
"They used Jamaican slang," Sandra sobbed, "what kind of sick joke is that."
"We didn't call your housephone- we were called by a boy called Mark who explained the situation but that was before Rochelle had been shot in the head." Sandra looked at the now concealed body, "Whoever called you must have been a prank caller because it sure was not from us." And then they left, Sandra watched as they put the body in the ambulance and drove off, she whispered, "Sleep well Chelle."

The room was dark when her eyes opened.
This wasn't her room or a hospital, but a place which told her she was safe, no movement or sound just air and she was in it, laying on a bed, she looked down at her arm, it had been bandaged.
Then someone walked in.
"How are you feeling Rochelle."
"No- I dont want to be here," she replied realizing she still existed.
O'mara sat at the edge of the bed.
"You're safe now," he told her, "Did you sleep well?".
She didnt remember going to sleep, just waking up and seeing his face.
"Where am I," she asked looking at his badge.
"Somewhere in Devon- listen Rochelle- are you ok?".
"My arm-" she said looking down at it, "I cant feel it."
"All the nerves are gone Rochelle- when they shot you-"
"I know what happened- where am i, where am i here."
"Rochelle- I've been trying to locate every single member of SSK for the last four years and jail them but as you know with these gangs- that can be virtually impossible- there are members of SSK who still want your blood."
Rochelle's mind was blank and then she said, "Michelle is she-"
"She's safe."
"I need to see her, I need to be with her."
"You can't," he replied.
"Why not."
"Because you're dead," he replied, "they think you're dead." Before she could even take it all in, he continued, "a phone call was made to Mr.Meyers by a member of SSK who said that you "fi dead," as in you're going to be dead- this call was made whilst you were in the warehouse with Monique, Kieran and Rico- if members of SSK were aware that Monique intended to kill you and were brave enough to brag about it over the phone to your loved ones then who knows what they can do to you."

"They think I'm dead?".
"It's for your own safety- you're under the MET's protection- we'll give you a new identity, a fresh start- if you stay in London you will be killed- I was reading your medical files- SSK have put you through a lot- they have members all around London and southern england- why risk another situation."
"But I have nowhere to go," she said holding back her tears hoping some feeling would return to the arm that was shot.
"The MET are going to take care of that-London isn't safe for you- you've already had to kill a girl in self defence and witness your ex boyfriend try to kill you and the Meyers twins- please Rochelle it's the only choice."
"But I have nobody- the only place I know is London."
Then she turned to him, "Where will I go."

"Ah Ms. Duboise- we were told you'd be arriving an hour ago- your is apartement 45A- may we take your bags?".
"Oh no," Charlotte Duboise replied running her fingers through her short brown hair, "Can I take the lift?".
"Yes you can," the apartment complex security guard said. "Oh yes- here is your key and the books you ordered."
He handed her the key and French For Beginners book, "Thankyou," she smiled making her way into the lift. She unlocked her apartment door and threw her suitcase on the bed, O'mara had told her to call him as soon she arrived.
"Hello Billy O'Mara speaking."
"Billy it's me I got here safe."
"Hold on- I'll go into another room...... great- and erm your look- you like it."
"I just need to get used to it- have you spoken to Sandra."
"She's in counselling with the twins and Michelle, they're taking Rochelle's death hard- but we reassured them it was painless- Charlotte- Michelle wrote a poem for Rochelle."
"For the funeral?".
"There was no funeral- it was a cremation."
"What did you cremate?".
"Does it matter- Michelle wrote Rochelle a poem- I'll send it you- Sandra's having a baby, she's naming it Rochelle if its a girl."
A tear ran down Charlotte's eye.
"Charlotte- we've organised for you take French lessons with one of our operatives in Paris- she'll also help to find you work in one of our offices over there."
Charlotte nodded and then said, "The next time you see Michelle- tell her," the tears ran down her face and onto the ground, "Tell her that she's the most wonderful fing in the world."
"I will."
Then O'mara put the phone down. Charlotte wiped her tears and took off her top and looked at the wound in her right arm. She walked over to the mirror and whispered.

"It's me- It's Really Me."

Part 2 of Chapter 15.

"She's nothing but a hoodrat!", Michelle's mum sobbed, "I should have never have let her get involved in Michelle's life."
"Oh no," Gavin said, "Dont say that- she was trying to help Michelle get over what happened to her as well.
"Maybe Michelle's mum is right," Sharon said looking at Sandra, "The twins were almost killed because of her."
"Sitting here talking about how bad Chelle is won't help us find Michelle- will it," Sandra yelled.
"She's still a dirty whore!," Michelle's mum sobbed.
"Shut your bludclart woman!", Gavin yelled at he, just as he was getting ready to throw dome some more pa-twar, the phone rang.
"Hello is this The Meyers Household?".
"Yes- yes it is- whose speaking please?".
"I'm a police lady who recently moved to this country after obtaining my visa."
"What has that got to do with anything," Gavin asked, "why have you called."
The police lady took a deep breath, "We have Michelle- she is safe."
"And Rochelle?".
"She fi dead, Rochelle fi dead."

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Chapter 15

Monique got to the address without any problems, there had been a little traffic on the way but other than that the journey was smoothe.
She knocked on the door.
"Who is it?", the small voice on the other side of the door asked.
"It's Rochelle's friend- Antoine."
The door opened. Michelle's mum looked closely at the woman standing in front of her.
"You're Antoine?".
"Yes," Monique smiled.
"Chelle said Antoine was a transvestite."
"Yes," Monique replied, "I am."
"But you look so real."
Monique smiled, "You want to check my identification," she asked taking holding of her crotch pretending as though there was a penis there.
Michelle blushed, "Oh no-" her mum said, "But please tell Chelle I need Michelle home by 9- I have to straighten her hair for tommorow."
"Special Ocassion?," Monique asked.
"I'm taking her to see Fame in the cinema- we havent been out in ages have we Michelle?".
Michelle shook her head, "Well I'll have her home in good time," Monique said. She took Michelle's hand and they left the house. Michelle got into Monique's car and did her seatbelt and as Michelle started up the car and drove out of the street into the main road, Michelle noticed the name Monique tatooed on Monique's lower wrist.
"Antoine- who's Monique?", she asked.

Rochelle and the twins arrived at Sandra's house just as Sandra was preparing the cake alongside her younger sister, Sharon.
"Hi guys," Rochelle smiled as she helped the twins take off their shoes, "Has Antoine brought Michelle yet?."
"No- her mum called over two hours ago to say that he had though," Sandra replied suddenly looking worried.
Rochelle took out her phone and dialled Antoine's number, it rang and rang and rang and there was no answer, and then she called Michelle's mum.
"Hi- erm how long ago did Antoine pick up Michelle?", she asked trying to sound calm.
"Erm about two hours ago- are they still not there yet?", Michelle's mum asked.
"No they're not- listen what did Antoine look like," Rochelle asked.
"Tall- model looking. pretty- almost like a real woman, petite figure,why?".
"That wasn't Antoine," Rochelle panicked, "It was Monique"

It was the police who had gotten hold of Rochelle to tell her that Antoine was in A&E after suffering injuries to the head, he had told the police about what had happened with Monique and now they were all sure it was Monique who had Michelle- they began to panic. Michelle's mum had arrived and was sobbing, "how could i be so stupid- after all shes been through and i put her in the hands of a stranger, this is all your fault Rochelle."

"Passing the blame isn't going to do any good," Gavin said not caring that his suprise party had been ruined, "We just need to hope that no harm comes to Michelle- we know what kind of family Monique comes from," and that was what scared Chelle the most.
And then her phone rang, it was witheld number.
"Dont react- if anyone asks you who it is just say its the wrong number- meet me in one hour at Farringdon station," Monique said, "come alone or i'll teach this likkle girl a lesson."
"Sorry I think you've got the wrong number," Chelle lied as she put down the phone. "I need to get some fresh air, I'll be back in a minute."

"Where are you going," Sandra asked.
"I need to clear my head- this is all making me feel sick, call me when the police get here." But as Chelle left the house and ran to Mark's house, she turned off the home, she knocked on his door, he answered it topless, "Mark i need you to drive me somewhere right now."
"It's Michelle- she's been kidnapped."

