Sunday, 4 October 2009

Nomi Part 5

I ran into Faisal's room, jumped on the bed and started bawlin. that fed O'mara had come wiv two ova guys to pick up the body and paid faisal about 6 bills, i was disgusted, i didnt speak on da way home and as soon as faisal opened the front door of his yard i ran up to his room.
i had his boys talkin 2 him in arabic and dey were proper shoutin, some of dem were shook up, some of dem were haps cos they had beef with jermaine.
i culdnt believe it was real dat da police had paid faisal to get rid of jermaine cos of what he knew and what he wuld say about that ho still bein alive. i had been part of da set up and cos of me jermaine was dead and nobody wld ever know-i knew i culd never trust the feds agen.
Faisal came up to the room.
"You alrite babe," he said.
I looked up at him, "why," i asked, "why did we have to do it."
"Cos he would said everyfin about that sket still bein alive and that would damage everyfin for so many people."
This was all fuckin wiv my head, "that fed O'mara is a big guy in the police force, he helps my fam smuggle shit in from different places innit, hes the one who organised for that Rochelle chick to fake her death so she could be safe and somehow jermaine found out cos hes an informer innit- and he was threatenin the fed who was payin him to find out shit about SSK that if he didnt pay more he would tell everyone about rochelle still bein alive."

I burst out cryin, it was all makin sense, dat was how jermaine was able to afford da expensive car, he was a fuckin snitch.
"What if someone finds out," i asked.
"Noone will- O'maras a big guy- hes got power- listen i need to talk you about something."
i looked him in the eye.
"Now you know about dis- we cant let you just walk away," he said, " we wanna make you part of the clique."
"clique?", i asked. "what clique."
"Me and my boys are like fuckin brothers- wahla you know that."
I nodded.
"Now you saw what I did- we cant let you walk away cos u mite tell someone innit and if you do i cant protect you cos this is fed business- if you tell anyone its out of my hands- the feds can do to you what i did to jermaine."
I couldnt believe how cold his eyes were- it was like he didnt care anymore. i was fuckin shook cos i already told Tripti from before but i culd trust her- but i planned to tell her dat we didnt do it, cos den if shefound out dat faisal actually did kill jermaine- shed go mad.
"so what do i need to do."
"We need to initiate you."
"what does that mean."

He took me downstairs to the front room where all 16 of his boys were sittin,dey were all arab, some of dem were hench, some of dem were kinda skinny, two of dem were fat. one of the hench ones said somethin in arabic which i kind of understood from my eritrean side.
"You need to show us how loyal you are," Faisal said. "Take off your clothes."

I looked at him as tears rolled down my eyes- what had i gotten myself into- even tho yeah i got paid for it and now i was gonna bein protected by the feds- i was still shook.
I took off my clothes and saw one of the hench guys smile.
"Your gonna have to treat everyguy in here like hes your husband- you understand?", one of the hench ones said, " we'll look out for you if you do what we say."
All 16 of them slowly undressed and surrounded me as i was kneeling on the floor.
Faisal something in arabic and then he put his dick in my mouth, i licked the top first and deepthroated him, his dick was pokin the back of my throat as i felt one guy bashin off over my shoulder, then one guy pushed faisal back and put his skinny dick in my mouth, he started fuckin my face as two guys were feelin ma tits, dey started makin jokes as one of dem came on my foot as Faisal was rubbin his balls on my face.
Two of the hench guys den pushed the guy who was fuckin my face off of me and put dere dicks is my mouth at the same time, i was gaggin, but someone behind me was holdin my head so i cudnt move it accept suck the two long and thick dicks.
i felt warm fingers creep into my pussy as i felt two soft lips suck on either nipple, i felt tongues all over my body and soon my head was gettin really hot, the fingers in my pussy were nice and i heard someonewhispering arabic in my ear as the two dick in my mouth came at the same time, before i could spit it out, Faisal grabbed my head and titled it back forcin me to swallow it. it was sour.

