Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Chapter 8

I found myself in a big bed, I looked around and saw bare pictures of a guy I recognised, my head felt kinda dizzy so I touched it and felt an icepack on it. Shit. Someone had kinapd me.
I realized dat my hands wernt handcuffed or nuffin and dere was food next to me. I sat up and saw a football kit and just as I realized where I was the guy who put me in his BMW walked in.

I fucking knew who he was but I couldn't place his name.
"You ok?", he said, he sat on the side of the bed.
"Where am I?", I asked.
"Listen- are you ok?- I'm sorry."
"You hit me wiv ur car."
"Listen does anywhere hurt."
"My back," i told him. "I need to go hospital."
"Nah nah nah- you can't do that."
"Why," I asked.
"Cos then id get arrested- I was drunk."
What a fucking prick, he was drink drivin and now my bak was hurtin me bare- I already had just had the operation a few weeks before and now i had got knocked down. I started cryin- i was almost gangbanged by some racist fucks after findin out my man was gay after findin out my mum had gone, why me?
"This is the fird time I've been lick up drinkin innit- if I get arrested, I'll get dropped."
"Dropped from what?".
"I'm gonna start playin for Man U next year."

My head was all in a fukin daze. Man U? Later!!
I had to fink fast- if he was gonna play for Man U- he would have some money and I could milk this, the pain in my back was going but i cried out in pain.
"Shit shit- are you ok?", he asked bare worried. He was so fucking cheung, nice slim body and nice dark skin- i felt like some hot choclote all of a sudden and i leaned over and kissed him.
He pulled back and said, "Nah nah- your head hurts innit- I do need to get you to a hospital."
"No, No" I said, "I feel better, where am I."
"In my flat in Hampstead."
"Near Tinsle Town?", i asked.
He smiled, "Yeah yeah- you want some."
I said no and then he asked, "whats your name."
"Chelle," i told him.
"Robbie," he replied. "Do you want me to take you home?".
"I have nowhere to go."
"Nowhere?", he said.
"Yeah," i started crying. He walked to his draw and pulled out 3 bills and handed it to me.
"Please don't tell da press," he begged.
I dried my tears, "Why would i do dat?".
"If i let you stay wiv me- will you not tell anyone about me hitting you- i workd bare hard to get this oppurtunity and i cant fuck it up."
I looked around the room, the big room and its pictures and noticed it had its own bathroom.
"Ok- I'll stay wiv you and I wont tell da press," I said- like I even knew who da press were.

The next day when I woke up, there was a plate of eggs, bacon and sausages on the table next to me. By the time I could dig in, Robbie walked in, "Listen yeah I need to go meet up with my coach for breakfast, you stay here- if da phone rings please dont pick it up." This guy was actually leavin me in his yard- you know many tings i could jack. "Yeah," I said and den he said "Sorry" again and den he left.
When the door shut I got up and i walked around the flat, it had 3 big rooms and a fuckin big kicthen, in the bathroom was bare porn magazines and dere was skid marks in da toilet. euuuh.
I jumped in the shower and took a nice long one, using his nice shower gel and after drying myself wiv one of his towels I sprayed myself with his cologne. I felt to jack all of it as I got changed back into my clothes which suprisinly werent dat dirty and as I looked in his drawer and counted 10 bills in it I realized dat if i jacked the 10 bills plus the 3 he had already given me, it would run out in no time, but if stayed wiv him- i could live and eat like dis everyday, so I took of my clothes and walked into his wardrobe and took out a shirt and put it on. I cleaned the flat from top to bottom. I walked in da kitchen and found my way around it and den i cleaned the oven, mopped the floor and washed all da dirty plates in da dishwasher, then I went back and lay on the bed, spread my legs and waited for him.
It was around 12 when he got back and as I heard him walk up the stairs, i fingered myself so i would get a bit wet. den he walked in.
"You cleaned everywhere for me." he said.
I nodded. den he looked at my pussy. I saw his dick get hard in his jeans.
"fuck me," I whispered.
He took off his jeans and boxers. OMFG- it was like a fuckin beer can. i got wetter.
he took off his shirt and made his way onto da bed. he licked me out and den put on a rubber. he grabbed my tits and sucked on my neck and was whispering, "Chelle," everytime i pushed up against his dick. den he fingered me wiv his long fingers, his hands were so soft and my cum ran down his hand, i was twistin all pon da bed wiv my eyes closed. I dint even notice dat he was puttin his dick inside but when he did i just froze- i couldnt move cos his thighs were holding my thighs down and his dick put me in a daze.
He was fuckin me so hard dat i didn't even feel his hands chokin my neck, he was bitin my bottom lip as he fucked me - den he stopped pulled off da rubber and started fuckin me again dis time from da back. i could barely keep up, i could feel the dick in the pit of my stomach as his hands were knockin my head against da wall. He was still fuckin me after half an hour- he wasn't stopping, now i was just lying on my face getting fucked. i had cum about 8 times and he hadnt even come once, so i told him to get off me and to sit on my face.
I was able to fit his dick and balls in my mouf and sucked dem off, den he came, his dick was chokin my mouth and his cum was chokin my throat, he wouldn't get off me even when i was gagging, he phlegmed on my face and den he took his cock out, I vomited out all da cum as he asked, "can i piss on you."
my mouth couldn't move neither could my body and my eyes couldnt even stay open as i felt warm liquid land on my body, den i heard him whisper, "now your mine."
I looked up at him and saw his face become softer, "oh shit- sorry about dat," he laughed. i smiled and licked my lips, "get in the shower,"he said, "i'm takin u shoppin."