Chelle got out of the car at Farringdon station and gave Mark the neccesary instructions. She stood at the station until she noticed Monique across the street who mouthed, "follow me."
Chelle did and followed Monique into an empty warehouse.
"Where is she?", Chelle asked.
Monique put the mainwarehouse light on to reveal Kieran and Rico standing next to Michelle who was crying.
"Chelle!", she called out.
"Long time no see," Kieran smiled, "Dont look so shocked- they granted us parole," Rico burst out laughing at the horror of Chelle's face, "thats the british justice system for ya," he laughed.
"Why are you doing this?", Chelle asked, "what do you want?".

"You killed Sherice," Monique spat, "I actually was just getting to know dat bitch."
Chelle looked at the fear in Michelle's eyes.
"Dis has got nuffin 2 do wiv her- please let her go," Chelle begged.
"We'll let her go," Kieran said, "But first you gotta do something for us."
Rochelle was afraid now- she couldnt bare the thought of turning into that sket again.
"Tell Michelle here all the things you like to do to boys," Rico said, "If you don't well just have to show her dat video you and Kieran made."
Monique turned to her brother.
"Michelle please dontlisten to any of them," Chelle begged. Michelle started crying. Chelle saw her pain, she had been through the exact same thing as her, abused by the same pervert and now kidnapped by the same people.
"Let her go and I'll do anything you want," Chelle replied.
Kieran and Rico turned to each other and then Rochelle.
"Alright," Monique said, "Kieran take da yout up to one of the rooms and lock the door, we'll let dem both go after Chelle does what we want her to do."
Chelle watched as Kieran obeyed his sister and locked Michelle in a room, when all four of them were alone, Rico said, "We were in pen cos you,".
"You were in pen cos your all filthy animals who aint got no home training," Chelle replied, "thats why you were in pen- only animals who dont know what love is could do what you did to me."
Monique burst out laughing," Since you got so much mouth, put it to good use," she said. "Kiss me."
Chelle was confused. "Allow dat,"Kieran said.
"Dont look den," Monique said as she walked up to Chelle, "Kiss me," Monique whispered, "And we'll let you and your half sister go."
Chelle leaned in closer and placed her tongue against Monique's as Kieran closed his eyes. Monique placed her hand between Chelle's legs and began to stroke her pussy gently, the two girls began to kiss, "fuck dat,"Kieran said, "stop dat shit man."
Monique unzipped Chelle's jeans and placed her fingers against her pussy and began to stroke it. Chelle's pussy was warming to Monique's fingers as Monique's tongue slithered slowly in Chelle's warm mouth, Chelle then touched her nipples.
Monique's eyes told Chelle that Monique had always wanted to do this and just as Monique prepared to go down on Chelle, Chelle whipped out her shank from her pocket and held it to Monique's throat, "Move and i'll slice you open," Chelle said.
"Wat da fuck, "Rico said realizing what had happened.
"Let Michelle go or i will cut Monique's throat."
Monique's face couldnt hide her fear as the shank was placed firmly on her throat. "By the way," Chelle told her, "You're a shit lipser."
Kieran looked at Rico who said, "you can't do it- you wouldnt do it."
"Don't forget who slew sherice," chelle said, "and me and her used to be bredrins- fuckin up dis bitches vocal cords wouldnt even be a ting to me." Kieran ran and unlocked the door Michelle was locked in, Michelle ran to Chelle as Chelle kicked Monique back. Michelle hugged Chelle.
"Rochelle," Kieran called. Chelle turned to look at him.
He pulled the trigger.

Chapter 14- Mz.Monique

Antoine walked into his flat, it had been so good to see Rochelle after everything that had happened, he had sold the house in Keynes and had moved to Soho/ London as his operation would be taking place there, he undressed, took off his heels but left his Tyra Banks wig on. He switched on his computer and Youtubed MIA Galang and started to shack out to the tune, he put on his heels and started to shack out even harder and then the doorbell rang. He quickly put on his bathrobe, flicked his hair and walked to the door.
"Who is it?", he asked.
"Oh great my jeans have arrived," he said as he opened there. "You're not Asos!", he screamed looking at the slim figured woman dressed in the True religion jeans and the hooded leather jacket.
"No- It's Monique."
Monique let herself in. She was wearing the true religion jeans and the hooded leather jacket with 7 inch heels, her hair was dead straight and she was wearing Britney Spears "Curious" perfume.
"What the fuck do you want?", Antoine asked.
"Don't be so rude Antoine- I just came to see your new place."
"It's Antoinette now," he replied.
"Oh really-" she laughed, "Well good for you," she looked around the flat and nodded, "You've always had good taste."
"What do you want- I know all about what you did to Rochelle in that nightclub toilet- you dutty skank."
"Rochelle, Rochelle , Rochelle- she's a bad girl- i cant even deny, killing Sherice and den you helpin her kill dat white guy she used to fuck- I'm impressed, where is she?".

Antoinette walked right into Monique's face and whispered, "I wouldnt tell you even if i knew."
Monique replied, "You better tell me where she is."
"Or what?".
"Or I'll have some friends of mine save you the money on a sex change operation because they'll cut your dick off themselves."
"You dutty bitch- your face is so oily I could use it to fry saltfish."
Monique slapped Antoinette, he pushed her back, she flew into the chair.
"Ive got the strength of a man and the anger of a woman- dont fuck wit me," Antoinette warned. Monique got to her feet and walked up to him, she looked him up and down and kissed her teeth.
He grabbed her neck and slammed her against the wall, "If you go anywhere near Rochelle I will just give a beating you'll never forget, pussy o."
Then he let her go, she caught her breath and as she did his house phone rang, they both looked to the phone.
"Hi dee Hi folks- this is Antoinette's phone here- i cant come to the phone right now- so leave a message dahlin- Beep."

"Hi Antoine- it's Chelle- erm Im on the bus to get the twins from school but theres so much traffic and i was meant to pick Michelle up from her mums house too- I've called her and she said its ok for you to pick her up and take her to Sandra's, here's Michelle's adress:"

As Chelle read out the adress Monique smiled and tried to run out of the flat, Antoinette caught her by her hood and threw her to the ground, he tried to run and pick up the phone to warn Chelle but by the time he got to it, she had put the phone down. Just as he was about to dial 1471 a glass was smashed across his head. He fell to the ground.
Monique smiled as she replayed the message and copied down the adress, she kissed Antoinette on the forehead and left the flat.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Chapter 13

Somebody had knocked down da front door, as Sherice turned to see what it is, i dashed the biggest fing i could get hold of at her feet, she flew into da bookshelf, she didn't know what hit her- actually she did- it was the bludclart chest of drawers.
She was stuck under neath the rubble of books but now she was the least of my problems, who had broken down the door. da first fing i knew i had to do was keep the twins safe- dey were crying so hard now- Sherice was about to kill dem and the noise had saved them. I picked dem both up and wiv one on my back and de ova on my front i ran into Sandra's room and put them in sandra's shower, i gave Jake my fone- I told him to dial 999 and give dem the adress, "you know the adress yeah- i know your mum taught you it," i said panicking- i could hear whoever had knocked down the door cummin up the stairs. "I know it," Jake said crying. I kissed dem both on the heads and ran, locking da bathroom door behind me and den da bedroom door itself.
And den in the corridor I saw him- with a rifle in his right hand and a spliff in the other.
He turned to me and smiled- he was so high, "Chelle Chelle," he cackled wavin da gun around.
Wtf was i gonna do- how the fuck did he find the house- how was i gonna deal wiv both Sherice and Daniel.
Sherice let out a groan from the bedroom, "You got company-" he laughed, " as per usual."
He smiled and den walked into da room, "ah looks it sherice," I heard him say.
My heart was pounding, my palms were sweating, i could hear the boys crying from sandras room, i tucked the key quickly in my bra, daniel walked out.
"Was dat cryin i heard?", he asked.
"No," i said, "daniel please- what do you want?".
"You fink i was gonna let u just leave me," he replied and den he walked over to me and stroked my face, "did sherice do dat 2 u," he asked licking my bloody lip, "please leave me alone," i begged and den he punched me, i fell to da ground.
"Open dis fackin door," he said.
"No," i screamed, he pointed the gun at the lock and was about to shoot it to get it open, i didnt know what he was capable of doin to da twins so i did what i had to do. I had to sweep him off his feet by sliding into his legs, he fell back over the bannister, he hit the chandelier and landed face down in the mainroom. he was still. he weren't moving,i could see blood leaking from his head and just as i was wonderin if he was dead or not, sherice ran out of da room, she had splinters comin out from her face and her face was black and blue.

