Sunday, 13 September 2009

Chapter 15

Monique got to the address without any problems, there had been a little traffic on the way but other than that the journey was smoothe.
She knocked on the door.
"Who is it?", the small voice on the other side of the door asked.
"It's Rochelle's friend- Antoine."
The door opened. Michelle's mum looked closely at the woman standing in front of her.
"You're Antoine?".
"Yes," Monique smiled.
"Chelle said Antoine was a transvestite."
"Yes," Monique replied, "I am."
"But you look so real."
Monique smiled, "You want to check my identification," she asked taking holding of her crotch pretending as though there was a penis there.
Michelle blushed, "Oh no-" her mum said, "But please tell Chelle I need Michelle home by 9- I have to straighten her hair for tommorow."
"Special Ocassion?," Monique asked.
"I'm taking her to see Fame in the cinema- we havent been out in ages have we Michelle?".
Michelle shook her head, "Well I'll have her home in good time," Monique said. She took Michelle's hand and they left the house. Michelle got into Monique's car and did her seatbelt and as Michelle started up the car and drove out of the street into the main road, Michelle noticed the name Monique tatooed on Monique's lower wrist.
"Antoine- who's Monique?", she asked.

Rochelle and the twins arrived at Sandra's house just as Sandra was preparing the cake alongside her younger sister, Sharon.
"Hi guys," Rochelle smiled as she helped the twins take off their shoes, "Has Antoine brought Michelle yet?."
"No- her mum called over two hours ago to say that he had though," Sandra replied suddenly looking worried.
Rochelle took out her phone and dialled Antoine's number, it rang and rang and rang and there was no answer, and then she called Michelle's mum.
"Hi- erm how long ago did Antoine pick up Michelle?", she asked trying to sound calm.
"Erm about two hours ago- are they still not there yet?", Michelle's mum asked.
"No they're not- listen what did Antoine look like," Rochelle asked.
"Tall- model looking. pretty- almost like a real woman, petite figure,why?".
"That wasn't Antoine," Rochelle panicked, "It was Monique"

It was the police who had gotten hold of Rochelle to tell her that Antoine was in A&E after suffering injuries to the head, he had told the police about what had happened with Monique and now they were all sure it was Monique who had Michelle- they began to panic. Michelle's mum had arrived and was sobbing, "how could i be so stupid- after all shes been through and i put her in the hands of a stranger, this is all your fault Rochelle."

"Passing the blame isn't going to do any good," Gavin said not caring that his suprise party had been ruined, "We just need to hope that no harm comes to Michelle- we know what kind of family Monique comes from," and that was what scared Chelle the most.
And then her phone rang, it was witheld number.
"Dont react- if anyone asks you who it is just say its the wrong number- meet me in one hour at Farringdon station," Monique said, "come alone or i'll teach this likkle girl a lesson."
"Sorry I think you've got the wrong number," Chelle lied as she put down the phone. "I need to get some fresh air, I'll be back in a minute."

"Where are you going," Sandra asked.
"I need to clear my head- this is all making me feel sick, call me when the police get here." But as Chelle left the house and ran to Mark's house, she turned off the home, she knocked on his door, he answered it topless, "Mark i need you to drive me somewhere right now."
"It's Michelle- she's been kidnapped."

Chelle got out of the car at Farringdon station and gave Mark the neccesary instructions. She stood at the station until she noticed Monique across the street who mouthed, "follow me."
Chelle did and followed Monique into an empty warehouse.
"Where is she?", Chelle asked.
Monique put the mainwarehouse light on to reveal Kieran and Rico standing next to Michelle who was crying.
"Chelle!", she called out.
"Long time no see," Kieran smiled, "Dont look so shocked- they granted us parole," Rico burst out laughing at the horror of Chelle's face, "thats the british justice system for ya," he laughed.
"Why are you doing this?", Chelle asked, "what do you want?".

"You killed Sherice," Monique spat, "I actually was just getting to know dat bitch."
Chelle looked at the fear in Michelle's eyes.
"Dis has got nuffin 2 do wiv her- please let her go," Chelle begged.
"We'll let her go," Kieran said, "But first you gotta do something for us."
Rochelle was afraid now- she couldnt bare the thought of turning into that sket again.
"Tell Michelle here all the things you like to do to boys," Rico said, "If you don't well just have to show her dat video you and Kieran made."
Monique turned to her brother.
"Michelle please dontlisten to any of them," Chelle begged. Michelle started crying. Chelle saw her pain, she had been through the exact same thing as her, abused by the same pervert and now kidnapped by the same people.
"Let her go and I'll do anything you want," Chelle replied.
Kieran and Rico turned to each other and then Rochelle.
"Alright," Monique said, "Kieran take da yout up to one of the rooms and lock the door, we'll let dem both go after Chelle does what we want her to do."
Chelle watched as Kieran obeyed his sister and locked Michelle in a room, when all four of them were alone, Rico said, "We were in pen cos you,".
"You were in pen cos your all filthy animals who aint got no home training," Chelle replied, "thats why you were in pen- only animals who dont know what love is could do what you did to me."
Monique burst out laughing," Since you got so much mouth, put it to good use," she said. "Kiss me."
Chelle was confused. "Allow dat,"Kieran said.
"Dont look den," Monique said as she walked up to Chelle, "Kiss me," Monique whispered, "And we'll let you and your half sister go."
Chelle leaned in closer and placed her tongue against Monique's as Kieran closed his eyes. Monique placed her hand between Chelle's legs and began to stroke her pussy gently, the two girls began to kiss, "fuck dat,"Kieran said, "stop dat shit man."
Monique unzipped Chelle's jeans and placed her fingers against her pussy and began to stroke it. Chelle's pussy was warming to Monique's fingers as Monique's tongue slithered slowly in Chelle's warm mouth, Chelle then touched her nipples.
Monique's eyes told Chelle that Monique had always wanted to do this and just as Monique prepared to go down on Chelle, Chelle whipped out her shank from her pocket and held it to Monique's throat, "Move and i'll slice you open," Chelle said.
"Wat da fuck, "Rico said realizing what had happened.
"Let Michelle go or i will cut Monique's throat."
Monique's face couldnt hide her fear as the shank was placed firmly on her throat. "By the way," Chelle told her, "You're a shit lipser."
Kieran looked at Rico who said, "you can't do it- you wouldnt do it."
"Don't forget who slew sherice," chelle said, "and me and her used to be bredrins- fuckin up dis bitches vocal cords wouldnt even be a ting to me." Kieran ran and unlocked the door Michelle was locked in, Michelle ran to Chelle as Chelle kicked Monique back. Michelle hugged Chelle.
"Rochelle," Kieran called. Chelle turned to look at him.
He pulled the trigger.


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