Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Nomi Part 6

I didnt sleep da entire night, my period had come cos i had forgotten to take the pill and i was havin nitemares about jermaine.
i was home alone agen, grandad was wiv his woman and after watchin some xtube i decided to go bed but i cudnt.
i had the hot water bottle on my stomach as my head was burnin up, all i coud hear was jermaines voice but i was slowly feelin less sorry 4 him- he had told every1 dat i gave him head when i fort it was jus between me and him.
it was 4 in the mornin and proper dark, i had college but da way i was feelin i didnt fink i could hack it so i went onto my facebook.

that Brian guy had requested me.
I accepted and then belled his number, even tho it was fuckin early- i needed to talk 2 someone, tripti was 2 busy fuckin that Gavin man to talk 2 me at dis time of the nite.
"Oh hi its me- Nomi."
"Who da fuck is dis bellin me at dis time of night."
"Sorry- its just dat we met on the bus some time back."
dere was a silence.
"oh shit yeah- mans jus bunnin a zoot- what u on tho."
"do you wanna link up later on today."
"ive got college," he said, "what about at night."
"i cant wait that long."
"wait for wat," he said.
"I need a dick in me," i confessed.
"skeen- aight kl meet me at Southall station at 10 tommorow morning- my dads yard is there."
"wheres southall," i asked.
"west- just go on TFL innit for directions- listen i need to go bed but 10 at the station yeah."
"yeah- nigty night."

I was so excited- ever since getting initiated by faisal and his mandem i hadnt beenwocked out and i needed it- i would have called jermaine but i dont fink dey get reception in hell.

i spent the rest of the night findin out how to get to west and den i found out.
I had taken out my weave cos the cum had ruined it and was jus goin natural- even tho i had regrowth i didnt even care- i jus brushed it so it was big and bouncy like my tits. I got dressed in my favourite jeggins and a star in the hood jumper wiv some purple heels and a clutchbag. I looked in the mirror and said, "who the fuck is Iman?".lol.
I caught the train to kingscross and then had to get some next line to southall. Nuff somalis and eritreans and i culd tell some of dem knew dat i had eritrean in me, dey could tell by my hair and the way my skin was kinda dark hazel.
I waited at the station when Tripti called me.
"watsgood sexy,"i said.
"Nomi jermaine's missing- did faisal go thru with it."
"nah he never- faisal dont even care but r u sure jermaines missin." i didnt mind lying to tripti after all she was da one fuckin aman with a wife and two sons.
"ive been callin his phone for ages- i went to his yardand his mum said he aint come home- im worried" she said.
"dont be," i said, "hes probably been at some girls yard- just dont fink about him- how u been."
"yeah ive been fine- come see me tonite- got the yard to myself."
"yeah yeah," i said.
"i got a double sided dildo from agent provocateur" she said, i wanted to touch my pussy so bad but i was in public.
"ill be there later on," i laughed, "bye."
Brian was approaching, he LOOKED SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXY. He was in some Polo shirt and shorts with some airforces, he hugged me, "you look nice," he said.
"thankyou," i said as he led me to his yard thru some estates and into a flat.
the flat looked like noone lived in it- it was small and smelled damp like sumfin had died innit.
Brian closed the door behind him as i said, "im on my reds- u dont mind?".
He looked at me, "yeah i kinda do- just back man brain and well see how it goes."

