Friday, 11 September 2009

Chapter 12.

"I told you she'd be happy to see me," Sherice said smiling at the twins.
"Look Aunt Chelle your friend is here," Jake said sounding bare happy.
I looked at Sherice as she stroked Jack's hair, she gave me a dirty smile.
"Jake and Jack- me and my friend need to talk downstairs, so i want you two to stay in bed no matter what," I said trying my best not to panic them, "Even if you hear noises- just stay in bed and fink of somethin' nice."
"Why would there be noises," Jack asked.
"Because your Aunt Chelle and I haven't seen each ova in a long long time and need to catch up," Sherice explained in a soft voice, "So you two stay up here whilst me and Aunt Chelle sort fings out downstairs." Then she looked at me.
"But why can't you talk up here- im scared," Jack said.
"Because Aunt Chelle's been a very naughty girl and we need to deal wiv some fings which aren't very pretty to here," Sherice smiled.
"Naughty?", Jack asked, "Does that mean you have to punish her?."
Sherice let out a small laugh and looked at me, "I guess so."
"You two stay up here and go to bed ok- and I'll be up in the morning to take you to nursery- Sherice can you come downstairs wiv me."
Sherice left the room as I kissed the twins on their foreheads, I locked their door behind me.
"You shouldnt have told dem you were gonna take dem to nursery tommorow because you're not gonna make it to the mornin," she told me as we both walked downstairs into the kitchen.
She took a seat on the dining table.
"How did you find me?", I asked starting to wash the dishes.
"I went to your old yard and da old couple dere gave me your forwardin adress- ive been watchin u for months."
"And you followed me here?", i asked turning to look at her. she had lost bare weight but not in a good way, her skin was still bad and her hair was in uneat cainrows.
"Yep and walked in thru da back door when you left it open, dum bitch," she replied. I took a seat opposite her.
"You shouldn't have," I said looking her deep in the eye- this was bare weird- both of us wanted to hurt the other but we were bare relaxed maybe cos beneath it all we were happy to see each ova.
"Why not?", she asked.
"Because I was going to forgive you for setting me up- but now you're here I might as well do all da fings i was dreaming of doing to you right now," I replied looking at her dirty parka jacket.
"I spent almost 6 months in pen cos of u- what makes you fink you're da one whose gonna be doin the killin," she said.
"Cos you set me up and almost killed me," I said, "And cos ive got a drawer full of knives and a fist full of Basian blood."
"I've been in pen Chelle- I ain't da same."
"Then let's do dis ting."
"Someone's gonna die tonight," she told me. "And it ain't gonna be me."
"What makes you so sure?".
"Cos you're a pussy and deres no way youre gonna kill me when uve got dem likkle youts upstairs sleeping- whose house is dis anyway."
"Fuck da talking- let's do dis."
This bitch didnt know it but all da pain i felt when i was fucked up by SSK was rushing back to me and I was ready to fuck her up for it.
"You talkin big sket- im gonna-"
Before she could finish I sent one dutty blow to her face, it knocked her off her seat and her body rebounded off the wall and into the fridge. I walked around the table and started kicking her whilst she was on the floor.
She grabbed my feet and floored me, my head hit da ground and it started throbbin. She picked up the wooden chair and tried to smash it against my stomach but i rolled over and kicked her in the shin, she fell onto da table and tried to reach for da kitchen knife which i had used to cut my pizza, she tried to jook it in my head as i was getting up but i caught her hand and twisted it.the knife dropped.
"I don't mind fucking up a nice house for you," I said as I smashed her head into fridge door, her nose started bleeding, she elbowed me in da stomach and den grabbed my head with her right hand and punched me six times wiv her left, she had a sovereign ring on, i felt my nose feel weak.
"I'll tell the twins you said bye," she said as she kicked me into the living room, i backward rolled and caught hold of the Sky+ remote, i dashed it in her face, she grunted and den spat blood on da floor. I got to my feet and picked up a vase and flung it at her, da bitch dodged it and flykicked me, my head licked off da wall as she took off her jacket. She ran to me and den started kneeing me in the face, i bit her knee but then she banged my head against the knee again. a felt a tooth roll out of my mouth.
She threw me to the floor, just when she was about to kick me again, I swept her off her dutty feet with my right leg and as she was about to land on da floor, i kicked her head, the girl flew into da tv.
"You tink this is going to be easy," I told her pantin, "Im going to fuck you up so bad even the devil wouldnt recognise you."
She got to her feet fast and lunged at me, I kicked her back into da tv, she rolled ova the tv and landed behind her.
The house phone rang, I ran to hit.
"Hi Chelle- its me Gavin- you lot ok?".
Oh shit.
"Yeah yeah we're fine- listen Gavin i'm in the middle of something- the twins are in bed and I'll be in done in about half an hour."
"Ok, well Sandra and I will call then, bye."
I put da phone down.
Sherice stood up wiping da blood from her forehead, "You told him you'd be done in half an hour- you tink you can finish me in half an hour."
"I'm gonna have to if i wanna catch Skins at 11."
Me and her ran into each other, i grabbed her neck and she grabbed my hair. "Why didnt you ask him to call for help," she asked me wiv a dutty grin.
"The police won't like what i'm about to do to you," i replied, i bit her nose and didn't let go. She screamed, i could taste her bogey and blood dripping on my tongue as she screamed, i kicked her in da stomach and spat it in her face. Dis was going to be dirty.
I took off my hoop earrings and threw dem down quick time before da bitch could recover.
I could hear da twins calling for me. "I'll be up in a minute boys," I shouted out, "Go to bed."
Sherice was lookin tired now and really fucked up. but i wasnt gonna take my chances so i picked up Gavin's heavy gold athletics trophy dat he won when he was at college and licked it on her head. "Bitch." She hit da ground.
"I need to call u an ambulance," i laughed. "How you like da view from down dere."
She looked up at me, her eyes were black up, her nose was bleeding,her lips were all cut up.
"This was the dumbest fing u culd do," I told her, "Followin me here- pen mus be fuckin useless if u cant even do damage to me." I kicked her face.
"I'm gonna kill da twins," she whispered.
"I said- im gonna kill da twins." Den she looked at day key on da floor, it had dropped out of my pockets when we were fitin- it was da key for da twins room. me and her both lunged to get it, but she kicked me, i flew into da sofa, she jumped and ran up da stairs.
Sumthin took over me at dat minute. I chased her by the time i got dere she had already unlocked the door, the twins were lookin bare shook as dey saw her face, her shadow was getting bigger behind dem as she walked toward dem. "Fuck no!"I screamed as I smacked her across da head wiv dere toy piano- the twins started cryin, "I want my mummy!.
me and sherice were were wrestling all ova the floor, i was trying to tek de key out of her hand, the twins were screamin and calling out for Sandra and Gavin, as i told dem, "you're going to be ok," Sherice took da chance to head butt me, i rolled on da floor, my head throbbin uncontrollably cos i was still recovering from da monique situation. Sherice stood up slowly and looked at da twins as i tried to get up but da pain in my head wouldn't let me, "I never liked mixraced kids anyway," Sherice said as she picked up their bedside lamp and lifted it over their heads, dey were sobbin.


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