Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Nomi Part 2

I knocked on Faisal's door.
I heard his feet run down the stairs and then open the door. "U kl?", he asked as I walked in. His house smelled of shisha and da light blue walls made it seem bare airy. He spanked my ass, "U jus came from the party?", he said as we made our way to the front room. We both took a seat.
"Yeah-yeah- why are you such a pussy for?", i asked.
"Listen- dem man are after me, Jermaine- Darren and dat lot so man cant really risk turning up at Tripti's shoobz and getting duppied."
I looked at him, he had the sharpest shape up and from his blue boxers I could see his dick rising.
"You look bangin," he smiled.
I kissed him on the lips as he placed his fingers on my pum, "You smell of sex," he said looking me in the eye, "who did you fuck."
I didnt wanna say cos it was Jermaine and even tho Faisal was jus a link- i didnt want any trouble.
"Nobody," I said.
Just as we were about to kiss again, his phone rang.
"Wagwan 'Mara ..... ahhh man was jus about to handle the wife- mmm yeah yeah- oh skeen- alrite I'll be there in a bit- oi oi before you go- i beg you dont call me dis late again if it ain't an emergency- bless."
Then he looked at me, "I need to go and collect a few tings from my boy in Harrow- come we go get it then come back here."
"Faisal it's about 1.45 in the morning- if we're not fucking now then you might as well drop me back home- my pussy ain't nocturnal yano," i told him.

"Nah nah please jus come- ive missed u bare- we can talk in the car."
I agreed and after he got dressed we jumped into his Fiesta and drove.
Faisal had been a link from day- I met him at one shoobz some guy had in North some time back and by coincidence he went to my college- even though he was a major pussy he was so bangin, good skin, nice body, long tongue, big dick that made me want to convert. one of them ones.
He was bare shook of SSK cos they must have shanked up his boy at some party in West about two years ago and when I met him he was always paranoid dat deyd come after him too- he was a big pussy but somehow he was still kinda respected on road.
As we were drivin he had his left hand in my g-string and his right hand on the wheel.
"When we get there- jus wait in the car yeah," he said, "i wont be long."
We got to a warehouse and Faisal parked and then got out of the car, i saw him walk towards some hench guy in a blue t-shirt who gave him sumthin and then Faisal got back into the car and put the bag underneath my seat.
"What is it?", I asked yawnin.
He looked at me and said, "It's a 9- been hearin too much shit about Jermaine sayin hes after me- man dont know dat im well equipped."
I tried to act hood like i wasnt shocked but i was, so i asked, "Jermaine?- hes only after u cos he finks u jacked his brother."

Faisal turned to me and said, "Only cos his bredrin Kieran and him set up my boy at that shoobz- i aint gonna use it till dey come for me, i know most of dem ssk man are in pen for when dey kidnapped and den killed that Charlotte chick."

"I swear her name was Rochelle."
There was a brief silence and then he said, "Oh yeah."
"I beg u throw it away," I told him, "I dont even fink Jermaine's still after you."I knew that was lie.
"Its not only even about that- nah it dont even matter," Faisal said beginning to look worried.
"Whats wrong," I asked.
"I lied to you," Faisal said, "Im not gonna shoot Jermaine out of defence- im gonna shoot him because I have too."
Then he looked at me said, "They know that he knows shit- shit that cant get out."


  1. Wait ...hold on does Faisal know Rochelle's new identity name - 'Charlotte'????

    What so, is this 'Nomi' character the author now? If so, u might aswell change the description at the top >> '' made by the original Rochelle Sket who is the author of this blog.'' << Clearly 'Rochellesket' isn't narrating this Nomi bit ...honestly it's gettin abit too far-fetched now the hell does someone have a 'HALF-COUSIN' makes no sense then Faisal refers to the same ppl as 'boys' - clear it up, or else this will reflect badly on the story as a whole (yes that includes rochellesket)...
    P.S., I'm still gona read it anyway lolol!

  2. answer the question that we alll wana know.....IS THIS TRUE OR FALSE?????

  3. I don't think they are all true because not that many young boys will lick pussy and especially to a girl that everyone knows is loose!

  4. True or false, who cares its banging!
    no1 said rochelle was narrating, some dumb people do say sht like half biggie! - writer' Ignore the negative sht and continue, story's banging looking forward to the rest! This is my lunchtime lunch; )

  5. get ova all the dumb questions and just enjoy the story geez!!!

  6. U should have written this on a new blogspot: Nomisket or worreva.

  7. Nooooooooooooo u cant finish it here i need more!!!!!!! Looool, y does it seem like im the only one following the story. Guess its a writers thing lol

  8. i do not care if its true or falso at all! its good reading and i want more!

  9. whens the next part up, im hooked on this shizzle mayn, cant wait to read the rest :)

  10. u lot are hooked and addicted coh u ave no lyf.!!!! yh da stories ight bt get a grip ov urself jheezzzzzzzz

  11. u people aint gettin the story tho, aint none of u guys ever been to college or uni...
    its written from nomis perspective now....
    obviously the author is trying to intertwine the stories....dats basic....stories lookin good tho.
    and to the person that dont know bout half cousins-ur not thinkin str8, if u got a half bro or sis and theyve got a cousin moretime ur gonna say its ur half cousin

  12. who the hell said young boys dont lick pussy what boys do you know lol nuff man like pum pum

  13. dis is amazin! im so happy u carried on writin as rochelle sket was soooo gd. kp up d gd wrk!

  14. Arrrhhh people are slowwwww its all linked, arnt people getting that. people r tryna kill it.. kmt

  15. "my pussy ain't nocturnal yano," Lol love it! Keep coming with the chapters and keep it on this blog!!!

  16. gotta be police??

  17. 1. nuff man GROWN man lick pum pum (its nuffin ! looool

    2.the story still grips me

    3.the connotation used is on point i think ppl have 2 read inbetweeen the lines with this story

  18. lol ders 1 guy called faisal who lives next door 2 me in edgware n dat matches the discription

  19. he knew rochelles new name!!!!!!!!


  21. i no how u can be half cousine. it is if ur mum dad and ur aunty dad is different then ur cousin is half. this is also if ur mum mother and ur aunty mother is different 2