den i felt someone pick me up and throw me on the sofa, i sat down on it.
"spread your legs," the bangin hench guy said, he had scars on his chest.
i spread me legs, then all the guys took turns to bang me, i had to hold onto their necks to avoid slippin off, one guys dick was so big dat i didnt want him to take it out, all the wile dey were fuckin me all i could fink of was the feds carrying jermaines body away in a black bin bag and puttin it slyly in the back of a van, dey were probably gonna burn it and nobdoy wuld know accept us.
it was faisals turn to fuck me, he told me to open my mouth and then he said somethin in arabic, one of the skinny guys stood over me and started bashin off as faisal fucked me, faisals was goin so fast dat when da ova guy came it splattered all ova my face, faisal pulled out and smeared it all over my face, "i bet your black mandem cant do it like us," he joked, all da ova guys laughed and i jus said nuthin, i was feelin ill, i was feelin dizzy until one of dem slapped my face,
"we got the whole day and night to fuck u so dont fall asleep yet," one of da fat guys said as he prepared to fuck me, his big stomach was squeezin me as i could smell shish kebab in his breath, his hairy boobs were crushin mine as he forced his tongue into my mouth, as he was fuckin me i saw one of da sexy guys walk over to me and stand over me, he bashed into my hair.
"were makin you ours now," he laughed bare immaturely.
the fat guys dick felt so dirty and slimy inside of me as i came, he laughed and said, "your gonna be chantin the Koran by the time were done wiv u."
then he left and den i saw three guys walk up to me, i took one of their dicks and bashed him off as i sucked one off as de ova one ate my pussy, my entire face was sticky and slimy and my hair was startin to smell.
"i fink dats enough now," faisal said. "you wanna get in the shower now nomi." I nodded and when i tried to stand up i fell to da ground.
"SHAKY KNEES!", one of da guy shouted.
i had been fucked so long dat my legs had gone numb, faisal picked me up and took me into the shower, as he began to clean me i cried.
"you're safe with us now yeah- just make u dont tell noone."

But i already had- i had told Tripti.


  1. plllzzzz huurrry upppp with da rest...

  2. i am so disgusted! Is this really how the youths are today? To think that a gang rape is okay!!
    Young girls are just ruing their life, allowing men to abuse them like this! This type of behaviour is not okay. Do you not value your life? Your body is a temple, treat it as such.

  3. :O
    this story is gooodd;D

  4. wooooooow!!
    more moree

  5. rahhh boi das some nasty shit man

  6. Ive got an 18yr old sister and believe me, if I EVER find out anyone was treating her like this they are DEAD, this generation needs to know theyre not invincible!!!

  7. if dey were somalian i wud have hung my self.. next post dis is juicy

  8. LOL wow dat was disgusting but had some humour roll on next chapter...

  9. i really have enjoyed this read whether it be fact or fiction! i would compare this writer to some one like manda sue heller she's a really good author who when u read the books u can see the scenes in ur head! well done and hurry up with the next one please!

  10. ughhh this is f***** nasyness, i feel sick! i'd rather die than let that happen! what a junge!! &she was feeling some of it! what a tramp! story is good though!

  11. LOL @ Shish Kebab breath and hairy boobs looool

  12. one man licked her out after all his mates cumed in her pussy r u serious looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    this story is already serious of course her lesbian bredrin is gnna tell when it turns out jermaine is missin i hope this bitch is smart or shes dead too!

  13. "one of dem came on my foot as Faisal was rubbin his balls on my face."

    Someone help me! I'm cramping with laughter at that line! LMAO!

  14. omg poor nomi i know how she feels and it aint nice at all trust

  15. ain't some of this disrespectful to religion? . . .

  16. lol init at whoeva sed ain't some of this disrespectful to religion? . . .

  17. whitecity - - - Rose la costa14 June 2010 at 14:29

    life is bitch......

    as a young women in this generation today (18) i can clearly say its disgusting but it will only get worse to be honest the feds and goverment need to honestly start kicking some shit into the likkle jankra gyal and paedophilia men who are like this 16-21 because it will only get worse....


  18. This is really offensive chapter
    I thik the author needs to be more careful about what their writing coz I'm sure they don't know jackshit about the muslik culture
    Sorry, but I don't feel this fair to muslims at all
    Making out that their all terroists and rapists , yes there are people like that, but only handful of them are muslims
    This is bringing down our name as muslims more than asuma bin laden
    Yes, I'm muslim but no, I'm not asian
    I'm fullly black, west african as a matter of fact and I find this chapter really offensivee to my religion
    No, I don't wear a hijab, but that doesn't make me aany less of a muslim
    And yes I am proud to say that I'm fully black and muslim but I ddont see how you can bring down our name when you don't know shit
    That's my own personal opinion just as many others
    Good story though, up til that point