Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Chapter 9

We got back home from shoppin around 8 and we started kissing up on the floor, " i wish i felt better so you could put your dick in my clit," i said.
"Your clit?", he asked, "how the fuck do you put a dick in a clit," he pointed to my clit, "that's your clit and there's your pussy- are u being serious?."
I felt so dumb and tried to laugh it off but he looked at me like wtf.
He had taken me to bare places, buyin me bare shit, dresses, shoes, skirts, he took me to a white people salon and dey cut my hair bare cheung like keysha from da sugaababes- haha- i felt bare special and as we sat in his front room watchin da news- i felt so comfortable until Nathan's picture came up.

"This is the man who brutally murdered his girlfriend- he is the Nigerian Nathan Omotayo and today in the Crown Court he was sentenced to 15 years for the murder of a woman the police refuse to name."

My face froze as Robbie said, "that's some fucked up shit," then he looked at me crying and said, "you ok?".
I wiped my tears and had to hold them back, I didnt want him to know about my past- if he did den he would throw me out and den where i would i go? "im crying cos its so sad," i told him and den smiled.
"Me and you are going clubbing 2nite yeah wiv some of the lads- theo's having a party."
"Whose theo,"I asked. Robbie laughed. "Just a mate," he replied.
"What club are we going to- bar rumba?".
Robbie started cracking up, "Dats for hoodrats- nah nah we're going to some place called Movida's innit."
"Skeen skeen," I said.
"Oh yeah about them kinda words- a lot of the lads aren't into that kind of slang innit."
I felt like saying what the fuck but it was true- i was rollin with big boys now- if i had to act bounty to fit on den i would do it.

Whilst we were out, Robbie had told me about how he was from East and how his older bruva got shanked up by some gang and dat motivated him to get out of da slums innit- he told me about how he was so sick at football that Chelsea tried to sign him when he was 18 but he turned dem down, now he was 21 and was getting ready to start playin for Man U- i knew he was only taken care of me cos he was scared id tell the police about him drink drivin and dat would ruin his career but i could tell dat he was startin to like me and wanted to fuck me and even tho i wanted to before - i felt kinda sick so i told him allow me.
I got dressed into a banging navy blue skin tight dress top and put on some heels, i pretended as do i was like a top girl innit- i couldnt believe dat i was actually gettin ready to go to a big club with a footballer. That thought kept my mind off this fucking migraine i was having.

"If anyone asks how old you are just say you're 21," he said as we got into the car, i felt bare nervous.
"But i'm not," i said."
"you can't get into the club if you're under 21, so just say you are." I nodded.
when we got to the club there was dem people wiv cameras everywhere- i was fuckin shook.
I didnt want to get out of the car, Robbie kissed me on the cheek and said, "come on quick."
We got out of the car and as soon as we did, cameras started takin pictures of robbie, he smiled and took my hand, we made our way to the door and da bouncer looked me up and down and nodded his dead.
when we got in dey were playing migraine skank and it peyear crowded with so many people dressed bare nice and i felt like just skankin out but den i couldn't cos robbie warned me about dat shit. He then took my hand and pulled me to a table, "Chelle- these are the lads- Theo and Wayne."
One mixraced guy shook my hand and the kind of big white guy nodded his head at me, we took seats at the table wiv dem and Robbie and the two other guys were just whisperin bare, "Oh shit is that Tinchy coming in?", Theo asked.
I looked to see Tinchy coming in with some girl wearin a sick face mask., they made their way to our table and Tinchy looked at me and said, "do i know you?", i shook my head bare nervous.
Tinchy den shook hands wiv Robbie and da other guys and said, "Theo did you tell anyone this party was fancy dress?".
The mixrace guy laughed and said, "no why?".
"Cos my girl said she fort it was- thats why shes wearing the face mask."
"True say you told someone dat it was," the girl said. then she took of the face mask.
It was Monique.
"Rochelle, Rochelle , Rochelle."
"You two know each other," Robbie asked.
"We know each other very well," she said, "isn't that right Rochelle?".


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  10. " i wish i felt better so you could put your dick in my clit," i said.
    "Your clit?", he asked, "how the fuck do you put a dick in a clit," he pointed to my clit, "that's your clit and there's your pussy- are u being serious?."
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