Monday, 14 September 2009

Chapter 16

Mark and the police had burst in as soon as they heard the gun shot, Rochelle had told Mark whilst they were in the car to alert the police of where they were and as the police proceeded to apprehend Monique, Rico and Kieran, Mark looked down to see Rochelle's body on the ground, a deep hole in her arm. Michelle was shaking her, "Wake up Chelle- please wake up Chelle."
Mark walked over to her, picked Michelle up but not before kissing Rochelle on the head, as Mark took Michelle out to her mother who was wailing and sobbing with Sandra and Gavin he heard the paramedic say, "we have one fatality," as the other paramedics rushed in to the warehouse.
As Monique, Rico and Kieran were escorted out of the warehouse, Michelle screamed, "It was them- they killed Rochelle- they shot her in the arm!!."
Monique looked down as they read all three of them their rights and pushed them into the police car.
Sandra rushed into the warehouse to see Chelle's body being wrapped up and put on a stretcher, "Can i take one last look at her?", she sobbed. The parademics looked to each other and then the head detective said, "No- i'm afraid that's not possible."
"But why not- she was like my daughter."
Detective O'Mara looked at Sandra and said, "Kieran and Rico are two well known criminals who served time for hurting this very girl- if i tamper with the body which is what id be doing if i let you see her- id be tampering with evidence which could see them walk free"

"But that doesn't make any sense," Sandra said, "Let me see her- who made the call to my house telling me she was dead- they were making a joke out of it."

"How do you mean?", O'mara asked.
"They used Jamaican slang," Sandra sobbed, "what kind of sick joke is that."
"We didn't call your housephone- we were called by a boy called Mark who explained the situation but that was before Rochelle had been shot in the head." Sandra looked at the now concealed body, "Whoever called you must have been a prank caller because it sure was not from us." And then they left, Sandra watched as they put the body in the ambulance and drove off, she whispered, "Sleep well Chelle."

The room was dark when her eyes opened.
This wasn't her room or a hospital, but a place which told her she was safe, no movement or sound just air and she was in it, laying on a bed, she looked down at her arm, it had been bandaged.
Then someone walked in.
"How are you feeling Rochelle."
"No- I dont want to be here," she replied realizing she still existed.
O'mara sat at the edge of the bed.
"You're safe now," he told her, "Did you sleep well?".
She didnt remember going to sleep, just waking up and seeing his face.
"Where am I," she asked looking at his badge.
"Somewhere in Devon- listen Rochelle- are you ok?".
"My arm-" she said looking down at it, "I cant feel it."
"All the nerves are gone Rochelle- when they shot you-"
"I know what happened- where am i, where am i here."
"Rochelle- I've been trying to locate every single member of SSK for the last four years and jail them but as you know with these gangs- that can be virtually impossible- there are members of SSK who still want your blood."
Rochelle's mind was blank and then she said, "Michelle is she-"
"She's safe."
"I need to see her, I need to be with her."
"You can't," he replied.
"Why not."
"Because you're dead," he replied, "they think you're dead." Before she could even take it all in, he continued, "a phone call was made to Mr.Meyers by a member of SSK who said that you "fi dead," as in you're going to be dead- this call was made whilst you were in the warehouse with Monique, Kieran and Rico- if members of SSK were aware that Monique intended to kill you and were brave enough to brag about it over the phone to your loved ones then who knows what they can do to you."

"They think I'm dead?".
"It's for your own safety- you're under the MET's protection- we'll give you a new identity, a fresh start- if you stay in London you will be killed- I was reading your medical files- SSK have put you through a lot- they have members all around London and southern england- why risk another situation."
"But I have nowhere to go," she said holding back her tears hoping some feeling would return to the arm that was shot.
"The MET are going to take care of that-London isn't safe for you- you've already had to kill a girl in self defence and witness your ex boyfriend try to kill you and the Meyers twins- please Rochelle it's the only choice."
"But I have nobody- the only place I know is London."
Then she turned to him, "Where will I go."

"Ah Ms. Duboise- we were told you'd be arriving an hour ago- your is apartement 45A- may we take your bags?".
"Oh no," Charlotte Duboise replied running her fingers through her short brown hair, "Can I take the lift?".
"Yes you can," the apartment complex security guard said. "Oh yes- here is your key and the books you ordered."
He handed her the key and French For Beginners book, "Thankyou," she smiled making her way into the lift. She unlocked her apartment door and threw her suitcase on the bed, O'mara had told her to call him as soon she arrived.
"Hello Billy O'Mara speaking."
"Billy it's me I got here safe."
"Hold on- I'll go into another room...... great- and erm your look- you like it."
"I just need to get used to it- have you spoken to Sandra."
"She's in counselling with the twins and Michelle, they're taking Rochelle's death hard- but we reassured them it was painless- Charlotte- Michelle wrote a poem for Rochelle."
"For the funeral?".
"There was no funeral- it was a cremation."
"What did you cremate?".
"Does it matter- Michelle wrote Rochelle a poem- I'll send it you- Sandra's having a baby, she's naming it Rochelle if its a girl."
A tear ran down Charlotte's eye.
"Charlotte- we've organised for you take French lessons with one of our operatives in Paris- she'll also help to find you work in one of our offices over there."
Charlotte nodded and then said, "The next time you see Michelle- tell her," the tears ran down her face and onto the ground, "Tell her that she's the most wonderful fing in the world."
"I will."
Then O'mara put the phone down. Charlotte wiped her tears and took off her top and looked at the wound in her right arm. She walked over to the mirror and whispered.

"It's me- It's Really Me."


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