She ran to me and I ran to her, we ended up exchangin blows on the top of the staircase and fucking each other up as we walked down the steps, we landed in the mainroom where daniel's body was lying, i kicked sherice into the glass table but my girl did some next acrobatic move and ended up landing on da floor.
She looked at Daniel, "you killed him," she said. whilst she was talkin i dashed a chair at her, it hit the tv, smashin it all 2gever.
Now she was mad- she looked like some next animal, she was torn up from her head to toe, she ran toward me as she did she ran into my flykick, true say i had to say "hiyahh". She fell to da ground but jumped back up.
She gave me one roundhouse kicked, i flew back into the kitchen, slid off the table and onto the floor. She limped in slowly as I was helpless on the floor.
"I told you one of us was gonna die tonight," she panted, "when i'm done wiv u im gonna go upstairs and fuck up those youts."
Tears ran down my eyes, i could see a bone popping out of my leg as Sherice finally made her way round to me with a kitchen knife on her hand.
"I'm gonna stuff you like a fuckin christmas turkey," she said.
"Always thinkin about food," i spat at her, just as she was gonna jam the knife in my stomach, i broke the chair leg off the chair and stuck it in her pannani. dun know.

She staggered back, "you killed me," she cried as blood ran from her lips and from between her leg. i slowly got to my feet as she slid on the ground and died dere wiv da wooden chair leg in between her clit.
I looked around the kitchen, blood everywhere, but i didnt have time to fink, i had to get da twins and get out of here- I past the mainroom where daniel was laying dere dead and limped up the stairs.
"You fort i was dead."
Daniel grabbed my neck and pulled me back down the stairs, we both tumbled down da flight of 20 steps, now i knew my leg was broken, the bottom part of it was just hangin.
Daniel stood over me, dere was glass popping out of his face and he was pantin, he had the gun pointed at my head.
"You fink i was gonna let you leave me- ive been following you since day u left me you fackin slag- i know all about u and dat footballer- how could u betray me like dat."
I couldnt even speak-i had given up i was sure i was going to die, as i looked in the gun which was pointin in my face all da memories of my life came flashin to my eyes, "please don't hurt the twins," i begged. "they aint' done nuthing wrong."
Den he smiled and said, "you just gave me an idea."
His finger was in da trigger as he said, "you're mine chelle- if i cant have you noone wi-"

"For the love of Yves Saint Lauren!".
The knife went rite through Daniel's head, he staggered around and fell backwards. I felt big hands around me, trying to help me and den i looked up at da face, "Antoine."

11 Months Later.
"How the fuck can he tell you that he caught the Aids from me- when he knew he was fucking some bouncer he started fucking after you left him,," Antoine said as he sat opposite me in the crowded Soho restaurant,
"Let's not even talk about that it's all over- so hows your treatment going," I asked touching my leg, it was healing and i was on painkillers to heal the pain.
"Its going well- i still feel weak but the doctors say it's all part of hormonal change- my operations in two weeks- listen Chelle- I'm sorry about Daniel- if i knew you like i know you now I would have told you that he was gay- it just proves that the guys who are always hating on faggots are faggots themselves."
I touched Antoine's hand, "You don't need to apologise to me- I just hope your operation goes well ." He looked down at the table and I realized that he was scared, but he didnt have to be - he was so brave, he had saved my life, saved the twins life, Daniel had told him what he was planning to do to me and was stupid enough to give Antoine the adress of Sandra's house- Antoine had saved me by being at the house that night. Daniel had been a compulsive liar- what i didnt get was why he told me antoine had killed himself but that didnt matter- it was all over.
"So how are you and that Mark guy," he asked.
"We broke up- he was distracting me from work innit- I couldnt concentrate on A-Levels with a man around."
"True say- oh what time are you gonna pick up the twins from school."
"In about an hour- Sandra's having a suprise party for Gavin so I need to go pick up some party snacks from Waitrose before I get them and then I need to go pick up Michelle from her mums house- it's nice having a little sister."
"I'm so proud of you."
Just as we were speaking a girl walked up to us.
"Hi are you Rochelle?".
"Erm yeah."
"Oh sorry to interrupt but you gave a talk at my college a few weeks ago- i dont know if you remember."
"Of course I do."
"Yeah well it helped my friend alot listening to what you went through and how you had turned your life around- it was bare inspiring to find out that you work with the council to help girls in trouble get an education."
"I wish there was someone to tell me all those things when i was 16," I told her, "If i knew what I knew now things would have worked out differently."
She smiled and then she left.
As I left Antoine to catch the bus to the twin's school, I looked up at the sky and smiled.
I would never have children.
I might never get married and I might even never fall in love, but i knew myself and for the first time I learnt how to love myself.

A tear ran down my eye for the memory of my mum and for the memory of the time when I was the 6 year old girl sitting in front of the tv wishing i was the Pink Ranger wishing I could save the world.
But when the world that I once wished I could save spat at me and laughed at my past, It didn't matter because I had saved myself. And it was beautiful.

Monique lit up her cigarette as she watched the two men approaching her, she smiled and gave them both hugs. "That sket isnt gonna know what hit her," the first man said.
"No she won't," Monique replied looking at the adress, "no she won't."

Friday, 11 September 2009

Chapter 12.

