Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Nomi Part 1

I zipped up my jeans as my phone started bellin up.
"Hullo," I said.
"U ready yet babes."
"Yeah how long till u get here?".
"Five ten- Darren's saying ten, but im saying five," Shawna said.
"Aight kl," I said, "Im ready anyway."
Grandad Rupert was at his woman's yard so i had the yard to myself, today had been da first day back at college and even tho i was tired i culdnt wait to go to Tripti's shoobz.
I creamed my tits and quickly epilated and put on a tight white tshirt and the Chanel heels that Tripti had bought for me when we went Paris last year.
I applied some cherry chapstix to my lips and then did my make up cos I knew dat Darren and Shawna weren't five minutes away cos Shawna was always late.
Darren and Shawna had been goin out for year, they met thru facebook cos Shawna went to nursery with Darren's half cousin Kieran who was in pen whose older sister Monique used to go college with Darren's older sister Denise who used to link Shawna's cousin.

I heard Darren beep his Punto as I ran down the stairs, out of the house, locked the door and jumped into the backseat of the car.
"Whoa!, Shawna said, "Where u goin wivout a bra on?".
"Shut up man," I laughed.
"Yeah Shawna- shut up," Darren teased as he began to drive.
"How u been?", Shawna asked me.
"Alright yano, saw Faisal today at college- he said hes comin tonight."
"That guys a fuckin pussy," Darren said as we turned the corner onto seven sisters road, "A few man I know after him- how can man see Jermaine's little bruva and try jack him."
"Bruv I aint seen Jermaine in da longest time," Shawna said, "I heard hes proper mixed up bout da whole ting wiv sherice and ssk."
"I beg u dont talk about dat shit- i got fam involved innit," Darren said.
"Did u hear about dat hoe they killed," I said.
"You know she came to give a talk at my college before dey killed her-talkin bout how we girls should get our education and shit so we can better ourselves- hows a hoe gonna tell me how to better myself."

"Beg u shut the fuck up," Darren said.
Shawna looked back at me, she was fuckin nang- she was proper ebony like proper dark wiv long black hair extentions, her body was banging too, big tits, flat stomach but da only fing was dat she had a small waist and a really big bum, some man liked it, but some man did it cos it was just too big.
She was about 6 ft 2 and Darren was about 6ft 4 and so me being 5 ft 8 was kinda short but in heels i was around shawnas height. My dad was half basian- half Maltese and my mum was Eritrean.
My hair was bare thick and sandy but cos it was too much handle, i put the back of the hair in a blonde weave and cut it to the legnth of my real hair so the top part of my hair was a light brown and the bottom part was a mary j.blige blonde.

When we got to the shoobz, dey were playing In da morning. I lost my mind and started skankin out in the middle of the dance floor, Tripti turned and saw me and kissed me on the lips, me and her started whinin and den she whispered in my ear, "Jermaine's here."
I replied," where is he?"
Then Tripti directed me wiv her eyes to him, he was talkin 2 some guy I had seen the in the Dotstar video, Jermaine caught my gaze and he followed me outside of the party.
"Wharm babylove," he smiled looking at my tits.
"Long time brudda," I said, "How u been?".
"Dont come like u aint heard about what happened."
"Yeah I have- but i wanted u to tell me for urself."
He shook his head and said, "all i know is dat dem SSK man aint even rite anymore man- what dey did to dat chick- deyre on some dum levels."
"Swear down you used to be in it," I said.
"Nah nah- i jus used to role wiv kieran and dem man- it was never an affiliation ting."
He looked at my tits.
"U remember the last time we banged?", he smiled.
"When u were linkin dat dat dutty hoe Sherice."
"Oh yeah did she try bang u up?".
"She came to my school wiv some next chick and try start shit, but i was wiv Tripti and a few ova chicks innit- so she just lef."
Jermaine was about to say something and then he stopped, then he said, "Come we go somewhere private- dem tits are makin my dick stand to attention."
I smiled and said, "So what u doing now?".
"Mans working on some big tings- makin serious P- bought a whip today innit," he pointed his head at the Volvo parked right behind Darren's whip.
"How u making serious p?", i asked.
"Dont watch dat," he smiled and then he put his hand on my tits. He said, "Come we bang."

We found ourselves in some alleyway. He slowly pushed me against the wall and began to suck on my nipples which were now bare visible in the white tee.
He began to kiss my neck as he ran his fingers through my hair, i was prayin dat they didnt get caught in my tracks.
He smelled of weed and as i kissed his neck I tasted maybeline lipgloss on his neck, the same kind Tripti was wearin,i jus knew dat he had banged her recently.
He slowly pulled down my jeans.
"Oh shit," he said lookin at my pokadot g-string.
He began to tickle my pussy with his long slender fingers as he placed his lips on my neck. and then he went down and stuck his tongue out. he stuck his tongue out so far he was lickin underneath his chin.
I was screamin wiv joy in my head.
Then he used his tongue to take off my g-string and then began to lick my clit.
I threw my head and began to squirm, "aahahaahaoowoowwuihauhhahahahauauha"
he laughed and then quickly stuck his entire tongue in my pum. "i love you jermaine," i whispered and then he stood up and pushed me down, i pulled down his tracksuit bottoms, his giant dick which looked about 12 inches hit my face, it took me like 2 minutes to get it into my mouth and when it finally did, i shoved it all the way down my throat.

"Raated," he chuckled, "You're good."
I was suckin his dick so hard that i forgot to breathe through my nose and almost choked, i could feel the crown pushing the back of my throat and his entire dick was in my mouth- i wasnt shocked cos i was able to fit a whole hotdog in my my mouf at the fair last week. I stuck out my tongue so his dick could go down further and i saw him choke up as tears ran down his eyes and onto my hair i looked up into his black eyes and could tell he was about to cum and so i did a trick that Tripti taught me.
I pushed my tongue firmly against the tip of his dick, blockin his cum from cummin out.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!", he cried, the pleasure of his cum being stuck in his dick was drivin my man nuts.
He placed his palms against the wall cos the pleasure was almost makin him fall down, i kept my tongue where it was and could feel his cum pushing and pushing- it wanted to be released, he slapped me gently but i didnt stop but then he slapped me again so i moved my tongue, his cum ran down my throat so thick and fast it was like i was chokin on custard.
He pulled up his boxers and tracksuit bottoms and smiled at me, "In a bit," he said as he walked away.
I slowly got dressed, putting myself back together and checked my phone, I had a new text.

U alrite Nomi- I was coming to the shoobz but I heard Jermaine was there- got a free yard cos the fam is in Morroco so come round tonight. Bless.

I ran my fingers through my hair and then re-applied my lipgloss. I could taste Jermaine on my tongue and so i spat on the ground. I could hear the party playing that Hard track by Lethal B as I made my way to the bus stop to catch the bus to Faisal's yard in Edgware.


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