he led me into the front room and sat on the seat, he took off his shorts and boxers to reveal a 9 inch vanilla dick,i tapped the dick against my tongue and then slowly licked the top, his face looked down at me but he would groan everytime i bit him gently, i swallowed it whole and i felt his musles contract,he pushed my head harder so i couldnt move it and then he came. wtf!
I lifted my face and opened my mouf- his cum ran down my lips. he was pantin as he looked at me.
"sorry about dat- i dont usually bus so fast."
I smiled and took off my top and bra, he began to suck on my tits and then he said "eat me out."
I had to do a double take, "what the fuck did you say"
he turned red, "eat me out innit."
"whats to eat."
how can my man get up and turn his ass in my face, i backed up at first and then the idea seemd sexy and so i did
he was laughin and gigglin so hard as i licked his balls and crack, it was so clean.
and then he turned to me and told me to stick out my tongue, he licked it so softly as he played with my tits.
I lay on the floor as he got ready to get a titty wank. he got some vaseline and lubed up my tits and then placed his dck in between them and started to fuck them. "mm," he groaned.
then suddenly the door opened, a tall skinny man walked into the room, "you alright son". I froze as the 40 something year old man smiled at his son, "just popped back to get my ID card for work-have fun." and then he left
Brian kept on fucking my tits and then he got up and fingered me, I HATED IT. it felt sick as i felt my period come off onto his fingers, "open your mouf," he said.
"nah nah," i said knowin what he had in mind,
"fine," he said and den wiped da blood off onto my leg.
"what else can we do," he asked lookin bored.
"do you wanna rainbow kiss."

when we did it it felt weird but sexy cos his tongue was nice but still all dem juices were makin me feel abit sick, after the kiss he got his dick and rammed it in my mouth, i sucked it and sucked it, lickin the top, the balls until he came. we jammed for a bit- watched some porn, he fucked me in the ass, i ate him out, he ate my pussy and den i deepthroated him- he was cryin out all kinds of shit.
By dis time it was 8pm and i had to start goin to Tripti's drum. I got dressed and just as i fort he was gonna offer to walk me back to the station he said, "ill call u innit." so i left.
as i was walkin i realized dat i was goin the wrong way cos i rememberd dat dere was a shop near the station so jus as i was walkin in da rite direction about 9 somalian guys walked up to me.
"whats your name?", the first one asked.
"sarah," i lied.
"dont fuckin lie- whats your name," anuva one asked whilst one slapped my bum, i tried to push past but one of dem grabbed my neck.
"you ever been fucked by a somali before" one asked
"please let me go," I SCREAMED but dere was noone to hear, den one punched me and dey pushed me into some alleyway and den one of dem forced his tongue into my mouth as he was punchin my face.
I just cried.
I cried all the way through


  1. lol dis girl is a FREEEAAAKKK. eating man out and rainbow errrhhhhhhh.

  2. This is the wackest entry so far...but i can't wait for the nex edition.


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  9. Can someone tell me what Rainbow is please.

  10. rainbow kissing a woman performs fellatio on a man and keeps his 'juices' in her mouth, then the man performs cunnilingus on the woman, whilst she is menstruating, and also keeps her 'juices' in his mouth, they then kiss passionately making one big assed sloppery rank-as-fuck mess.

  11. a rainbow kiss is when a girl gives a guy head keeps his cum in her mouth and then they lips straight after him lickin her out whilst shes on her period ...its probably the most sickening-est (lol i knw it aint a word) sexual act ever alongside lickin sumones bumcrack!

  12. would have called jermaine but i dont fink dey get reception in hell....funniest line iv ever heard!!!

    ...and ye wtf is a rainbow kiss?



  14. rainbow kiss is when u lick out a girl who is on her period therefore gettin blood and pussy juices on ur tongue...then u kiss the bitch. I think thats what it is, some nasty shit man!

  15. how cud he eat her pussy but not fuck her...??

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  17. Thanks for clearing that up guys!


  18. pure nastiness! but i love it

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    nice! keep up the good wk though x

  20. Tripti is fucking Gavin!!!! OMG i cant believe how clever you are!

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    rainbow kiss ya na
    eatin arsehol is a white ppl felx i work wid nuff of dem dat r on dat

    dis gal gets raped off on a regs and she must be the only hoe 2 enjoy it .......

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  29. Sorry, bit has all this happened to you coz I can't inkl of anyone woith a mind this corrupt, and troubled
    If you are making this out of your imagination then I recomment for you to seek some strong professional help, the kind amy whinehouse needs
    Sorry if its insulting but who would THINK of this let alone write it
    I seriously want you to consider looking for help
    Good story though, I must admit but there are bits that are revolting and offensive, its too much man!