"I told you she'd be happy to see me," Sherice said smiling at the twins.
"Look Aunt Chelle your friend is here," Jake said sounding bare happy.
I looked at Sherice as she stroked Jack's hair, she gave me a dirty smile.
"Jake and Jack- me and my friend need to talk downstairs, so i want you two to stay in bed no matter what," I said trying my best not to panic them, "Even if you hear noises- just stay in bed and fink of somethin' nice."
"Why would there be noises," Jack asked.
"Because your Aunt Chelle and I haven't seen each ova in a long long time and need to catch up," Sherice explained in a soft voice, "So you two stay up here whilst me and Aunt Chelle sort fings out downstairs." Then she looked at me.
"But why can't you talk up here- im scared," Jack said.
"Because Aunt Chelle's been a very naughty girl and we need to deal wiv some fings which aren't very pretty to here," Sherice smiled.
"Naughty?", Jack asked, "Does that mean you have to punish her?."
Sherice let out a small laugh and looked at me, "I guess so."
"You two stay up here and go to bed ok- and I'll be up in the morning to take you to nursery- Sherice can you come downstairs wiv me."
Sherice left the room as I kissed the twins on their foreheads, I locked their door behind me.
"You shouldnt have told dem you were gonna take dem to nursery tommorow because you're not gonna make it to the mornin," she told me as we both walked downstairs into the kitchen.
She took a seat on the dining table.
"How did you find me?", I asked starting to wash the dishes.
"I went to your old yard and da old couple dere gave me your forwardin adress- ive been watchin u for months."
"And you followed me here?", i asked turning to look at her. she had lost bare weight but not in a good way, her skin was still bad and her hair was in uneat cainrows.
"Yep and walked in thru da back door when you left it open, dum bitch," she replied. I took a seat opposite her.
"You shouldn't have," I said looking her deep in the eye- this was bare weird- both of us wanted to hurt the other but we were bare relaxed maybe cos beneath it all we were happy to see each ova.
"Why not?", she asked.
"Because I was going to forgive you for setting me up- but now you're here I might as well do all da fings i was dreaming of doing to you right now," I replied looking at her dirty parka jacket.
"I spent almost 6 months in pen cos of u- what makes you fink you're da one whose gonna be doin the killin," she said.
"Cos you set me up and almost killed me," I said, "And cos ive got a drawer full of knives and a fist full of Basian blood."
"I've been in pen Chelle- I ain't da same."
"Then let's do dis ting."
"Someone's gonna die tonight," she told me. "And it ain't gonna be me."
"What makes you so sure?".
"Cos you're a pussy and deres no way youre gonna kill me when uve got dem likkle youts upstairs sleeping- whose house is dis anyway."
"Fuck da talking- let's do dis."
This bitch didnt know it but all da pain i felt when i was fucked up by SSK was rushing back to me and I was ready to fuck her up for it.
"You talkin big sket- im gonna-"
Before she could finish I sent one dutty blow to her face, it knocked her off her seat and her body rebounded off the wall and into the fridge. I walked around the table and started kicking her whilst she was on the floor.
She grabbed my feet and floored me, my head hit da ground and it started throbbin. She picked up the wooden chair and tried to smash it against my stomach but i rolled over and kicked her in the shin, she fell onto da table and tried to reach for da kitchen knife which i had used to cut my pizza, she tried to jook it in my head as i was getting up but i caught her hand and twisted it.the knife dropped.
"I don't mind fucking up a nice house for you," I said as I smashed her head into fridge door, her nose started bleeding, she elbowed me in da stomach and den grabbed my head with her right hand and punched me six times wiv her left, she had a sovereign ring on, i felt my nose feel weak.
"I'll tell the twins you said bye," she said as she kicked me into the living room, i backward rolled and caught hold of the Sky+ remote, i dashed it in her face, she grunted and den spat blood on da floor. I got to my feet and picked up a vase and flung it at her, da bitch dodged it and flykicked me, my head licked off da wall as she took off her jacket. She ran to me and den started kneeing me in the face, i bit her knee but then she banged my head against the knee again. a felt a tooth roll out of my mouth.
She threw me to the floor, just when she was about to kick me again, I swept her off her dutty feet with my right leg and as she was about to land on da floor, i kicked her head, the girl flew into da tv.
"You tink this is going to be easy," I told her pantin, "Im going to fuck you up so bad even the devil wouldnt recognise you."
She got to her feet fast and lunged at me, I kicked her back into da tv, she rolled ova the tv and landed behind her.
The house phone rang, I ran to hit.
"Hi Chelle- its me Gavin- you lot ok?".
Oh shit.
"Yeah yeah we're fine- listen Gavin i'm in the middle of something- the twins are in bed and I'll be in done in about half an hour."
"Ok, well Sandra and I will call then, bye."
I put da phone down.
Sherice stood up wiping da blood from her forehead, "You told him you'd be done in half an hour- you tink you can finish me in half an hour."
"I'm gonna have to if i wanna catch Skins at 11."
Me and her ran into each other, i grabbed her neck and she grabbed my hair. "Why didnt you ask him to call for help," she asked me wiv a dutty grin.
"The police won't like what i'm about to do to you," i replied, i bit her nose and didn't let go. She screamed, i could taste her bogey and blood dripping on my tongue as she screamed, i kicked her in da stomach and spat it in her face. Dis was going to be dirty.
I took off my hoop earrings and threw dem down quick time before da bitch could recover.
I could hear da twins calling for me. "I'll be up in a minute boys," I shouted out, "Go to bed."
Sherice was lookin tired now and really fucked up. but i wasnt gonna take my chances so i picked up Gavin's heavy gold athletics trophy dat he won when he was at college and licked it on her head. "Bitch." She hit da ground.
"I need to call u an ambulance," i laughed. "How you like da view from down dere."
She looked up at me, her eyes were black up, her nose was bleeding,her lips were all cut up.
"This was the dumbest fing u culd do," I told her, "Followin me here- pen mus be fuckin useless if u cant even do damage to me." I kicked her face.
"I'm gonna kill da twins," she whispered.
"I said- im gonna kill da twins." Den she looked at day key on da floor, it had dropped out of my pockets when we were fitin- it was da key for da twins room. me and her both lunged to get it, but she kicked me, i flew into da sofa, she jumped and ran up da stairs.
Sumthin took over me at dat minute. I chased her by the time i got dere she had already unlocked the door, the twins were lookin bare shook as dey saw her face, her shadow was getting bigger behind dem as she walked toward dem. "Fuck no!"I screamed as I smacked her across da head wiv dere toy piano- the twins started cryin, "I want my mummy!.
me and sherice were were wrestling all ova the floor, i was trying to tek de key out of her hand, the twins were screamin and calling out for Sandra and Gavin, as i told dem, "you're going to be ok," Sherice took da chance to head butt me, i rolled on da floor, my head throbbin uncontrollably cos i was still recovering from da monique situation. Sherice stood up slowly and looked at da twins as i tried to get up but da pain in my head wouldn't let me, "I never liked mixraced kids anyway," Sherice said as she picked up their bedside lamp and lifted it over their heads, dey were sobbin.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Part 1 of chapter 11

I woke up this morning bare tired, I had to go and meet Sandra for coffee at some place near Knightsbridge so i jumped in the shower, got dressed and made myself some toast.
It had been three months since the ting wiv the miscarriage and my brain situation and I had been still living in the bedsit getting some benefits to help me get food for myself and get books and shit for my new college. Even tho i had gone back a year it was ok cos it was still a fresh start, new faces and nobody knew shit about me cos it was all da way in west so it was cool.
As i tapped my oyster card on da bus, I had to wipe the sleep out ofmy eyes, the night before me and Mark had been helping the kids down at youthgroup wiv dere community play and we didnt leave dere till about 11 tidying up, i loved it cos da kids were bare nice, dere was one little girl called Michelle who called me her big sister cos she finks we look alike, but i dont really fink so. after youthgroup mark dropped me home in his whip and i spent the night alone.
Mark is my new man.
He goes to my college and is in my sociology class, we started chattin on da first day cos he said he fort my creps were sick and from den we started chatting, the weird fing was dat he lived a few doors way from Sandra in south kensington so when i introduced him to sandra and her husband and their two kids, dey got along fine.
I reached knightsbridge at around 11 and it was pack up and so i pushed past the crowds and made my way to the coffee shop.
I went in and saw Sandra waiting, she had already ordered me a coffee.
"Morning babe," she said as i took a seat next to her, "How was youth group?".
"It was alrite yano- their play is next week so it was bare pressure, but is going well, hows Gavin and the kids."
"They're all fine, Gavin's got a job interview today with IBM for a managerial position so I ahd to take the twins into nursery today- what time does your shift start today?".
"3-7, then me and Mark are gonna do some coursework at mine- he'll pick me up from work."

I had got a job at the Asda on the highstreet and worked their one day in the week and saturdays and it was nice cos everyone dere was cool and cos it was small it was neve dat busy.
"Rochelle- I need a favour," Sandra said.
"Go ahead," i said sipping my latte.
"Gavin and I are going to Malta next week to see his parents because it's his mum's birthday and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind staying at ours and taking care of the twins- if you dont mind."
"Of course not, nah nah its no problem, im not even working next week anyway cos ive got coursework deadlines, i can jus do it at yours."
"Im so proud of you," she told me, "You're so confident and you're getting it all together, im so happy the twins have you in their life."
"Sandy don't mek me start bawlin," i laughed, "fanku- you and Gavin have been like parents to me- i cant even count how many times you lot have helped out dese last few months- in a way it was sort of a good fing what happened to me wiv Monique at da club, if dat didnt happen i wouldnt have met you."
"True- where is Monique anyway?".
"I spoke to da police yesterday and dey said they arrested her for sumfin to do with sumfin ssk did some time ago- not cos of me."
"Well good riddance to all those hoodrats- isn't is sad that more than 200 years after slavery is over black people are now enslaving themselves."

After coffe, I caught the bus to work and quickly got changed in the staff changin room because i was ten minutes late, my manager was on lunch anyway so it was bless. As I was serving some nice old couple, I saw a face dat i never fort id see in dis world again.
I pretended like i didn't know him when he started packing his shoppin on da ting. "U alrite Chelle- you look good."
He sure did not look good, he looked bare skinny and pale and old, his face looked dirty and his shopping was full of energy drinks and microwave food. "That'll be £33.99 please."
"Dont act like you dont know me," he said gently, "can we please talk after your shift, when is your lunch break".
"I dont get one," I said, "it's only a four hour shift."
"Then how about after work den, round the back- please i need to talk to you." I sighed and just nodded, "round the back at 7- we cant talk too long- my mans coming to pick me up."

