Monday, 19 October 2009

Nomi Part 13

I fell to da ground, i could see blood coming from my nose and ahmed standing above me with the vase in his hand.
I looked up at Faisal- he punched shirley and said to ahmed, "well done bruv," then turned to shirley and said, "wheres all the money durty nigger- fuckin tell us or we'll give you a little taster of what we do to black bitches who get our dicks hard."
Shirley cried looking at me and den grandad, "theres one thousand in my chest of drawers- i was savin it to go back home with rupert," she burst into tears. faisal kicked her face and ran upstairs.
my head was throbbin and i was feelin light headed, i saw the gun nex to me- i tried to grab it but one of the guys stepped on my hand, took it and held it to my head, "dum bitch." my spirit could fell grandads love for me leavin- dis was all my fault- he was dead cos i had gotten involvd wiv dese animals.
Faisal ran down an said, "pick up da sket and put her in the car- darrens waitin for us."
"what about the gran'ma?", ahmed said. faisal looked at grandads body and den shirley,
"we'll leave her to fuck her dead man," he laughed. shirley vomited, faisal laughed, ahmed picked me up and put me over his back and pushed me into the back of the whip, "shirley," i called.
she crawled to grandads body and held him to her chest.
Faisal disconnected all the phones and said to her, "call da police and we'll come back and finish where i started." he kicked grandads body den ran into the car.
dere was two cars.
i was in the back wiv ahmed and i fink some guy called Mo and Faisal was in the passenger seat and some ova guy was drivin, in the car behind us were the ova man.

i was liteheaded- i could feel blood rushin from my head and down my back.
"you did a dumb fing nomi- tellin darren aboutme saying i ws gonna kill him." faisal said lookin back at me and den he turned to da guy drivin and said, "take the backroutes in case people see dis bitch bleding- we dont need a routine check cos i didnt take this route to be checked."

"so youre actually gonna pay darren a grand faisal?", ahmed asked puttin his hand on ma pussy, "hell fink your a pussy."
faisal said, "bruv- id rather look like a pussy on road dan a pussy in pen cos den all da guys in pen will fuck me- cos they like pussies- if he says shit about Jermaine or tripti were done for- Omara can only do so much."

grandad was dead and all i could fink of was his lifeless body in shirleys arms, i wanted to die and so i was happy as i felt my head gettin weak and my body gettin numb- dere was no point- grandad was all i had- and now he was dead cos of dese pricks. i could smell their dirt and it made me sick, God knew dat if i had a machete i would have sliced dese fuckers up- come like Sweeney Todd.
I knew wherewe was headin- we were headin souf and it was a suprise to me dat dese dum fuckers didnt seem to be shook.
dat prick darren had snitched- even tho i was tryin to help him and as i felt the numbness in my my head get stronger i said, "you man are gonna have to kill me."

"what did u say bitch?", faisal asked.
"If you man dont kill me- im going to find every single one of you and chop your fuckin balls off, you need to kill me rite nw cos if you dont ill find you and make all of you pay for what u did to my grandad."

dey all burst out laughin, "ahmed u knocked her head too hard man- shes fuckin lost it," Mo said.
Ahmed hit my head, i was satin between Mo and ahmed wiv my hair over my face and blood runnin down from my nose and head.
"you don't get it do you," i said, "you lot have killed de only person i had left- and so when if you dont kill me now- i'll get u," i turned to ahmed and said, "ill cut your tits off," then turned to mo and said, "i'll cut your black toes off," den i looked to da driver and said, " i dont know u," den i turned to faisal and said, "im gonna come 2 ur yard and fuck u up so bad ull die with ur mouth wide open and den ill fry sausages put dem in ur mouth and den stitch ur mouth closed."

Ahmed gave me one dirty box, "PORK IS FORBIDDEN."
I looked up and licked da blood from my lip, "thats rich coming from you fatty."
"dis bitch is pissin me off man!," mo said, "come we give her what shes askin for."
"we have to meet darren in half an hour," faisal said, "we'll deal wiv her whn we're done."

we got to some old garage, it was old and grey and deserted. the man behind us arrived as well. den darren walked over to the car, faisal rolled down the window.
"kl bruv," he said to darren. darren nodded at all of us and shook his head at me.
"you brought da sket?".
Faisal said, "we brought her as a peace offering,"
Darren shook his hand, "got about 20 man inside who wanna fuck dis hoe."
everyone laughed, "should be fun," faisal said.
"Come inside," darren said.
they all got out of the car, ahmed grabbed me and pulled me out. i was dragged by my hair into the garage.
it smelled of weed.
there were so many guys- about 50 guys jus watchin.
all of dem nodded at faisal and his boys. darren said, "we got some drinks- help yourselves innit," then he turned to the 50 guys and said, "dese man are gonna be our boys now innit- beef is squashed everyone introduceyourself."
the guys got up and started chattin to faisal and his man whilst darren looked at me and said, "you told me u didnt know where shawna went u fuckin liar- quebec innit- she told me u knew- shes comin back to me."
i said nuthin.
den he called faisal over.
"bruv- i dont even want the grand yahno- i wanted 2 c if i cld trust u," darren said, "i was never gonna snitch- why would I- Jermaine was an informer snitchin on my cousins- you did me a favour by duppying him, haha- faisal i like you man- dis is why its important us lot are cool- fink about it- tink how big we can be in a few years time- ive got all da affiliates of ssk and uve got all da arabs- we're unstoppable bruv."

faisal spudded him, darren continued, "we need to start sumtin big so when were about 30 we can have the youngers shottin for us- we cant be 30 years old and be still walkin on road." what the fuck was this guy on.
"me and u shld bang dis hoe 2gever as bruvas man," faisal said lookin at me.
"kl," darren said, "Oi u man!," he said 2 his boys, "me and faisal are gonna take care of dis sket- u man enjoy yourselves."

