Sunday, 13 September 2009

Chapter 14- Mz.Monique

Antoine walked into his flat, it had been so good to see Rochelle after everything that had happened, he had sold the house in Keynes and had moved to Soho/ London as his operation would be taking place there, he undressed, took off his heels but left his Tyra Banks wig on. He switched on his computer and Youtubed MIA Galang and started to shack out to the tune, he put on his heels and started to shack out even harder and then the doorbell rang. He quickly put on his bathrobe, flicked his hair and walked to the door.
"Who is it?", he asked.
"Oh great my jeans have arrived," he said as he opened there. "You're not Asos!", he screamed looking at the slim figured woman dressed in the True religion jeans and the hooded leather jacket.
"No- It's Monique."
Monique let herself in. She was wearing the true religion jeans and the hooded leather jacket with 7 inch heels, her hair was dead straight and she was wearing Britney Spears "Curious" perfume.
"What the fuck do you want?", Antoine asked.
"Don't be so rude Antoine- I just came to see your new place."
"It's Antoinette now," he replied.
"Oh really-" she laughed, "Well good for you," she looked around the flat and nodded, "You've always had good taste."
"What do you want- I know all about what you did to Rochelle in that nightclub toilet- you dutty skank."
"Rochelle, Rochelle , Rochelle- she's a bad girl- i cant even deny, killing Sherice and den you helpin her kill dat white guy she used to fuck- I'm impressed, where is she?".

Antoinette walked right into Monique's face and whispered, "I wouldnt tell you even if i knew."
Monique replied, "You better tell me where she is."
"Or what?".
"Or I'll have some friends of mine save you the money on a sex change operation because they'll cut your dick off themselves."
"You dutty bitch- your face is so oily I could use it to fry saltfish."
Monique slapped Antoinette, he pushed her back, she flew into the chair.
"Ive got the strength of a man and the anger of a woman- dont fuck wit me," Antoinette warned. Monique got to her feet and walked up to him, she looked him up and down and kissed her teeth.
He grabbed her neck and slammed her against the wall, "If you go anywhere near Rochelle I will just give a beating you'll never forget, pussy o."
Then he let her go, she caught her breath and as she did his house phone rang, they both looked to the phone.
"Hi dee Hi folks- this is Antoinette's phone here- i cant come to the phone right now- so leave a message dahlin- Beep."

"Hi Antoine- it's Chelle- erm Im on the bus to get the twins from school but theres so much traffic and i was meant to pick Michelle up from her mums house too- I've called her and she said its ok for you to pick her up and take her to Sandra's, here's Michelle's adress:"

As Chelle read out the adress Monique smiled and tried to run out of the flat, Antoinette caught her by her hood and threw her to the ground, he tried to run and pick up the phone to warn Chelle but by the time he got to it, she had put the phone down. Just as he was about to dial 1471 a glass was smashed across his head. He fell to the ground.
Monique smiled as she replayed the message and copied down the adress, she kissed Antoinette on the forehead and left the flat.


    Mental what is she gona do to rochelle though????..When she's already left her for dead she needs to allow it! I swear down Monique has no REAL reason to hate Rochelle; firstly her bro Rico setup Rochelle AFTER his cousin Kieran exposed her n she told Daniel so he tried to get back at Kieran soooo then they all banged her up differently as revenge n also left her for dead - they all have no real reason apart from Sheriece (slightly but shes dead now so rags) lol dis is wrong on so many levels poor Antoine best line so far ''I've got the strength of a man and the anger of a woman, don't fuck with me bitch!'' ABSSOLUTELY LOVE IT!


  3. To many coincidences, it come like a ghetto-fairytale.

  4. whoa whoa whoa! didn't antoine kill himself? quite baffled but can't wait for chp15 same way!!!!

  5. yo ive been hearin the hype about this story for weeks.. only started yesterday and i alrdy need a chapter 15 to read lol.. some jokess sheeeett lol

  6. Dis Gurls Life Is Drama Tuh Backside
    She Needs 2 Find Some Money Nd Move Her Rass Outta Da UK Lool

    Cnt Wait 4 Chapter 15 Doe

  7. "To many coincidences, it come like a ghetto-fairytale." - LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL tru so tru....dont you think all dese people get slammed in whitness protection.....

  8. "To many coincidences, it come like a ghetto-fairytale"
    do people actually believe this is real life??

  9. all these people screaming that antoinette killed 'him' self need to learn how to f***in read clearly said in the last 2 chapters...DANIEL WAS A COMPULSIVE LIAR! man never killed himself for fack sake...KMT keep up!!!

  10. I'm sorry to say I'm hooked too. :-\

  11. GOODNESS! This is emosh!

  12. Why on earth did Antoine move to london, when he knows its bare dangerous with SKK and monique around. Thats the reason y Chelle and Daniel stayed with him up in MK. DUMBASS

  13. It is actually entertaining to be honest, come like Kill Bill.

  14. omg i have to sleep now... but im hooked i have to read this to the end (and then read all the comments cos they are sooo hilarious!) LMAO
    vee xx

    btw i liked reference to the slavery comment in a previous chapter, nice that ur throwing in a bit of history!

  15. this needs to be a mo'foin adulthood movie mate!

  16. Maybe im losing the plot BUT....i swear when daniel met rochelle round the back of her work and he told her he had HIV he said antione was dead?!

  17. i have ordered from asos and they dont say its asos at the door lol they use a delivery company who delivers all kinds of packages lol


  19. Looooool Im catchin two piece a joke from this its tooo much. i dont even read alot but this is a one off boiii. This Author came like Jk Rowling an ting


  21. Looool this is too jokes. It really does come like Kill Bill - the ghetto rendition.