7 came and i waited round the back. It bare dark and Mark had called to say dat he would be an hour late cos he was pickin up his mum from work.
Daniel approached wearin da same dutty green jacket he had been wearing for years.
"What do you want?", i said, i was wearing a trench coat dat Gavin had bought me but my red uniform was undaneath.
"Chelle- I'm sick."
"I already know dat."
He looked at me and den said, "Chelle- I have HIV."

I looked at him and couldnt help but gasp.
"Antoine's dead Chelle," Daniel told me, "He killed himself when he found out he had it."
"You caught it from him?".
"Yeah- Chelle i dont have long to live."
"So what shuld i do about dat- did i ask you to fuck him?"
"I should have never fucked dat batty man- now look at me."
"Gay people arent de only people who get aids you dumb fuck but it serves you rite, its called karma you fuckin eediat- you were calling everyone a faggot when you were one yourself."
"I need you Chelle- im lonely."
"Cum off dat sentimental shit, ive got my own life- im different-ive changed- i ain't a dumb bitch anymore."
"Is dat what dey told u in counselling- once a fucking slag- always a fucking slag."
I looked at him and smiled.
"You can call me what you want- people always have- but it doesnt change the fact that you're the one whose going to die alone."
"Like your mum."
I looked at him and shook my head, "Have a nice life," I told and den i left. I text Mark to let him know i would be jus walk homeand dat he should just meet me dere.

He was there b4 i was.
"How was work today babes," he asked as he set up the laptop.
"Alrite yano- hows your mum and dad,"
"They said hey- listen i was thinkin how about i help you with your coursework tommorow night."
"But its due next week."
"Ive done it before last year- itll only take a day." Even tho we were da same age he was in da year above me cos i went back a year.
"So what are we gonna do 2nite- do you wanna watch Film 4- i fink Xmen is on," I said.
He shook his head.

He threw me onto the bed and tore off my uniform, when i was naked, he put the middle finger of his left hand in my pussy, whilst he massaged my tits with his right hand as his lips did that good stuff on my neck. My pussy couldnt hold its juices any longer and i came, he got off me and sat the bottom of the bed and licked me out. tongue in, tongue out, he bit my clit gently before he put his tongue inside. I screamed out and shouted, "take my pussy Mark, it belongs to you."
He took off shirt and jeans and stood over me. Becos he was kinda hench it made his dick look a bit small but it was short and bare fat. he lowered down onto my face and put his dick in my mouth, i tried to deepthroat him but because it wasnt long enuff, i just wrapped my tongue around it and sucked it.
Then he whipped it out. I couldnt wait till he put it inside cos it was romatic, cos he knew everyfin about me, absolutely everfin cos i had told him and when he fucked me i knew dat he actually loved me for who iwas but it wasnt all about da sex, we went shopping 2 geva, went to cinema togeva, we even went to devon with his parents a few weeks ago and so as he turned me around and put his dick in my pussy and started backshottin me i felt so at peace wiv da world.
He was doggying me so hard and good that i started saying bare randomdirty shit, "bust in my clart!"
His big South African hands took hold of my neck and he rammed his dick so deep in my pussy that i actually couldnt move.
He then picked me up and was strong enough to fuck me standing up, his hands were holding my waist as my hands were grippin da ceilin as he fucked me. "You ever had it this good," he said in a joke Irish accent, "You ever got fucked by a leprechaun before." I had to burst out laughing as he continued to fuck me, then he put me on the floor and put me up against da wall.
He lifted my leg over his broad shoulders and slowly put his dick in me again. he put his fist in my mouth, it tasted so nice as he banged me, then he took his fist out of my mouth and kissed me softly, his size 38 waist was crushin my hips as he pushed harder and harder into me. I came and he said, "did u cum on my dick baby."
I nodded.
"Did i tell you i wanted cum on my dick baby," he asked.
"So can i punish you now."
He bent me over my desk and took out his belt from his jeans.
"Whats my name?", he said as he whipped my ass.
"Mr. Mark."
"I cant hear you baby!".
"Mr. Mark!".
"Once more with feeling!".
Den he picked me up threw me on the bed and fucked me missionary, he started whispering to me, "I love you so much," then we started kissing. i was so happy, it was so beautiful as i could see his shadow fucking my shadow slowly.
And then when he came he held me the entire night, he didnt leave, he didnt piss on me, he held me and slept.

Me and him went into youthgroup the following day, but when we got dere it was empty. Only Janice was dere, she was da lady who owned it.
"Where is everyone?" I asked.
"Theyve been sent home?", she replied.
"Why?", Mark asked.
"You see that girl Michelle- the one who calls you her big sister Rochelle?".
"Yes is she ok?", i asked.
"She told one of the other kids that her dad is abusing her, we had to call the police straight away, they took her away and alerted her mum."
"Her dad?", I said, "hes never come to pick her up from here, i cant believe this- that poor girl- i didnt even know she lived wiv her dad."
"Thats because hes never picked her up from here, take a look at this picture we have of him on the database- to think a human being could do that to a child."
She put on the computer and when the picture came up i knew who dat man was.
It was my dad.

"Rochelle are you sure?", Janice asked me.
"That's my dad- he did the same to me."
"Chelle- how can you be sure thats your dad?".
"I know what my dad looks like."
"The dirty bastard," Janice said, "He even gave her a similar name to you."
"I need to help her- she's my little sister- i didnt know he had a new family," I said still in a daze.
"I'll call the police," Mark said.
As he did, i stared at the picture. He had been hurting more girls, his own kids and now he had been caught after he had hurt Michelle, 7 years old just like i was, my dad's daughter- just like I am.

I had to testify to the police- everything. Some fings were hard to remember but i told dem all i knew. It was hard but Sandra rushed to help me answer da questions, i couldn't believe it, if i had just said somethin earlier, he wouldnt have had the oppurtunity to hurt another person. As Sandra, Mark and I left the station we saw Michelle's mum crying outside. I recognised her cos she was da one dat picked Michelle up from school.
"Can you lot wait in da car please," I said, "I need to talk to her." Sandra and Mark nodded and got in the car.
"You're really his daughter," Michelle's mum told me. I nodded.
"How is Michelle," i asked.
"The police finished asking her questions- but they're keeping her in there because they think i might influence her answers- how could i have no idea this was going on?".
"He's scum- its not your fault."
"And your mum- does she know about what he did to you."
"She's dead," i said, "and no- she did know and she said nothing- listen i've got to go but here's my number, if you ever need to talk about anyfin- i'm here for you and Michelle."
Michelle's mum gave me a hug and i den i left, i got into the car wiv Sandra and Mark den we left.

I stayed at Mark's yard dat nite, his parents knew about everyfin and were bein bare supportive.
"This is my fault," I said. "I should have said something dat way he couldnt have hurt her."
"Its not your fault," mark ansered, "look at all uve been thru- and you're still surviving- this is why i love you- you havent let the bad things that happened to you ruin your life this is why i love you- this is why my parents love you."
That night as Mark held me in his arms, I knew he was right and i knew my dad would get the punishment he deserved.

Monday came and I got a call from the officer who questioned me who told me i would have to testify in court about what happened to me, i told Sandra and she said she would help and so i agreed cos i had to make sure dat pervert did the time for his crimes.
Sandra and Gavin had left for the airport earlier on in the day and I was watching Cbeebies wiv the twins their house because i had to watch them for a week.
"Alrite its bed time now," i said.
"Oh no no no- we want to watch Dora."
"Dora's finished," I said, "come on its bed time."
I tucked them both into bed and read dem a bed time story about some girl who wears a red hoodie and den i made my way backstairs. The doorbell rang, I went to answer it. It was Mark, he was carrying a big nice bag.
"Is dat for me," I asked as we sat on the big sofa.
"Its them shoes you wanted, Christian Labooboo?".
"Labouiton," I corrected him whilst i shakin wiv excitement. I took out the boots, dey were BANGING- it looked like sumtin Rhiana would wear, I tried them on, "thankyou baby- how much did they cost," i asked.
"Staff discount innit- my older sister works in the Paris store, she bought them for you when she came back today."
"I need to call and fank her innit,"
"Shes at dinner wiv my parents, call her tommorow innit."
"I need to reward you," i said.
"You do- but the twins are upstairs- what if they hear."
"They won't," i said.
I took off his jeans and licked his thigs, then i placed my lips on his dick, licking the tip, he was groanin as he watched the 56 inch tv, then i got up and started riding him, i had to put my fist in his mouth to stop him from screaming like a bitch, "you ever been fucked this good," i asked him, "i bet the girls cant do it like me in seth afreeca".
That made him cum. We both got dressed and i lay on him for about an hour and then he got a call from his rugby coach reminding him they had practice first ting in da morn and so he had to go.
All dat fucking made me hungry as i watched Sky News and so I ordered some dominos. I waited an hour watchin da story on how Man U had dropped one of their newest players and den i heard the backdoor ring, I took out my 20 pound note and ran to the door, "why did you come from the backdoor," I asked the guy as i paid him the money and he handed me the two pizzas, he apologised. Just as i was about to close the door as he left, my phone rang in the living room, i took the pizza and ran to the phone. it was from a witheld number.
I was yammin on my pizza when i felt a breeze hitting my feet. "Oh shit- i forgot to close the backdoor." I went to close it feeling bare dumb dat i had done and realized dat i had to go and check on the twins. I opened their bedroom door.