darren punched me and he and faisal pushed me into a room. darren locked the door.
"take off your clothes bitch," i began to undress.
darren was standin behind faisal.
and den de gunshots came.
"what the fuck was that!", faisal shouted.
darren smiled and opend the door, faisal ran out.
all his boys on the floor, bullets to the head, to the neck.
Faisal turned to Darren and said, "you set me up."
I trembled as i saw all dead bodies and darrens boys standin over dem.
"I didnt care about jermaine- i didnt give a shit about the asian chick- but when u man try kill me- nah nah never dat."
Faisal burst into tears at the sight of his friends dead, bleeding onto each other.
then all of darren's boys turned to faisal.
Faisal got on his knees, "please darren- please,"
Darren looked to me and said, "what should we do wiv him?"
I looked at faisal, his eyes were tryin to beg but he knew dere would be no point.
i looked around at the black boys, in the three striped hoodies- the cainrows, the shapeups, the slang and the red eyes and then i looked at the guns in their hands my eyes teared up. i want my grandad.
"gimme a gun," i whispered.
Faisal wept, Darren laughed and handed me a whip.
"you know how to use it?", Darren said.
"my heart does."
I pointed the gun, "open your fuckin mouth," i whispered. he wept. "suck the gun- give it brain," i said.
all the guys started laughin, "sick chick," i heard darren said.
"ah," someone whimpered. it was ahmed- he was climbin over mos body. I shot him.
"fat shit."
faisal wept, "you heard me," i said, "suck it."
i had my finger on the trigger as faisal was suckin the 9. "did you learn that from me?", i whispered. Darren laughed and kissed my head, "me and u need to get 2gever, fuck shawna."
I smiled.
Faisal looked up at me, his snot and tears ran onto the whip, "lick it up bitch," i smiled wipin the bloodoff my nose.
den i looked at him and i knew it. i knew wat was gonna happen and i didnt stop him, because i wanted it to.
the knife jammed into my stomach and faisals bloodyhands screamed murder as i fell back onto the ground.
i heard the bullets tear through faisal as i hit the ground.
i saw gold and blue and purple and then i saw red and then purple again- a deep purple and then nothing. nothing at all.

"You have half an hour to visit your inmate- if the inmate begins to behave in a way which we may deem dangerous then we'll have to ask you to leave."
I nodded and put on my sunglasses, i ran my fingers through my short hair as I walked in, there he was- the bastard who saw nothing wrong with fucking and then killing some 18 year old sket when his wife was raising his kids and expectin one on the way.
I sat opposite him.
"So you're my lawyer?" he said, "I thought I asked for Bernstein- who the hell are you?".
I took off my glasses and looked da fucker in the eye.
He jumped back.
"Yes it is," I said, "Yes it is."

Le Fin.

Nomi sat in her wheelchair looking out of the hospital window into the clear blue day. Her right eye still partially blind and her body exhausted from the anti biotics they had pumped into her system.
She heard footsteps walk into the room.
"Who's there?", she called spinning her wheelchair round.
It was the bullet that did all the talking- right out of the clean black gun and into the flesh that so many boys had touched.
"One down- one to go."

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Nomi 12 part 2

"I think its important you all get to nomi a little better."
I looked as Shirley was sobbing, they had gagged her and the steam from the kettle was so hot i could feel it cleaning out my pores.
"bet you werent expectin us you fuckin slag," one of faisals boys said.
Grandad said, "please dont hurt us- what do you want."
"shut the fuck up nigger!", faisal said, "before i just pour this water on this bitches head like shes a tetley tea bag."

"please-" i said, "why are you doin this?".
"Darren got one of our bres- he knows everything- he said u told him this morning about me tryna set him up so hes got one of our bres- he wants a grand," faisal said bare angry.
"you want money?", grandad said, "w-we have money- please dont hurt us."
"thats more like it," faisal said, "ahmed- go with him to get the money."
the fat guy with the hairy boobs followed grandad upstairs.

"faisal please leave her alone," i pleaded.
"shes your grandma innit?".
"no but shes like one to me- please leave her alone- its me you want."
then i saw faisal turn to a picture, "oh my fuckin gosh- your dat skets nan- your rochelles nan."
shirley burst into tears.
"SHUT UP!", Faisal screamed and then poured a bit of the water on her head, shirley screamed.
i started cryin, "faisal no- please- grandads getting u the money."

"yeah where the fuck is he?", one of the other bres said.
"ahmed where the fuck are you ?!".
all of a sudden i turned to see ahmed role down the stairs and grandad standing at his feet with a rifle in his hand.
"You tink u can fuck wit me," he said pointin the rifle at faisal, "you can pour de water on me womans head- but believe me burns heals- a bullet in your bludklut may not."
Faisal looked shook and said to his boys in arabic, "get behind me."

"ill fuckin pour the water on her head- ill pour it in her eyes."
shirley sobbed, faisal poured more water on her head, "NO", i jumped over shirleys head and flykicked faisal into his boys who then fell onto the wall, the boiling water fell to the ground, I untied shirley bare quick but jus as she was about to get up, faisal kicked my face, i fell back.
"Boy you done did it now," grandad said.
just as he was about to pull the trigger, he held his chest. "RUPERT!", shirley screamed, he fell to the ground holdin his chest.
"mans fuckin havin a heart attack," faisal laughed, he grabbed shirley, "look at your old man- if your anythin like your grandaughter youllbe wantin a young man like me innit," he touched her breast, she sobbed. "rupert" she called.
i ran to grandad and tried to help him up but he couldnt i could see his face turnin red, the left side of his face was droopin and he was havin a slight spasm, "grandad," i sobbed, i looked up to see faisal kissing shirleys neck.
I picked up the rifle and pointed it at him, "let her fucking go" i said gently trying my best to ignore when grandad stopped movin.
"u cant use a rifle you dum slut- anyway if you shoot me- youll end up hittin the skets nan."

then i pointed the rifle at ahmed who was slowly beginning to wake up, "let shirley go or ill shoot dis fat prick rite now."
faisal pushed shirley to the ground, as she tried to crawl to the phone he kicked her and put his foot on her back, she began to pray.
"let her go," i said, "faisal i swear to God i will put a hole in your chest- let her go."
"your bluffin- u cant shoot shit," he laughed.
i could taste the anger in my sweat and could see grandads dead body from the corner of my eye. everytin went red.
"pussy o."


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Nomi Part 12 section 1

I lookd faisal in da eye and fell to da ground.
Faisals face was so pale he would have made michael jackson jealous.
"what are we gonna do," faisal's bredrin said.
Den Faisal looked at me and grabbed me, he shook me so hard i could hear my tits screaming, "it was you- you fuckin nigger! you told me it was tripti."
" i fort it was her- she knew so much and she knows darren- i assumed,"
he punched me and i fell to da ground.
"dis is why i told u not to fuckin tell anyone u whore!," he screamed, then he swore in arabic- he said dirty slag.
I looked up at him wiv my bleeding nose, "it must hve been darren who was prank callin me dem times," i said- it was all makin sense, "howd u even know dat darren nows."

"he told me," faisals boy said, "i saw him at five aside and he said dat we were dumb to kill dat indian chick cos she didnt evn know shit- he already knew about it all."
i felt my belly turn and become filled with gas- i passed wind.
i didnt feel anway about it- i was so scared dat when faisal held his nose and called allah's name i dint care- my bes friend had been killd cos of my dum mistake and now someone knew our secret.
Faisal looked at me and said, "we need to kill darren."