So i did and as I let the water clean his piss of my body, i realized why he had pissed on me, he was markin his terroritory, now i was his, dat meant da dough would be mine too. den i fort, "Chelle- your man is a footballer,"I burst out laughing.


  1. welcome bac lol "i realized why he had pissed on me, he was markin his terroritory" lmfao

  2. Why would a Man Utd player live in London you idiot

  3. This is some serious shit !

  4. "Why would a Man Utd player live in London you idiot"




  6. But......"I am gonna start playing for Man U next year"....he aint there yet...it kinda makes sense i know where the writers coming from

  7. *sings* girl i want to pee on you...yes i do let me on you!

    but the last person is right...he said he's moving to MAN U next year...u ppl aint reading it right!

  8. grim this chick dont learn and whys everymans dick huge? like a beer can u knw wtf

  9. i sat here and read the whole thing for about 2 hours i think the story is gripping but if it is true this person has had a messed up life if all this shit happend to me i would have killed myself by now and the worst thing is i thought id been through some shit in my lifetime

  10. How is a girl from South gonna know about Tinsletown in Hampstead? Not even the farringdon 1 ukno.

  11. LOL that's why its a story. Why are you lot talking like its facts. Just enjoy the story...

    Can a girl not know London? LOL...ah dear...

  12. Why r ppl hating? Write something better then!!!

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  15. What the fuck is this chav on about?

  16. dis story was gdd mad emotional

  17. dis story was sikk i dnt undastand y us gals get kald hoes nd stuff wen da boy duz da sme fing wt duz dat mke them then nd da girls dat kall da oda girl a hoe n nufink 2 da boy r dumb demselves cz dre a girl demselve they should know better

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  20. wot the fuck is wrong wiv this girl nw shes lettin ppl piss on her... okay thn say no mre.

  21. Perhaps the Man United player is Johnny Evans. He was accused of rape in London a year before he was pushing first team for Man United.

  22. Oh shit, I only read half of that. Nah, it isn't Johnny Evans. Sorry.

  23. this is the biggest story ive ever read, n u lot need to chill its fiction lol

  24. "Ok- I'll stay wiv you and I wont tell da press," I said- like I even knew who da press were.


    I nearly died from laughter - pure genius mate xx

  25. she just a top skank
    and a goldigga, kmt jus finkin bout da moneey!

  26. this girls life is a fukin joke
    how she gonna mek the man piss pon her tah rarse
    dutty gyal
    everythin thats happened to her was her own fault

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    'like i even new who the press weree' -dies

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  30. "Why would a Man Utd player live in London you idiot" 2nd comment
    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DNT KILL ME OFF PLEASE PMSL
    Buh nah he did say he was gnna start playiin nxt year so cut the aurthor sum slack

  31. This fortune teller must make "10 bills" (I might have called it a grand myself) from predicting the future .. how does he kno who he'll be playing for next year?? thats not how it works, its not school!