"Aunt Rochelle- your friend was just reading us a story,"the twins said at the same time.
"My friend?" I asked. As i said that someone walked out of the shadows.
"I told you she'd be happy to see me," Sherice said smiling at the twins.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Chelle Vs Sherice- the final showdown

Chelle Vs Sherice
The Final Showdown Friday (pushed up from Saturday) 9pm only on http://www.rochellesket.blogspot.com/

Chelle: I've got a drawer full of knives and a fist full of Basian Blood. Try Me.
Sherice: You really fink you can do me sumfin- i been in pen bitch, i ain't da same.
Chelle: Then let's do dis ting.
Sherice: Someone's gonna die tonight.

Part 2 of Chapter 10.

I knew the smell so well. Hospital.
I woke up looking up at the clean walls and turned to see the blue curtains, there was a drip in my arm but i didn't feel like i was dere, like i wasn't in my body.
"Chelle," she called and I answered and i begged her to let me back in.
"It's not my time yet."
"You've put me through too much, it's over."
"Please Chelle- let us in."
"Its over for us- you need to go-take it with you."
"No give it a chance- give me a chance."
I forced my way back into my body and lay there looking up at the clean walls, taking back my body and breath hurt for a while and all the physical pains i had felt hit my senses slowly but the feeling was of some comfort, a strange hurtful comfort.

"Rochelle?" I looked up to see a doctor looking down at me.
"Dr Cox," i replied, "what's happened to me."
He took a seat next to the hospital bed i was lying on, "We put you in a forced coma so you wouldn't feel any pain."
WTF was going on, "How did i get here- what the fuck happened?".
He looked at me with bare sadness, he was wearing a jacket and i realized dat he mustve come all da way from milton keynes.
"We did an x-ray, your brain is severely damaged, you were punched and that triggered your fainting."
"I'm brain damaged- how the fuck did that happen?", i was going mad- how the fuck was my brain damaged.
"We did an x-ray after your operation- your brain has small indentations in various places which aren't dangerous to your life but were enough to cause your body to shut down."
I burst into tears and then it hit me, he said operation- what operation?
"Your entire womb was infected Rochelle," he told me. "We had to remove your womb Rochelle- you can never have children."

I didnt know what to say or how to react it was all too much. I felt as tho sumfin i never cared about was gone and dere was nuffin i could do about it, "infected," i repeated, "how."
" I was at home when a dr from this hospital called me to say you had been brought in after you collapsed- i assumed it was a delayed reaction from your previous attack but when i got here I realized that part of the reason your body shut down was because there were infections eating away at your womb as well as the weakness in your brain."

"But how did it get infected?", i started crying, i wanted to die then because i knew exactly what it is.
"You were bleeding because you had a miscarriage Rochelle caused by unprotected sex."
I burst into tears but then wiped dem bare quick, "Dr.Cox am i gonna be ok?", i asked.
His face then looked down, "Rochelle- the police want to talk to you about your relationship with Robbie Higgins."
I didnt even know dat was robbies last name.
"Why?", i asked.
"You're under 18 and he admitted that you and he were in a sexual relationship."

I saw her face when i was where i was. i didn't know where it was but it was cold, she was the only one there and she smiled but i couldn't smile back because i knew what i had done and she did too but she was smiling and i couldnt smile back because she knew what had happened and said nothing, she let it go on and blamed me for it. My name wasn't my name when i was there with her because she didn't know it because the one that came out of her wasn't the one she was seeing.

The police came in and asked me questions.
"Were you forced to sleep with Mr.Higgins?".
"Was he aware of how old you are?"
"Dr. Mr.Higgins express any desire to hide your age from those around him."
"You are aware that is a criminal offence to engage in sexual acts with a minor, you are aware that you being under 18 means you are a minor, yes?"
"Yes i do."
"But what about that girl Monique-the one who punched me, where is she?"
"She's been arrested and is currently in custody- she could have killed you, we hope you get better soon." Then they left.

How many people were in pen cos of me, cos of the fings dey had done to me, now Robbies career would be fucked up cos he fucked me and now dat bitch Monique would be goin in 2, i knew i had to get out of london cuz if i stayed tings could bad, the whole world would know i was a sket once da papers found out my name and got my picture and i couldnt deal wiv it. my body felt over like it couldnt do anymore for me, i felt dead but i knew i wasnt and dat was da worst part, i fought to stay alive and when i won da fite i just wanted to go, be wiv my mum and my baby.
"Nah nah Pelembesha is a pretty name for a baby girl."
If it was girl.
If it was a boy i would name after it's da- i didnt even know who that was. it could have been s many bres and dats wots shocked me, i would never knw who da father was.
I just lay dere in de bed lookin up dat da clean ceiling and touched myself making sure dat i was really dere, making sure dat my body hadnt been burnt by all the cum and piss that guys had put on me.
"Rochelle," i heard a voice say. he came from behind the curtains and looked at me.
He took a seat next to da bed.
"Why are you here?", i asked.
"Dr.cox called and told me what happened- i'll look after you," man tried to touch my hair.
"Get da fuck off you dutty liar!".
He backed off, "im sorry about me and antoine," he said, "im not gay anymore."
I shook my head, i didnt need dis stress.
"Im straight innit- batty man fi dead," he said.
"You can say dat all you want but u still did that- i dont care if your gay- dats your bizness but da fact dat u were cussin gay people all da while you were gay yourself and fuckin me after you were putting ur- oh my fuckin gosh just get out."
Daniel had lost weight, he hadn't shaved or nuffin. "Chelle- you need help, let me help you."

"You make me sick," i told him, "i dont need anybodys help."
He tried to kiss me and den i said, "take dose lips from my face before i scream so hard i'll be coffin up my lunch." Den he got up and said, "i'll always love you Mrs.Rosehart." I turned my head away and let a tear roll down my sore face.
I heard him leave and when he did i turned my face and i put on da tv above the bed, i saw robbies face on it so i put it off. i felt sick of thinkin about it all and just as i was finkin about doing what i had been finkin of doin since i was 7 years old, Dr. Cox and anuva doctor walked in.
"Rochelle this is Dr. Meyers," Dr.Cox sed, "We've been looking over your x-rays and your brain is fine but we'll have to monitor you but you'll have to stay here for a week so we can make sure that the stitching we had to do around your nether regions isnt infected." I just nodded.
Dr. Meyers was a kind of skinny darkskin lady with big eyes and really big hair but her face kinda told me she was safe so i smiled at her.
"I'm a psychologist," she sed, "You don't mind if we have a few chats- lets say from tommorow."
"About wat," i asked.
"About how you got to this point but we'll talk about dat later- just us girls."
"Ok," i said.

Da following day came so quick, some nurses had to help me into da lift so i could get to Dr.Meyers office.
Dey helped me in and i took a seat opposite her desk, she was sittin dere smilin.
"How do you feel today Rochelle- i can call you that?".
"Yeah yeah im fine- yes rochelle is fine you can call me dat."

"Rochelle i know you've been through a lot, i have about 7 police reports here which tell me how eventful this summer holiday has been for you but i dont care about what you did and what you didn't do, i want to know about you- so tell me who you are."

"How do you mean?"