I stood up and said, "your mad- how can you do dat- jus kill people like fuckin cluedo- i mean come on faisal- dis is too much- whever or not ur cool with some fed- sooner or later someone is gonna investigate."
He attempted to punch me but i held his hand, "not today,"i told him, "i'm leaving all of dis- dis has got nuffin 2 do wiv me anymore- u lot have gone 2 far."

He grabbed me and held my neck, "if you fuckin leave- we'll come after you you fuckin half breed- me and my boys will do shit to you so dirty you'll wish you didnt have eyes to see it," he spat in my face, i wiped it off with the back of my hand and said, "come after me and watch me go mad- ill scream everyfin- il find a fed u dont know and i will let the world know- i dont min' goin pen for the shit i did- ive gone thru worse." den i was goin to leave but i remembered dat it was my house and so i asked faisal and his boy to leave, before faisal left he said, "dead slosh walkin."

I called shirleys house to tell dem i was home and even doe dey were abit concerned dat i left in da middle of da nite, dey were fine. at dis point i knew i had to get help and so i went thru my phone book and found the number i needed, darren's.

when i calld it- it said da number was out of service and so i got desperate- i knew he was on twitter and so i made a twitter account ( and found him- when i did i left him a direct message beggin him 2 call me.

My phone rang the followin day as i was wakin up.
"Nomi its darren- what's good."
"Darren i need your help- Faisal and dem man want to kill you- they want to hurt you cos u know shit."
"Yeah i know everyfin Nomi- your girl Tripti could never keep a secret."
"Who the fuck do you think told me- you lot duppied her for no reason."
"We had to- she was gonna say everyfin about jermaine and shit."
"Thanks for confirming."

the phoneline went dead- my head was buzzin-what the fuck jus happened, i had noone to turn to- and i fink i jus told darren everyfin widout realizing. I locked all da doors, closed my windows and packed my bags, i was gonna stay wiv shirley- it would be the safest ting- faisal might come and get me, darren might come and get me but with shirley and grandad id be safe.

I left thru the backdor, lockin the doorbehind me and caught da train instead of da bus to shirleys jus in case someone was followin me wiv a whip, cause u cant drive on the underground.
When I reached her yard, i felt safe and i had plucked up the courage to tell dem everyfin- so we could tell da feds cos i knew how dangerous faisal was- deres nuttin he wouldnt do.

I knocked on da door and waited five minutes for it to be open by grandad who was cryin, before i could ask what was wrong i was pulld into da house by big hands and pushed into da front room. Faisal was holdin a hot kettle over shirleys head- she was cryin. six of his boys were behind dem, da blood on grandads face told me dey had fucked him up.
"I tink its important you all get to nomi better," he said.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Nomi Part 11

I slept in the cold bed and looked up at da familiar ceilings.
i slowly got up, dried my tears and walk down da stairs to see Grandad Rupert with his woman talkin, when dey saw me dey smiled.
"You res' up chile?", she asked tying up her purple bathrobe.
I nodded and sat next to grandad.
"You stay here faw as long as you need to," she told me, "you family now." then grandad looked at me and said, "tripti's family want to speak to you when you're ready."
I said, "no no i can't."
"noones forcing you to do it now," shirley said gently, "they just need to know certain tings."
i nodded and looked up at her face, i could see Chelle in her eyes from da pictures i had seen of her on facebook and knowin dat her grandchild was still alive was killin me along wiv da knowledge dat i had set up two deaths, jermaine's and triptis. i put my fone off so faisal couldnt reach me.

"Me got some trotters in the fridge if you hungry," shirley told me, "you need to eat."
I thanked her wiv my eyes and walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge to find the trotters in i fink some curry, i warmed it and ate it, the salty tears droped into my food.
grandad walked in and said, "im going to go buy some milk and bread- shirleys here wit u."
i nodded as i buried my head into his grey trench coat, he stroked my hair and said, "this is a filthy God forsaken city," and left.

5 minutes later shirley walked in and sat opposite me. the kitchen was dark and smelled of so many mixes of food. dere were dim lights and it was smoky.
"I lost two people to," she said lightin up a cigarette.
i looked in her eyes, "losing people is hard," she said, "when you know they there you dont mind not seeing them but when you know youll never see dem again- its the coldest ting, when dey taken from you cos of violence."
I looked down.
"i want you to know dat your friend is in a better place- better than this world and better than this city where people don't know love and God- she in a much better place- safe from murder and pain- i can only hope my daughter and her daughter are there too."

I said, "your daughter?".
"Killed by her boyfriend," she said bluntly,"killed for nuthin but a mistake made by my grandaughter."

her grey hair seemed to attract the different shades of the dim lights as the lamp behind me forced her shadow up against the tiled wall behind her.
"i let tings happen to my gran'chile and its da reason she did tings," she said stubbin her browns against the table.
den she looked at me and titled her head a bit and smiled, den she said, "maltese,basian and eritrean- what a mix- lethal- im sure de boys like you."

I was able to let out a smile.
"boys are bad- men are bad- dey love u hard enough until de cum runs out of dere cock and den u jus a girl or a woman- a man will take your dreams away and your hope and your love for de world- he'll fuck u and fuck up your body, give you kids dat grow up to forget everytin u did for dem and end up wit tits low enough to get familiar with your toes- it aint da life for any woman- tek de advice i wish i couldve given my daughter- be alone."

"but you love my grandad."

"i love him because he knows im a woman- not jus a pussy to be torn out chree times a night- i wish me had an education but back home it wasnt encouraged- me wish me had de oppurtunity to learn tings- make my mind stronger so i could see tings- understand tings- instead of havin to spend tirty years of bein told what to like and what to do by a man with a tirteen inch penis for a brain."

she looked at me again and said, "your friend is ok now-you need to escape dis all Nomi whilse u can chile- tink about it- learn so you can see new tings- so you can leave dese devil kids to kill demselves- you still have a life- my granbaby doesn't- she ws about your age- beautiful girl- tall oh my Chelle- oh Gladys."
den she started cryin and said, "dis world can be as big as you want it to be if you jus work- work will help you escape dis all- itwill take you to better places."

