Saturday, 3 October 2009

Nomi Part 4

"You heard of Chelle?"
I looked up at the bullet pointin to ma face, "were gonna do to you what are olders did to her- and worse."
he kicked my face and as i slowly closed my eyes i could smell the scenet of hot piss and sweat.
"dese snitchin hoes never learn."

I woke up from my dream just as they wre about to shoot me.
I had been havin dese dreams since the day i told Tripti everyfin and even tho Faisal had everyfin sorted out i was still shook about what i would have to do, tripti said she couldnt help but wouldnt say shit and i trusted her.
I got out of bed and walked down to see Grandad Rupert packin some dumplings into a plastic container. "I'm going to stay at me love's place- she's not copin well a' all"
"Me never tell you!?- her daughter got killed by some african and 'er gran'picne got shoot up by some gang."
Omfg! grandad was going out with that hoes nan.
"Tell her im sorry to hear that," I told him.
"So what u doing wit yourself today- no college?".
I shook my head, "Im going to see a friend."
"Well behave yourself and watch who you make friend wit- too many devil children bein raised in this city." He put the plastic container in his bag and left.
I got in the shower and got ready, i was gonna have to look da sexiest i ever did if dis was gonna work.
Faisal had paid me and the money had cum thru in my Natwest account and so i felt a little better about it and even tho i felt deep for what i was gonna do i knew that Jermaine deserved it- he deserved it so much that the feds were payin faisal to deal wiv him on the sly and dat made me feel kinda safe, if the feds were protectin me i was cool and even tho it was kinda corrupt for them to given faisal a 9 to deal wiv it- jermaine had it comin.

I called Faisal and told him where to meet me.
then i called Jermaine.
"Whos dis?".
"Nomi- you aint saved ma number."
"Man fuckin deleted all of my contacts by accident innit- u kl?"
"Yeah yeah- just wanted to know if you was on linkin today."
"Oh skeen- well yeah but man ain't got a free yard- do you?"
"No my grandads here but i know a place we can go- its some warehouse place."
"Warehouse?- your on some nex' adventorous shit boy- where is it?"
"Come pick me up and we'll go there innit."
"Aight kl kl- im there."

I put on my white lace thong, slipped on my navy jeggins, a tight black t-shirt, some stunnas and then blowdried my hair so it was bare big and wavy and then called Faisal to let him know da deal.
Jermaine was outside my yard in his whip an hour later, i ran out into the car and kissed him on the lips.
"Man forgot you gave me brain," he said and then wiped his mouth. "So where's this warehouse."
"Just ten minutes from here- ill give you directions."

When we got there it was empty.
"So where are we doing this?"
I pointed to a room, the warehouse used to be an office but it wasnt used anymore- i knew dat because dat was where Tripti used to meet that man Gavin dat she was lashin.
I led Jermaine up to the room and he shut the door behind him. He looked around and said, "dis aint bad y'nah."
I walked up to him and stuck my tongue in his mouth, his long strong tongue wrapped itself around mine as he used his fingers to stroke my pussy.
"I love you," i sed bare convincly.
"R we gonna bang doe," he said takin off my jeggins. "whoah!," he saw my pussy getting wet in my underwear, he took off his jeans and boxers and his dick popped out.
"Ride me," he said.
"Nah nah," i said, "i need to get a slagbeat- fuck me up."
He pushed me on the table and got on top, i could hear the moist of my pussy as he put his dick inside, i gasped for air as i felt it inside of me, even tho i wanted to close my eyes- i couldn't cos i knew faisal would be here any minute, i spent the entire lookin over jermaines shoulder and then we both heard a noise.
"what was dat," he said.
"Nuffin," and then i said, "dont worry about no fuckin noise- my pussy's hungry bruv- fuck me liked you fuck a dirty ho."
"You are a dirty ho," he said.
I wanted to reply but he'd get his and just as i had that thort, Faisal and four ova arab guys walked into the room, Faisal was holdin a strap. Jermaine pulled out of me and jumped up, i quickly got dressed.
"long time bruv," Faisal said.
Jermaine looked at me, "you fuckin set me up." I said nuffin and ran behind faisal.
"You all fuckin know innit," jermaine shouted," dats why your gonna duppy me." i saw a tear role down his eye.
The arab bres looked confused, "what! faisal didnt tell you why you lot are gonna do dis?",, jermaine yelled.
"You jacked his watch!", one of the bres said.
Faisal looked at Jermaine and said, "if you say shit- this bullet is goin in your head rite now."
"Dat skets still alive and I know," Jermaine said, "dat sket rochelles alive and i found out- and now faisal needs to duppy me cos if i say anyfin about it- its gonna fuck up everyfin."

"Shut the fuck up!" Faisal said.
"whats he talkin bout bruv," another bre said.
"You fink i dont know about dat fed dats workin for your fam Faisal- hes da same guy dat arranged the whole witness protection fing for rochelle- dats why your doin dis- he told you to do dis innit."
Now i was scared, i didnt know jermaine knew so much, and i didnt kno the reason faisal had agreed when that fed O'mara asked him to shoot up jermaine.
"You fuckin muslims are all da same CORRUPT!", jermaine shouted- he was so scared he was shoutin at random shit.
then all the arab bres looked at faisal and dere eyes said one fing, "shoot the fuckin nigger."
I closed my eyes but dere was no point- i saw the bullet leave the gun and tear into jermaine's eye through the gap in my fingers, and then i heard jermaine hit the ground and say, "you lot are fuckin dead."


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