"Ok i'll show you- my name is Sandra Meyers, i'm 36 years old, I'm married with two children, my parents are originally from Guyana and my favourite thing to do is eat the burnt ends of pizza."

I smiled, "see its not that hard," she said, "now you try."

It took me some time but i said, "my names Rochelle Mary Whitely, I'm 17 years old and I-" den i started crying.
"Take your time, take all the time in the world."
I looked at her and started again, "Rochelle Mary Whitely i'm 17 and when I was 6 i wanted to be the pink ranger from power rangers."
Me and Sandra started bussin up, "You know who i wanted to be?", she asked, "I wanted to be Barbie but when i was little they didnt have Barbie in my color so i decided that i just wanted to be me."

"Dats beautiful," i said.
"What is," she asked.
"Dat you just wanted to be you."
She smiled, "well thats all you can be Rochelle, you can only be who you were made to be but that doesnt mean we cant strive to be better, we humans have to work had to be the best version of ourselves- thats the best way to live, so what's the best version of yourself- when did you last feel as though you were perfect."

It took me some time and den i said, "When i was 11 i did my school leavers play and i was Sandy from grease, everyone loved it it was bare cheesy."
"But you felt perfect, why?".
"Cos every1 was like ah well done chelle you were so good."
"You were being recognised for your talent and not something else."
"When was the last time you felt alone."
"I always feel alone after sex."
"Why do you think that is?"
"After the guys finished he just goes, i like it when we're together and he's inside of me- im sorry for soundin bare vulgar."
"Oh no no- go ahead.
"Like when im having sex- i feel safe and warm cos if he's on top of me nuffin can get to me without having to get thru him first and as soon as its finished i'm alone again and fings can get to me without having to try."

"What things."
"I don't know- like when im underneath a guy I know dat im liked but as soon as its done i feel like ive just been used."
"Have you ever considered the idea that you could be using men for sex as opposed to them using you?".
"How do you mean?".
"If you say having sex makes you feel safe- then you have sex for your own brief but very personal gratification- you understand that word," i nodded, "sex is a beautiful thing when two people are in tune together outside of it, but when its all you have it can become very lonely when its gone, sex makes you feel wanted because you feel unwanted, why is that?".

Tears ran down my eyes, "I never felt dat i was important to anybody, fings happened dat people i loved knew about and dey didn't save me."
"What happened to you Rochelle?".
"Someone hurt me- when i was little."
"Was this a physical or mental hurt."
"Both," i said, "and nobody believed me."
"And that experience took away your sense of identity- your sense of any worth in the world, am i right?",i nodded, "sometimes when somebody we trust or love violates us we blame ourselves and spend so much time blaming ourselves for things we cannot control, you can forget to love yourself and not loving yourself can lead to you doing anything to find some sort of love or affection."
"But how do you love yourself- how can you love you - dats not normal."
"When you accept yourself for you who are you realize that you have to respect yourself, when you respect yourself you value your opinions and emotions and then you learn to love who you are because you respect and accept yourself, when someobody is damaged at a time when they just learning to understand themselves, they forget to accept, respect and love themselves which leads them to doing things to themselves which they later regret when they learn to love who they are."
"Is that why i do what i do."
"Only you know that Rochelle."
"But how do i learn to accept myself."

Two months past and i was living in a bedsit, temporary accomodation is what they called it until the council could find me a place of my own, i hadnt seen anyfin in the press about me but i did read a paper where dey were saying dere was a rumor about him and an underaged girl which i knew was me.
I had been going to the hospital for regular check ups and meetings wiv sandra and i was starting to feel a bit better but they put me on paracetemols for my headaches and i was getting a bit onf counselling for what happend wiv my mum and the baby. I would never have children. I would never be able to call myself mum and just as i thort that i took Sandra's advice.

I took off all my clothes. Naked. I stood in front of the long dirty mirror in da dirty bathroom.
"I am Rochelle, i've made mistakes- but I am me- i will learn to accept myself, so i can respect myself and then to love myself."
I looked at my naked body and it still looked dirty to me, I could see the cumstains if tho dey were gone and i could taste the dick in my mouth even tho my tongue was clean. I stood in front of dat mirror for two hours lookin at my self and den i fell asleep.

8.30pm- Holloway Female Prison.
"Sherice- the case against you has been dropped- i just heard the warden say your appeal was succesful - you can get out and see your mum."
Sherice looked up at her cell mate and could see she wasn't joking.
"What are you going to do when you get out?".
"We Chelle see."

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Part 1of Chapter 10

I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw Monique standing dere.
"Sorry, I need to go to the toilet," I said and walked past her into the toilet.
I opened one of the cubicle doors and saw a girl snorting from the dirty toilet floor, so i went into another one, locked the door and sat on the toilet. My head was throbbing and now Monique was here i was scared, she would tell Robbie everything and embarass me and den he mite just tell me 2 fuck off even tho he needed me to keep quiet about him drink drivin. I felt my nose bleeding and so i used the toilet role to clean it up and den it stopped, i took some deep breaths,and opened the cubicle door, monique wasnt gonna scare me- her brother and ssk had done the worst they culd pssibly do to me and dat meant nobody could shit to do any worse.
But there was- waiting outside the cubicle, waitn for me wiv a big dutty smile on her face.
"So even street slags like you can roll wit big boys now yeah?", she said. "What would he do if he found out what SSK did to you."
I tried to walk past her but she pushed me back, "You're nuffin but some sket how did you meet Robbie?."
"We're cool innit," I said trin to act like i wasn't shook.
"im gonna tell him about what ssk did."
"do what you like- ssk are nuffin but dirty little waste men anyway."
She punched me, "dont ever fucking talk about my bruvas crew like dat again."
"Or what?", I said, "They'll beat me up again? they're in pen you dumb bitch- they ain't comin out for a long time and you can tell robbie what you want- it wouldnt even change shit."
Then she smiled.
"You know the guy who killed your mum- Nathan- he's in the same pen as my bruva and da rest of ssk, they all hate you- ssk, nathan, sherice, they dont care how long they're in pen- theyre gonna get you when they get out, nathan told everyone about how you and him fucked- you dirty sket- fucking your own mums man and now shes dead because of it."
I slapped her face.
She pushed me into the cubicle and started punching my face, i grabbed my hair and pulled so hard that i tore out the tracks, her bloody weave came out into my hand, she cried in pain but i kept on kicking her, den she caught my foot and pulled it so i dropped, i got back up and we started fighting in the small cubicle.

The two girls continued to punch kick and slap each other, Monique caught hold of Rochelle's neck and used it to slam her head against the cubicle walls repeatedly and then she punched her. Rochelle fell to the ground as her nose bled violently and there she lay in the toilet cubicle in a pool of her own blood as Monique stood over her.
"I killed the bitch," she said, "I fucking killed the bitch."

Chapter 9

We got back home from shoppin around 8 and we started kissing up on the floor, " i wish i felt better so you could put your dick in my clit," i said.
"Your clit?", he asked, "how the fuck do you put a dick in a clit," he pointed to my clit, "that's your clit and there's your pussy- are u being serious?."
I felt so dumb and tried to laugh it off but he looked at me like wtf.
He had taken me to bare places, buyin me bare shit, dresses, shoes, skirts, he took me to a white people salon and dey cut my hair bare cheung like keysha from da sugaababes- haha- i felt bare special and as we sat in his front room watchin da news- i felt so comfortable until Nathan's picture came up.

"This is the man who brutally murdered his girlfriend- he is the Nigerian Nathan Omotayo and today in the Crown Court he was sentenced to 15 years for the murder of a woman the police refuse to name."

My face froze as Robbie said, "that's some fucked up shit," then he looked at me crying and said, "you ok?".
I wiped my tears and had to hold them back, I didnt want him to know about my past- if he did den he would throw me out and den where i would i go? "im crying cos its so sad," i told him and den smiled.
"Me and you are going clubbing 2nite yeah wiv some of the lads- theo's having a party."
"Whose theo,"I asked. Robbie laughed. "Just a mate," he replied.
"What club are we going to- bar rumba?".
Robbie started cracking up, "Dats for hoodrats- nah nah we're going to some place called Movida's innit."
"Skeen skeen," I said.
"Oh yeah about them kinda words- a lot of the lads aren't into that kind of slang innit."
I felt like saying what the fuck but it was true- i was rollin with big boys now- if i had to act bounty to fit on den i would do it.