I slept in da bed i had slept in earlier and i wonder if chelle had slept in da same bed. i put on my phone- 62 missed calls from Faisal.
i called him.
"dont say nuffin," he said as he picked up, "meet me in half an hour at your yard."
i agreed and quickly got dressed. it was one in the morning as i snuck out of shirleys house to make my way to my yard.
when i got dere faisal and one of his boys were waitin, we all walked inside and shut the door.
"did you say anyfin to anybody," he asked panicking.
"no," i said holdin back da tears.
"we're in trouble," his bredrin said.
i looked at faisal.
"it wasn't Tripti who told Darren anythin bout me workin wiv feds and u workin wiv us," he said, "Darren already knew- we duppied Tripti for nothin"

Monday, 12 October 2009

Nomi Part 10

The sky turned grey as Faisal walked up to me and kissed me.
"what did you do to her?", i asked.
He looked at me as we stood alone on the bridge and said, "What needed to be done."
"Is she-"
"Dont watch dat- its taken care of."
Den he pushed my head into his chest as i sobbed, i tried my best not to but i did and he heard me and said, "she was gonna say shit Nomi- uno how tings work."
Then i looked up at him and said, "Did she say anyfin about-"
"Dont watch dat," he whispered gently.

We went back to his drum and it was jus alone. it was raining- dere was lightnin and thunder as i sat in Faisal's front room alone as he made us some food- his fam decided to stay an extra month in morroco so he said i cld stay wiv him.
he brought in the KFC and placed it in front of me, he sat on the sofa, spread his legs and jus watched tv as i cried into the salty chips.
Tripti. My girl.
But i knew shit had to be done- if she said anyfin wed all go down and what about chelle- ssk would find her and get her again- i didnt know her but come to fink of it she was like my half sister, my grandad was seein her nan and da pain i knew her nan was goin tru was enuff wivout findin out ur granpicne hu u fort was dead is alive.

how was i even sure that it was tripti who had told darren about anyfin- maybe someone else knew- was watchin me- but it was 2 late 2 have dem forts now- faisal and his boys had done what dey had done and even if it wasnt tripti who had darren sumfin it didnt matter- she was gone.
i fort about her maj and her fam and how dey would feel and den faisal said, "i need you to help me do sumfin,".
I turned my head and looked at him, my eyes were red from da tears, "deres some guy who try snitch on man- i need to deal wiv him."

I stood up and sat next to him, "Faisal allow it- dis is gettin 2 much- please."
He looked at me and said, "listen- dont forget our deal- u do what we say innit- dont ask fuckin questions- ur gonna do it or else ur out."
I looked to da ground, "dont forget what happened to jermaine- and now tripti- it was u who set dem both up- its 2 late to grow a fucking concious now."
Then he kissed me, i wanted to push him away cos i hadnt told him bout my infection but it was too late his tongue was rollin around in my mouf.
"what's dis guys name?", i asked.
"his name's Mark."

As i walked to college the next day i realized what had happend, cos most of ssk were in pen and all da kinda pussy ones were out Faisal and his man could run shit easily and i was in da middle of it- once man started findin out i rolld with faisal and dem lot dey were gonna see me as ssk's enemy and i culdnt afford dat- but it was too late cs as i got into college i heard da whispers, "she roles with dem arab man innit."

when i took my seat my mind thort of tripti and all da fings we had shared togever, holidays, memories, 9 inch dildos and i got scared of faisal- how he found it so easy to duppy and den my head of year walked in.
"Can I have your attention please," Mrs. Omatayo said.
everyone was still talkin until she shouted, "BE QUIET."
den everyone shut up.
"Unfortuenately- I have some devastating news- Tripti Nairs family reported her missing yesterday afternoon and this morning a body that matched her description was found brutally beaten up- she was pronounced dead half an hour ago."

I burst into tears.
"Ms. Almaz- we have arranged for you to speak to our guidance counsillor as we know you were close- the police are also hear to speak to anybody who may know something that could help the police find out what went on."

the class was proper shocked and horrified, one asian girl who tripti used to celebrate divali with started bawlin. they took me out of the room and into a small office where two police men were sittin with one white lady.
"Hello Nomi- please take a seat."
I took a seat and couldnt stop bawlin.
"Nomi we know you and Tripti were close- we're sorry to hear about this all- her family havebeen informed and they are desperate to speak to you- but first we need to speak to you," the first officer said, "this is my colleague Kelly and the school guidance councillor Nelly- was Tripti involved in anything suspicious."

I looked to the ground and prayed God would forgive me for wat i was about to do, "She was havin an affair with a married man."

their faces all changed with shock, "do you know the name of the man she was having this affair with."

"Gavin Meyers," I said, "Gavin Meyers."

One of the police wrote the name down, "are you sure of this," they asked.
I nodded, "she said he had been gettin a bit violent in the last few weeks- i jus didnt know he could do dis," then i started bawlin.

"when you say violent how do you mean?".

"she told me that whenever she wanted to go out he would punch and slap her."

"did you ever meet Gavin?".

I shook my head.

"do you when the last time Tripti was with Gavin."

"I invited her to come to the park but she said she couldnt cos she was wiv him." Then i broke down in tears. "this is all 2 much," i sobbed, "i cant do dis rite now."

"we understand- but wed like you just to stay with us until your guardian gets here- we know he has been contacted- your grandad right?".

I nodded.

"Nomi- we have a medical report from you- you were gangraped less than a few weeks ago- our department is still on the case just to let you know- we know all this cant be easy- so weve spoken to your college in order to let you have time off and some counsilling- we usually arrange for your exams to be taken into consideration also."

"how do you mean."

"you've been through a lot and so we can ask for you to be given an automatic percentage of your coursework in case you cant do your exams because none of this is your fault."

den i looked at his face and knew dat it was my fault, it was all of my fault.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Nomi Part 9

His eyes were red as i let him.
"You home alone?", he asked as i shut the door.
"my grandad will be home soon," i lied, "is evryfing ok."
then he looked at me and laughed, "you know where she is innit."

I looked at him and tried to act like i didnt know wat he was chattin about.
"Shawna," he said, "where the fuck is she."
now i was gettin scared. "i- i dunno," i stammered, tru say man was fuckin scarin me, he handt shaved and his hair looked kinda dirty.
he slapped me, "tell me where the fuck she is," and then he said, "oh im sorry," then he hugged me really tite and asked agen, "where is she,"
"i dont know."
he grabbed me by my hair and threw me to the ground, he was crazy- his face told me so.

"please calm down innit."
then he shook his head and started bawlin, "i need to fuckin see her."
he banged on da wall.
"shes gone," i said, "to america."
he looked at me and walked toward me, he kicked my face, "dont chat shit!",
my nose was bleeding now and i knew i had to defend myself, i kicked him the stomach and tried to run for the phone to call faisal but darren punched my face, i fell to da ground.

he shut the door and closed the curtains
"where the fuck is she," he said agen.
"america i told you- shes gone to live in quebec," i sobbed bare in shock.
"quebecs in canada you dumb fuck," he spat.
"why are you doin this," i cried, "what did i do- why are u hurtin me."

