Friday, 9 October 2009

Nomi Part 8

I sat in the GP waiting area.
It had been three weeks since the ting happened and i was waitin to see Dr.Nair for my results, he called me up dis mornin soundin worried and rushed so i was worried. , That call about jermaine that i got had been happenin everyday, the person would call, say that and hang up, i told Faisal and he said hed try deal wiv it but i didnt know he could when the person was on witheld number, i culdnt even tell if it was a bre or chick - it was jus muffled.

I didnt tell Faisal about the rape.
I didnt know how hed react- and talkin abut made me feel sick, shawna had gone to Quebec yesterday and made me promise not to say shit to darren and even when he called to ask if i had seen her i had to say no but on facebook her cousin baited her out and so now he knows, but its too late- her and her mumhave gone, said bye to London.

"Ms.Almaz," i heard a voice call, "Dr.Nair will see you now."
As I walked into the GP, i wondered if da police would find the dickeds who did this to me- one officer said dat cos bare malis are illegal immigrants theyre hard to track when they commit crimes cos dere not on any data bases and even when i had to describe what dey looked like it was hard cos most of dem looked da same.

I took a seat.
"Hello Nomi- how are you feeling," Dr.Nair asked.
"I feel a bit better- just lots of pain in my stomach still and 8 ulcers in my mouth- what did the xrays say."
"Nomi- as you know we carried out an x-ray on you and tested you for any sexually transmitted diseases."
I looked at him. I knew it was badit felt like gcse results day but even worse.

"Nomi- you have Human Papillomavirus- its an STI which one can contract if one has mutltiple oral sexually partners or open mouthed kissing partners- Nomi I am sorry to be so Frank but during the rape when you raped orally."
I shook my head, "No," i said, "I wasn't." and then i knew what it is.
"Do you give oral sex of'en Nomi,"
I looked away in shame and started bawlin.
"yeah," i sobbed, "am i gonna be ok."
"The disease can lead to Cervical Cancer if not treated- you'll need to have a vaccine- Nomi although I practive patient confidentiality I have had to call social services as you under 18- what you have a serious STD, if you didnt come here it could progress into cervical cancer- you haven't had your jab according to your records."
"No cos i was having unprotected from before," i said wiping my tears, "please dont tell my grandad."
"Nomi," he began, "I'm going to refer you a specialist for HPV at Kings- but yes social services now have to be involved- I'ven given them your home number and adress."

"You cant fucking do that!," i bawled.
"Nomi you have an oral diseases contracted from giving multiple oral sex and you are only 17 years old- like i said i am aware of patient confidentiality but your health is at risk."
Then he gave me a condom and said, "I will call Kings to arrange an appointment for you sometime next week,"
I took the condoms and left.
I ran outside the gp surgery into the rain and wept, my mouth was stinging and the ulcers were hurting like fuck.
Tripti called me. I hadnt told her about it.
"Hi u alrite babe," she said, "aint seen you in ages- stop by."
"I cant," i said, "I aint feelin well."
"oh shit- whats wrong," she said.
"Just on my reds init," i lied.
"i swear you were on your reds da week me and you were meant to fuck,"
"exactly- thats why im sick ive had it twice," i lied hoping shed leaveme alone, "where r u now?".
"Wimbledon with Gavin- im in the car waiting for him, hes getting something for his wife- oh my fucking gosh did i tell you that that hoe used to baby sit for him- she killed that sherice chick in his yard."
I didnt even care, "ive got to go now," i said and den put the phone down.
I got home and icould tell grandad had come and gone again, i got some bonjela and put it on the ulcers and tried my best not to lick dem.
Then i got in the shower and went into my mums old room and read her Koran, i could still smell her perfume in the room and could hear her laugh.
then my phone rang, it was witheld so i didnt pick it up and then i heard a knock at the door. i ran down to answer it, i opened it.
"Darren," I said. He smelt of ganja and his eyes were proper red.
"You cool Nomi?"


  1. ooooooooo, things r lookin crazii!!!!!!!

  2. why kings...... i swear nomi aint from dth london....wouldnt the doctor refer her to somewhere closer to home????

  3. "Then he gave me a condom"

    He gave you a condom? He gave you just ONE condom? LOOOOL!! Surely he would have given u a few more than 1??

    This thing is really crackin me up! It must have been a really bad day on results day for you, because the grammar throughout this whole bloody thing is absolutely PANTS! It's actually quite shocking.
    Obviously you've got the brain though, because these characters are interlocked tighter than a fresh weave! Tripti sleepiing with Gavin, who was Sandra's husbad rite? Hot diggity damn!

  4. OMYDAYZ GAVIN FROM ROCHELLES STORY .. boii this thing is heating up

  5. "bare malis are illegal immigrants theyre hard to track when they commit crimes cos dere not on any data bases and even when i had to describe what dey looked like it was hard cos most of dem looked da same."

    loooooooooooooooooooooooool if i was a malie id be sooo vex how gavin gavin gavin ......his fucking an underage hoe wat a parrr