Whilst we were out, Robbie had told me about how he was from East and how his older bruva got shanked up by some gang and dat motivated him to get out of da slums innit- he told me about how he was so sick at football that Chelsea tried to sign him when he was 18 but he turned dem down, now he was 21 and was getting ready to start playin for Man U- i knew he was only taken care of me cos he was scared id tell the police about him drink drivin and dat would ruin his career but i could tell dat he was startin to like me and wanted to fuck me and even tho i wanted to before - i felt kinda sick so i told him allow me.
I got dressed into a banging navy blue skin tight dress top and put on some heels, i pretended as do i was like a top girl innit- i couldnt believe dat i was actually gettin ready to go to a big club with a footballer. That thought kept my mind off this fucking migraine i was having.

"If anyone asks how old you are just say you're 21," he said as we got into the car, i felt bare nervous.
"But i'm not," i said."
"you can't get into the club if you're under 21, so just say you are." I nodded.
when we got to the club there was dem people wiv cameras everywhere- i was fuckin shook.
I didnt want to get out of the car, Robbie kissed me on the cheek and said, "come on quick."
We got out of the car and as soon as we did, cameras started takin pictures of robbie, he smiled and took my hand, we made our way to the door and da bouncer looked me up and down and nodded his dead.
when we got in dey were playing migraine skank and it peyear crowded with so many people dressed bare nice and i felt like just skankin out but den i couldn't cos robbie warned me about dat shit. He then took my hand and pulled me to a table, "Chelle- these are the lads- Theo and Wayne."
One mixraced guy shook my hand and the kind of big white guy nodded his head at me, we took seats at the table wiv dem and Robbie and the two other guys were just whisperin bare, "Oh shit is that Tinchy coming in?", Theo asked.
I looked to see Tinchy coming in with some girl wearin a sick face mask., they made their way to our table and Tinchy looked at me and said, "do i know you?", i shook my head bare nervous.
Tinchy den shook hands wiv Robbie and da other guys and said, "Theo did you tell anyone this party was fancy dress?".
The mixrace guy laughed and said, "no why?".
"Cos my girl said she fort it was- thats why shes wearing the face mask."
"True say you told someone dat it was," the girl said. then she took of the face mask.
It was Monique.
"Rochelle, Rochelle , Rochelle."
"You two know each other," Robbie asked.
"We know each other very well," she said, "isn't that right Rochelle?".

Chapter 8

I found myself in a big bed, I looked around and saw bare pictures of a guy I recognised, my head felt kinda dizzy so I touched it and felt an icepack on it. Shit. Someone had kinapd me.
I realized dat my hands wernt handcuffed or nuffin and dere was food next to me. I sat up and saw a football kit and just as I realized where I was the guy who put me in his BMW walked in.

I fucking knew who he was but I couldn't place his name.
"You ok?", he said, he sat on the side of the bed.
"Where am I?", I asked.
"Listen- are you ok?- I'm sorry."
"You hit me wiv ur car."
"Listen does anywhere hurt."
"My back," i told him. "I need to go hospital."
"Nah nah nah- you can't do that."
"Why," I asked.
"Cos then id get arrested- I was drunk."
What a fucking prick, he was drink drivin and now my bak was hurtin me bare- I already had just had the operation a few weeks before and now i had got knocked down. I started cryin- i was almost gangbanged by some racist fucks after findin out my man was gay after findin out my mum had gone, why me?
"This is the fird time I've been lick up drinkin innit- if I get arrested, I'll get dropped."
"Dropped from what?".
"I'm gonna start playin for Man U next year."

My head was all in a fukin daze. Man U? Later!!
I had to fink fast- if he was gonna play for Man U- he would have some money and I could milk this, the pain in my back was going but i cried out in pain.
"Shit shit- are you ok?", he asked bare worried. He was so fucking cheung, nice slim body and nice dark skin- i felt like some hot choclote all of a sudden and i leaned over and kissed him.
He pulled back and said, "Nah nah- your head hurts innit- I do need to get you to a hospital."
"No, No" I said, "I feel better, where am I."
"In my flat in Hampstead."
"Near Tinsle Town?", i asked.
He smiled, "Yeah yeah- you want some."
I said no and then he asked, "whats your name."
"Chelle," i told him.
"Robbie," he replied. "Do you want me to take you home?".
"I have nowhere to go."
"Nowhere?", he said.
"Yeah," i started crying. He walked to his draw and pulled out 3 bills and handed it to me.
"Please don't tell da press," he begged.
I dried my tears, "Why would i do dat?".
"If i let you stay wiv me- will you not tell anyone about me hitting you- i workd bare hard to get this oppurtunity and i cant fuck it up."
I looked around the room, the big room and its pictures and noticed it had its own bathroom.
"Ok- I'll stay wiv you and I wont tell da press," I said- like I even knew who da press were.

The next day when I woke up, there was a plate of eggs, bacon and sausages on the table next to me. By the time I could dig in, Robbie walked in, "Listen yeah I need to go meet up with my coach for breakfast, you stay here- if da phone rings please dont pick it up." This guy was actually leavin me in his yard- you know many tings i could jack. "Yeah," I said and den he said "Sorry" again and den he left.
When the door shut I got up and i walked around the flat, it had 3 big rooms and a fuckin big kicthen, in the bathroom was bare porn magazines and dere was skid marks in da toilet. euuuh.
I jumped in the shower and took a nice long one, using his nice shower gel and after drying myself wiv one of his towels I sprayed myself with his cologne. I felt to jack all of it as I got changed back into my clothes which suprisinly werent dat dirty and as I looked in his drawer and counted 10 bills in it I realized dat if i jacked the 10 bills plus the 3 he had already given me, it would run out in no time, but if stayed wiv him- i could live and eat like dis everyday, so I took of my clothes and walked into his wardrobe and took out a shirt and put it on. I cleaned the flat from top to bottom. I walked in da kitchen and found my way around it and den i cleaned the oven, mopped the floor and washed all da dirty plates in da dishwasher, then I went back and lay on the bed, spread my legs and waited for him.
It was around 12 when he got back and as I heard him walk up the stairs, i fingered myself so i would get a bit wet. den he walked in.
"You cleaned everywhere for me." he said.
I nodded. den he looked at my pussy. I saw his dick get hard in his jeans.
"fuck me," I whispered.
He took off his jeans and boxers. OMFG- it was like a fuckin beer can. i got wetter.
he took off his shirt and made his way onto da bed. he licked me out and den put on a rubber. he grabbed my tits and sucked on my neck and was whispering, "Chelle," everytime i pushed up against his dick. den he fingered me wiv his long fingers, his hands were so soft and my cum ran down his hand, i was twistin all pon da bed wiv my eyes closed. I dint even notice dat he was puttin his dick inside but when he did i just froze- i couldnt move cos his thighs were holding my thighs down and his dick put me in a daze.
He was fuckin me so hard dat i didn't even feel his hands chokin my neck, he was bitin my bottom lip as he fucked me - den he stopped pulled off da rubber and started fuckin me again dis time from da back. i could barely keep up, i could feel the dick in the pit of my stomach as his hands were knockin my head against da wall. He was still fuckin me after half an hour- he wasn't stopping, now i was just lying on my face getting fucked. i had cum about 8 times and he hadnt even come once, so i told him to get off me and to sit on my face.
I was able to fit his dick and balls in my mouf and sucked dem off, den he came, his dick was chokin my mouth and his cum was chokin my throat, he wouldn't get off me even when i was gagging, he phlegmed on my face and den he took his cock out, I vomited out all da cum as he asked, "can i piss on you."
my mouth couldn't move neither could my body and my eyes couldnt even stay open as i felt warm liquid land on my body, den i heard him whisper, "now your mine."
I looked up at him and saw his face become softer, "oh shit- sorry about dat," he laughed. i smiled and licked my lips, "get in the shower,"he said, "i'm takin u shoppin."

So i did and as I let the water clean his piss of my body, i realized why he had pissed on me, he was markin his terroritory, now i was his, dat meant da dough would be mine too. den i fort, "Chelle- your man is a footballer,"I burst out laughing.