His face told me sumfin and i cldnt place what it was and den i realized dis was deeper dan da fing wiv shawna.
"so you role wiv faisal now," he said- his face looked darker, "mans been hearing that you're part of his likkle ting now- i know what faisal makes chicks do to join his clique."
den he laufed.
"shawna's gone- please jus leave," i said, "we'll forget dis ever happened."
"herd u and faisal been workin wiv feds," he continued, i was on the floor with a bleedin nose lookin up at him and den he sed, "your a dead ho if you keep rollin wiv dem man- some of my boys mite not like it." den he left.

I lay on the floor and just wept and bawled out bare, darren was fuckin mad and he knew shit, he didnt know bout jermaine cos if he did he would hve said but the shit he knew was too too much- i knew dat tripti had snitched.
i just knew it.
she was the only person who knew, faisal wernt gona say shit bt i had and now dat ho had exposed me. I ran to da kitchen and put ice on my nose as i fort of what to do and den it came to me.
my mouth was still hurtin from the ulcers as i dialled faisals number.
den i called tripti, we arrangd to meet at the park near my drum in half an hour.

I put on make up to hide my tears from earlier on and da nose bleed and made my way to the park, when i got dere some woman was sittin on da bench lookin at a picture of some black girl, from where i was sittin i could see da picture, sme any next ugly bitch who i recognised but cldnt remember from where.

as i sat down waitin for tripti i felt sick at da memories of da rape and how it made me feel and how i wuldnt even wish it on my worst enemy and den i fort of tripti and den da number 16 and den faisal and den she walked to me and as she did da lady left, so in the park it was only me and tripti.
"u alrite babe," she said kissin me on the cheek.
"Tripti- i have to tell you something- oh wait shit I left something for you at home."
"what is it," she said.
"i got you something from central the ova day- wait here ill go get it from home."
"shld i jus come wiv u."
"nah nah cos its bare messy- plus i need to take off the price tag too lol." i kissed her and then i left.

i walked round the corner until she couldnt see me and den i saw faisal and his boys walk over to her, punch her and drag her away.

dirty bitch.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Nomi Part 8

I sat in the GP waiting area.
It had been three weeks since the ting happened and i was waitin to see Dr.Nair for my results, he called me up dis mornin soundin worried and rushed so i was worried. , That call about jermaine that i got had been happenin everyday, the person would call, say that and hang up, i told Faisal and he said hed try deal wiv it but i didnt know he could when the person was on witheld number, i culdnt even tell if it was a bre or chick - it was jus muffled.

I didnt tell Faisal about the rape.
I didnt know how hed react- and talkin abut made me feel sick, shawna had gone to Quebec yesterday and made me promise not to say shit to darren and even when he called to ask if i had seen her i had to say no but on facebook her cousin baited her out and so now he knows, but its too late- her and her mumhave gone, said bye to London.

"Ms.Almaz," i heard a voice call, "Dr.Nair will see you now."
As I walked into the GP, i wondered if da police would find the dickeds who did this to me- one officer said dat cos bare malis are illegal immigrants theyre hard to track when they commit crimes cos dere not on any data bases and even when i had to describe what dey looked like it was hard cos most of dem looked da same.

I took a seat.
"Hello Nomi- how are you feeling," Dr.Nair asked.
"I feel a bit better- just lots of pain in my stomach still and 8 ulcers in my mouth- what did the xrays say."
"Nomi- as you know we carried out an x-ray on you and tested you for any sexually transmitted diseases."
I looked at him. I knew it was badit felt like gcse results day but even worse.

"Nomi- you have Human Papillomavirus- its an STI which one can contract if one has mutltiple oral sexually partners or open mouthed kissing partners- Nomi I am sorry to be so Frank but during the rape when you raped orally."
I shook my head, "No," i said, "I wasn't." and then i knew what it is.
"Do you give oral sex of'en Nomi,"
I looked away in shame and started bawlin.
"yeah," i sobbed, "am i gonna be ok."
"The disease can lead to Cervical Cancer if not treated- you'll need to have a vaccine- Nomi although I practive patient confidentiality I have had to call social services as you under 18- what you have a serious STD, if you didnt come here it could progress into cervical cancer- you haven't had your jab according to your records."
"No cos i was having unprotected from before," i said wiping my tears, "please dont tell my grandad."
"Nomi," he began, "I'm going to refer you a specialist for HPV at Kings- but yes social services now have to be involved- I'ven given them your home number and adress."

"You cant fucking do that!," i bawled.
"Nomi you have an oral diseases contracted from giving multiple oral sex and you are only 17 years old- like i said i am aware of patient confidentiality but your health is at risk."
Then he gave me a condom and said, "I will call Kings to arrange an appointment for you sometime next week,"
I took the condoms and left.
I ran outside the gp surgery into the rain and wept, my mouth was stinging and the ulcers were hurting like fuck.
Tripti called me. I hadnt told her about it.
"Hi u alrite babe," she said, "aint seen you in ages- stop by."
"I cant," i said, "I aint feelin well."
"oh shit- whats wrong," she said.
"Just on my reds init," i lied.
"i swear you were on your reds da week me and you were meant to fuck,"
"exactly- thats why im sick ive had it twice," i lied hoping shed leaveme alone, "where r u now?".
"Wimbledon with Gavin- im in the car waiting for him, hes getting something for his wife- oh my fucking gosh did i tell you that that hoe used to baby sit for him- she killed that sherice chick in his yard."
I didnt even care, "ive got to go now," i said and den put the phone down.
I got home and icould tell grandad had come and gone again, i got some bonjela and put it on the ulcers and tried my best not to lick dem.
Then i got in the shower and went into my mums old room and read her Koran, i could still smell her perfume in the room and could hear her laugh.
then my phone rang, it was witheld so i didnt pick it up and then i heard a knock at the door. i ran down to answer it, i opened it.
"Darren," I said. He smelt of ganja and his eyes were proper red.
"You cool Nomi?"

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Nomi Part 7

I lay on the bed.
Caught the bus and train home and lay there, i didnt wanna shower or nuffin i just lay there, i knew what i smelled like and i didn want to cry.
i could hear their voices and what they were saying and i could feel the bite marks throbbing on my leg
there was blood runnin down my leg but i didnt wanna shower cos showerin meant moving and moving reminded me dat i was still alive
i knew i had to call somebody, not tripti but shawna cos she would know what to do.
so i called her and she told me shed be there straight away.
and when she got here i had to open the door for her and she hugged me, she didnt say anythin, she just took me to the shower and scrubbed me down and then she made me a hotwater bottle and lay me down on my bed and lay next to me wiv my head on her stomach.
dere was silence for an hour and den she said, "who were they?".
I looked up at her and said, "some somalian guys- in southall."
she looked at me and said, "weneed to call the police"

"No," I said.
"But why," she asked concerned, "they cant hurt you now."
"it doesnt matter- dont call the police,"
"What if they do this to someone else Nomi- this isnt just about you- these pervets could do it again,"
tears ran down my face.
"I just want to be left alone- i want you to be here but just by ourselves, well call the feds in the morning."
"and let them perverts get a nights rest," she said gently, "nah nah nomi- i have to."
and then she looked at my face and said, "fine- we'll call them in the mornin," she hugged me

As i lay on her stomach she said, "This city isnt right Nomi- the police ain't doing enough to protect people like us- this is why im leaving."
I looked at her, "what," i said.
"Nomi- some shits going down with Darren thats scaring me- Jermaines gone missing and I think Darren has something to do with it."
i just kept quiet.
"he says he and jermaine are cool but i dont believe it- noone aint seen jermaine in about three weeks and he was involved in some bookie shit- i heard darren say he was an informer, snitchin on ssk for dough- Darrens been visitin Monique and Rico and I know they must know- I think Darrens done something to him- i aint told noone but i got a scholarship to study Pharmacy in Quebec- i didnt wanna go cos id miss the ends but whats to miss- people get killed for nuthin- the government saying crime rates are low when i can list ten guys who got duppied in the last month."

She looked at me and said,"Nomi- you need to leave too- you need to work out of here- this city isnt for anybody with plans- these parents arnt raising their kids to work hard and to love and respect, they aint raising their kids at all- thats how they can go around doing the shit they do because they dont know love,cos if you knew love u culdnt shank someone up for a chain or cos of beef- it would be impossible."

Tears ran down my eyes, she continued, "today i was telling someone about the fing with that chelle chick and they were like nah nah it cant be real- it is real, it aint exaggerated, all the tears that that girl from eastenders cried when her brother was killed for nothing arent exaggerated, that guy who was killed on the estate in east that times mum doesnt exaggerate when she cries cos she misses the son she gave birth too, that girl who got gangraped in tottenhame wasnt lying or exaggerating when she went through it all- this shit is real- and the feds arent doing enough to stop these dumbass parents for raising these ignorant kids who fink its cool to jack someone just cos they look vulnerable- jermaine used to jack bare heads- but he doesnt deserve to be missing- im scared for him- i know darren- whens he vex he can do anything- this is why im leaving in two weeks- me and my maj were moving to canada- you know she was mugged 8 times last year, we need to get away."

Tears ran down my face as i felt blood run down my leg.
"oh god," she said, "where are the tissues."
"downstairs," i cried.
"we have to go to a hospital- please," she begged,
"ok," i said
then she ran downstairs as she did, my phone rang, i answered it.

"You fink i dont know that you know about what happened to Jermaine- you're a dead hoe."

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Nomi Part 6

I didnt sleep da entire night, my period had come cos i had forgotten to take the pill and i was havin nitemares about jermaine.
i was home alone agen, grandad was wiv his woman and after watchin some xtube i decided to go bed but i cudnt.
i had the hot water bottle on my stomach as my head was burnin up, all i coud hear was jermaines voice but i was slowly feelin less sorry 4 him- he had told every1 dat i gave him head when i fort it was jus between me and him.
it was 4 in the mornin and proper dark, i had college but da way i was feelin i didnt fink i could hack it so i went onto my facebook.

that Brian guy had requested me.
I accepted and then belled his number, even tho it was fuckin early- i needed to talk 2 someone, tripti was 2 busy fuckin that Gavin man to talk 2 me at dis time of the nite.
"Oh hi its me- Nomi."
"Who da fuck is dis bellin me at dis time of night."
"Sorry- its just dat we met on the bus some time back."
dere was a silence.
"oh shit yeah- mans jus bunnin a zoot- what u on tho."
"do you wanna link up later on today."
"ive got college," he said, "what about at night."
"i cant wait that long."
"wait for wat," he said.
"I need a dick in me," i confessed.
"skeen- aight kl meet me at Southall station at 10 tommorow morning- my dads yard is there."
"wheres southall," i asked.
"west- just go on TFL innit for directions- listen i need to go bed but 10 at the station yeah."
"yeah- nigty night."

I was so excited- ever since getting initiated by faisal and his mandem i hadnt beenwocked out and i needed it- i would have called jermaine but i dont fink dey get reception in hell.

i spent the rest of the night findin out how to get to west and den i found out.
I had taken out my weave cos the cum had ruined it and was jus goin natural- even tho i had regrowth i didnt even care- i jus brushed it so it was big and bouncy like my tits. I got dressed in my favourite jeggins and a star in the hood jumper wiv some purple heels and a clutchbag. I looked in the mirror and said, "who the fuck is Iman?".lol.
I caught the train to kingscross and then had to get some next line to southall. Nuff somalis and eritreans and i culd tell some of dem knew dat i had eritrean in me, dey could tell by my hair and the way my skin was kinda dark hazel.
I waited at the station when Tripti called me.
"watsgood sexy,"i said.
"Nomi jermaine's missing- did faisal go thru with it."
"nah he never- faisal dont even care but r u sure jermaines missin." i didnt mind lying to tripti after all she was da one fuckin aman with a wife and two sons.
"ive been callin his phone for ages- i went to his yardand his mum said he aint come home- im worried" she said.
"dont be," i said, "hes probably been at some girls yard- just dont fink about him- how u been."
"yeah ive been fine- come see me tonite- got the yard to myself."
"yeah yeah," i said.
"i got a double sided dildo from agent provocateur" she said, i wanted to touch my pussy so bad but i was in public.
"ill be there later on," i laughed, "bye."
Brian was approaching, he LOOKED SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXY. He was in some Polo shirt and shorts with some airforces, he hugged me, "you look nice," he said.
"thankyou," i said as he led me to his yard thru some estates and into a flat.
the flat looked like noone lived in it- it was small and smelled damp like sumfin had died innit.
Brian closed the door behind him as i said, "im on my reds- u dont mind?".
He looked at me, "yeah i kinda do- just back man brain and well see how it goes."

he led me into the front room and sat on the seat, he took off his shorts and boxers to reveal a 9 inch vanilla dick,i tapped the dick against my tongue and then slowly licked the top, his face looked down at me but he would groan everytime i bit him gently, i swallowed it whole and i felt his musles contract,he pushed my head harder so i couldnt move it and then he came. wtf!
I lifted my face and opened my mouf- his cum ran down my lips. he was pantin as he looked at me.
"sorry about dat- i dont usually bus so fast."
I smiled and took off my top and bra, he began to suck on my tits and then he said "eat me out."
I had to do a double take, "what the fuck did you say"
he turned red, "eat me out innit."
"whats to eat."
how can my man get up and turn his ass in my face, i backed up at first and then the idea seemd sexy and so i did
he was laughin and gigglin so hard as i licked his balls and crack, it was so clean.
and then he turned to me and told me to stick out my tongue, he licked it so softly as he played with my tits.
I lay on the floor as he got ready to get a titty wank. he got some vaseline and lubed up my tits and then placed his dck in between them and started to fuck them. "mm," he groaned.
then suddenly the door opened, a tall skinny man walked into the room, "you alright son". I froze as the 40 something year old man smiled at his son, "just popped back to get my ID card for work-have fun." and then he left
Brian kept on fucking my tits and then he got up and fingered me, I HATED IT. it felt sick as i felt my period come off onto his fingers, "open your mouf," he said.
"nah nah," i said knowin what he had in mind,
"fine," he said and den wiped da blood off onto my leg.
"what else can we do," he asked lookin bored.
"do you wanna rainbow kiss."

when we did it it felt weird but sexy cos his tongue was nice but still all dem juices were makin me feel abit sick, after the kiss he got his dick and rammed it in my mouth, i sucked it and sucked it, lickin the top, the balls until he came. we jammed for a bit- watched some porn, he fucked me in the ass, i ate him out, he ate my pussy and den i deepthroated him- he was cryin out all kinds of shit.
By dis time it was 8pm and i had to start goin to Tripti's drum. I got dressed and just as i fort he was gonna offer to walk me back to the station he said, "ill call u innit." so i left.
as i was walkin i realized dat i was goin the wrong way cos i rememberd dat dere was a shop near the station so jus as i was walkin in da rite direction about 9 somalian guys walked up to me.
"whats your name?", the first one asked.
"sarah," i lied.
"dont fuckin lie- whats your name," anuva one asked whilst one slapped my bum, i tried to push past but one of dem grabbed my neck.
"you ever been fucked by a somali before" one asked
"please let me go," I SCREAMED but dere was noone to hear, den one punched me and dey pushed me into some alleyway and den one of dem forced his tongue into my mouth as he was punchin my face.
I just cried.
I cried all the way through

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Nomi Part 5

I ran into Faisal's room, jumped on the bed and started bawlin. that fed O'mara had come wiv two ova guys to pick up the body and paid faisal about 6 bills, i was disgusted, i didnt speak on da way home and as soon as faisal opened the front door of his yard i ran up to his room.
i had his boys talkin 2 him in arabic and dey were proper shoutin, some of dem were shook up, some of dem were haps cos they had beef with jermaine.
i culdnt believe it was real dat da police had paid faisal to get rid of jermaine cos of what he knew and what he wuld say about that ho still bein alive. i had been part of da set up and cos of me jermaine was dead and nobody wld ever know-i knew i culd never trust the feds agen.
Faisal came up to the room.
"You alrite babe," he said.
I looked up at him, "why," i asked, "why did we have to do it."
"Cos he would said everyfin about that sket still bein alive and that would damage everyfin for so many people."
This was all fuckin wiv my head, "that fed O'mara is a big guy in the police force, he helps my fam smuggle shit in from different places innit, hes the one who organised for that Rochelle chick to fake her death so she could be safe and somehow jermaine found out cos hes an informer innit- and he was threatenin the fed who was payin him to find out shit about SSK that if he didnt pay more he would tell everyone about rochelle still bein alive."

I burst out cryin, it was all makin sense, dat was how jermaine was able to afford da expensive car, he was a fuckin snitch.
"What if someone finds out," i asked.
"Noone will- O'maras a big guy- hes got power- listen i need to talk you about something."
i looked him in the eye.
"Now you know about dis- we cant let you just walk away," he said, " we wanna make you part of the clique."
"clique?", i asked. "what clique."
"Me and my boys are like fuckin brothers- wahla you know that."
I nodded.
"Now you saw what I did- we cant let you walk away cos u mite tell someone innit and if you do i cant protect you cos this is fed business- if you tell anyone its out of my hands- the feds can do to you what i did to jermaine."
I couldnt believe how cold his eyes were- it was like he didnt care anymore. i was fuckin shook cos i already told Tripti from before but i culd trust her- but i planned to tell her dat we didnt do it, cos den if shefound out dat faisal actually did kill jermaine- shed go mad.
"so what do i need to do."
"We need to initiate you."
"what does that mean."

He took me downstairs to the front room where all 16 of his boys were sittin,dey were all arab, some of dem were hench, some of dem were kinda skinny, two of dem were fat. one of the hench ones said somethin in arabic which i kind of understood from my eritrean side.
"You need to show us how loyal you are," Faisal said. "Take off your clothes."

I looked at him as tears rolled down my eyes- what had i gotten myself into- even tho yeah i got paid for it and now i was gonna bein protected by the feds- i was still shook.
I took off my clothes and saw one of the hench guys smile.
"Your gonna have to treat everyguy in here like hes your husband- you understand?", one of the hench ones said, " we'll look out for you if you do what we say."
All 16 of them slowly undressed and surrounded me as i was kneeling on the floor.
Faisal something in arabic and then he put his dick in my mouth, i licked the top first and deepthroated him, his dick was pokin the back of my throat as i felt one guy bashin off over my shoulder, then one guy pushed faisal back and put his skinny dick in my mouth, he started fuckin my face as two guys were feelin ma tits, dey started makin jokes as one of dem came on my foot as Faisal was rubbin his balls on my face.
Two of the hench guys den pushed the guy who was fuckin my face off of me and put dere dicks is my mouth at the same time, i was gaggin, but someone behind me was holdin my head so i cudnt move it accept suck the two long and thick dicks.
i felt warm fingers creep into my pussy as i felt two soft lips suck on either nipple, i felt tongues all over my body and soon my head was gettin really hot, the fingers in my pussy were nice and i heard someonewhispering arabic in my ear as the two dick in my mouth came at the same time, before i could spit it out, Faisal grabbed my head and titled it back forcin me to swallow it. it was sour.

den i felt someone pick me up and throw me on the sofa, i sat down on it.
"spread your legs," the bangin hench guy said, he had scars on his chest.
i spread me legs, then all the guys took turns to bang me, i had to hold onto their necks to avoid slippin off, one guys dick was so big dat i didnt want him to take it out, all the wile dey were fuckin me all i could fink of was the feds carrying jermaines body away in a black bin bag and puttin it slyly in the back of a van, dey were probably gonna burn it and nobdoy wuld know accept us.
it was faisals turn to fuck me, he told me to open my mouth and then he said somethin in arabic, one of the skinny guys stood over me and started bashin off as faisal fucked me, faisals was goin so fast dat when da ova guy came it splattered all ova my face, faisal pulled out and smeared it all over my face, "i bet your black mandem cant do it like us," he joked, all da ova guys laughed and i jus said nuthin, i was feelin ill, i was feelin dizzy until one of dem slapped my face,
"we got the whole day and night to fuck u so dont fall asleep yet," one of da fat guys said as he prepared to fuck me, his big stomach was squeezin me as i could smell shish kebab in his breath, his hairy boobs were crushin mine as he forced his tongue into my mouth, as he was fuckin me i saw one of da sexy guys walk over to me and stand over me, he bashed into my hair.
"were makin you ours now," he laughed bare immaturely.
the fat guys dick felt so dirty and slimy inside of me as i came, he laughed and said, "your gonna be chantin the Koran by the time were done wiv u."
then he left and den i saw three guys walk up to me, i took one of their dicks and bashed him off as i sucked one off as de ova one ate my pussy, my entire face was sticky and slimy and my hair was startin to smell.
"i fink dats enough now," faisal said. "you wanna get in the shower now nomi." I nodded and when i tried to stand up i fell to da ground.
"SHAKY KNEES!", one of da guy shouted.
i had been fucked so long dat my legs had gone numb, faisal picked me up and took me into the shower, as he began to clean me i cried.
"you're safe with us now yeah- just make u dont tell noone."

But i already had- i had told Tripti.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Nomi Part 4

"You heard of Chelle?"
I looked up at the bullet pointin to ma face, "were gonna do to you what are olders did to her- and worse."
he kicked my face and as i slowly closed my eyes i could smell the scenet of hot piss and sweat.
"dese snitchin hoes never learn."

I woke up from my dream just as they wre about to shoot me.
I had been havin dese dreams since the day i told Tripti everyfin and even tho Faisal had everyfin sorted out i was still shook about what i would have to do, tripti said she couldnt help but wouldnt say shit and i trusted her.
I got out of bed and walked down to see Grandad Rupert packin some dumplings into a plastic container. "I'm going to stay at me love's place- she's not copin well a' all"
"Me never tell you!?- her daughter got killed by some african and 'er gran'picne got shoot up by some gang."
Omfg! grandad was going out with that hoes nan.
"Tell her im sorry to hear that," I told him.
"So what u doing wit yourself today- no college?".
I shook my head, "Im going to see a friend."
"Well behave yourself and watch who you make friend wit- too many devil children bein raised in this city." He put the plastic container in his bag and left.
I got in the shower and got ready, i was gonna have to look da sexiest i ever did if dis was gonna work.
Faisal had paid me and the money had cum thru in my Natwest account and so i felt a little better about it and even tho i felt deep for what i was gonna do i knew that Jermaine deserved it- he deserved it so much that the feds were payin faisal to deal wiv him on the sly and dat made me feel kinda safe, if the feds were protectin me i was cool and even tho it was kinda corrupt for them to given faisal a 9 to deal wiv it- jermaine had it comin.

I called Faisal and told him where to meet me.
then i called Jermaine.
"Whos dis?".
"Nomi- you aint saved ma number."
"Man fuckin deleted all of my contacts by accident innit- u kl?"
"Yeah yeah- just wanted to know if you was on linkin today."
"Oh skeen- well yeah but man ain't got a free yard- do you?"
"No my grandads here but i know a place we can go- its some warehouse place."
"Warehouse?- your on some nex' adventorous shit boy- where is it?"
"Come pick me up and we'll go there innit."
"Aight kl kl- im there."

I put on my white lace thong, slipped on my navy jeggins, a tight black t-shirt, some stunnas and then blowdried my hair so it was bare big and wavy and then called Faisal to let him know da deal.
Jermaine was outside my yard in his whip an hour later, i ran out into the car and kissed him on the lips.
"Man forgot you gave me brain," he said and then wiped his mouth. "So where's this warehouse."
"Just ten minutes from here- ill give you directions."

When we got there it was empty.
"So where are we doing this?"
I pointed to a room, the warehouse used to be an office but it wasnt used anymore- i knew dat because dat was where Tripti used to meet that man Gavin dat she was lashin.
I led Jermaine up to the room and he shut the door behind him. He looked around and said, "dis aint bad y'nah."
I walked up to him and stuck my tongue in his mouth, his long strong tongue wrapped itself around mine as he used his fingers to stroke my pussy.
"I love you," i sed bare convincly.
"R we gonna bang doe," he said takin off my jeggins. "whoah!," he saw my pussy getting wet in my underwear, he took off his jeans and boxers and his dick popped out.
"Ride me," he said.
"Nah nah," i said, "i need to get a slagbeat- fuck me up."
He pushed me on the table and got on top, i could hear the moist of my pussy as he put his dick inside, i gasped for air as i felt it inside of me, even tho i wanted to close my eyes- i couldn't cos i knew faisal would be here any minute, i spent the entire lookin over jermaines shoulder and then we both heard a noise.
"what was dat," he said.
"Nuffin," and then i said, "dont worry about no fuckin noise- my pussy's hungry bruv- fuck me liked you fuck a dirty ho."
"You are a dirty ho," he said.
I wanted to reply but he'd get his and just as i had that thort, Faisal and four ova arab guys walked into the room, Faisal was holdin a strap. Jermaine pulled out of me and jumped up, i quickly got dressed.
"long time bruv," Faisal said.
Jermaine looked at me, "you fuckin set me up." I said nuffin and ran behind faisal.
"You all fuckin know innit," jermaine shouted," dats why your gonna duppy me." i saw a tear role down his eye.
The arab bres looked confused, "what! faisal didnt tell you why you lot are gonna do dis?",, jermaine yelled.
"You jacked his watch!", one of the bres said.
Faisal looked at Jermaine and said, "if you say shit- this bullet is goin in your head rite now."
"Dat skets still alive and I know," Jermaine said, "dat sket rochelles alive and i found out- and now faisal needs to duppy me cos if i say anyfin about it- its gonna fuck up everyfin."

"Shut the fuck up!" Faisal said.
"whats he talkin bout bruv," another bre said.
"You fink i dont know about dat fed dats workin for your fam Faisal- hes da same guy dat arranged the whole witness protection fing for rochelle- dats why your doin dis- he told you to do dis innit."
Now i was scared, i didnt know jermaine knew so much, and i didnt kno the reason faisal had agreed when that fed O'mara asked him to shoot up jermaine.
"You fuckin muslims are all da same CORRUPT!", jermaine shouted- he was so scared he was shoutin at random shit.
then all the arab bres looked at faisal and dere eyes said one fing, "shoot the fuckin nigger."
I closed my eyes but dere was no point- i saw the bullet leave the gun and tear into jermaine's eye through the gap in my fingers, and then i heard jermaine hit the ground and say, "you lot are fuckin dead."