Thursday, 24 September 2009

Nomi Part 3

As I sat at the back of the bus, I thort about what Faisal had told me the night before, bare shit was running thru my mind but it all stopped when the cheungest ting ever got on the bus.
He kept givin me the eye and even tho I was really tired from the nite before I had to give him the eye back and said, "whats your bluetooth name."
He was taken aback and looked kindashocked and den he said "9 inch vanilla."
The old lady sittin next to me jumped up kissed her teet and den moved away and so the bangin guy came and sat next to me.
"Whats your name?", he asked.
"Nomi Almaz- but my friends just call me Nomi."
He nodded, "whats your name?", i asked.
"Brian," he said looking at my tits, "where you off to?".
"My friend Tripti's house."
"Oh skeen skeen- mans on the way to uni innit?".
"Oh is it- where do you go?".
"Kingston- Im doing engineering."
"Why is your bluetooth name 9 inch vanilla." den he whispered the answer in my ear and i felt my pussy start pulsating, he typed his digits into my phone and said, "im getting off next stop to catch the train yeah- but bell me when you can."
I nodded and watched him get off the bus, now i was horny and the shockin ting that faisal told me was at de back of my head.

When i got to Tripti's house her dad was leaving it. I smiled at him, "Hi Mr.Nair," he smiled back and den got into his car. I walked up to Tripti's room and knocked.
"Come in."
I walked in and she was creaming her body naked. I shut the door behind me and sat on the bed next to her, i wanted to tell her what faisal told me so bad but i knw how risky it was.
"Have you seen the new Man U footballer- he is so fuckable," she told me.
"whats his name?", i asked.
"robbie," she replied, "he goes clubbing with my older brother, he came by last nite- i was so tempted to move to him but my bruva's girl said he already got in trouble for doing a ting with some hoe in the past so hes not really into girls anymore."
I burst out laughter and watched as Tripti took the cocoa butter and used it to smear her pussy.
I got up and kissed her, i started fingering her as she kissed my face and then she said, "Nomi- Jermaine told everyone u sucked his dick."
I moved back, my face said "what?".
"He came back to the party and told everyone how you sucked his dick."
I was so shocked- why would Jermaine do that to me.
"What did everyone say?", i asked.
Tripti's face said it all, "they were just calling u a slosh and shit- but it dont matter anyway."
then she climbed on top of me and we kissed for about half an hour. I ate her pussy, licking it softly and then fast and when she came in my mouth she looked at me, "we need to get some dick," she laughed.
i kissed her nipple, "should we call faisal?", she asked.
"no," i said trying not to sound panicked, "call up that man you fucked- whats his name again?"
"Ah Gavin- i cant be bothered with him- his dicks small anyway- lets just call faisal."
"no," i said.
"why not."
And then i blurted everything out, Tripti looked at me and said, "no- not jermaine- nah nah it cant be true."
and then i said to her, "it is true tripti- and now Faisal needs to duppy him because of it."


  1. 1ST To Read;; Wow Nearly everyone in Rochelles story is connected to this storyy;; Luvin It !

  2. Naomi is just like Rochelle......Different day same slags!

  3. nah i dont think nomi is AS slutish as rochelle was and this story all the slang they use is diffrent sounds east london too me even though u said north

  4. Whats with this overly horney girls who r all gay? Raaa
    And why the fck did she ask for his bluetooth name? Did u 4get to write that she sent him something via bluetooth or suttin? Or was she supposed 2 ask 4 his BB pin or suttin? lol

  5. errrrrm why are all these girls lesbians???
    not very realistic!!
    Also this story is getting too similar to the rochelle one!!!
    Rochellesket is good as it is, so leave it alone.....
    Just change this plot slightly, so that ts like 2 different stories coz its gettin a bit long now and it'll ruin the story as whole.
    HOWEVER u did good with rochellesket, very addictive. Well done xx

  6. It's all linking....i love it! :)Keep doing ya thing x.

  7. Hmmmm im lost no I dont exactly no where you're going with this. Why is Nomi following Rochelle's storyline?

  8. This shit is nasty and to think young girls are on that and whoever this is you should low promoting sex with anyone and everything fiction or non fiction who ever wrote this got it from somewhere

  9. I was really addicted to the beginning of Rochelle sket.. Then it started getting kind of Tooo dramatic, like asif 1 person would go through all that.. And theres no moral to the story.. still its something to read when your bored.. Ohh yeah.. and why did Monique wanna KILL Rochelle.. when her cousin got some shitt little sentence lol..

  10. Ok chick, seriously! ive been waitin since thursday for the next instalment, can you hurry up please!

  11. all the details she goes into makes me horny

  12. dat person hu rote soundz familiar....frm nottz maybe??

  13. I'm loving it your writing is improving as you go along and I like the suspense your adding with this secret.
    Keep it up!

  14. to anon @ 02:44 25/9/09

    firstly, yes in this day and age ALOT of girls are gay it is epidemic!

    secondly, if you havent realised already, this is the girl that rochelle spoke to when she went to the college, she is yunger, but knows the same people.

    the stories are going to come together, it is an account from another side.

    one more point, its 'memoirs' so it is an account of many journals not just one author, cleverly, from 2

    well done writer!

  15. whens the next one ??

  16. When u posting da next chapter up...???


    "Did u hear about dat hoe they killed," I said.
    "You know she came to give a talk at my college before dey killed her-talkin bout how we girls should get our education and shit so we can better ourselves- hows a hoe gonna tell me how to better myself."


  18. I like it how the stories are intermingling well done to the author!

  19. where is the next part!!! i need to know more!

  20. these are amazing but seriously when im reading this, the detail gets me barrre wet!!

  21. lol
    this story is not serious
    anyway ur a very creative writer and u have explored some serious issues giving us insight into them

  22. these gyas always wana do summat sexualy even if its wid each ova lowweee ettt!
    they got sex problems they always want wots wrong wid thm.

  23. Wot's with all the dikein', good story tho..

  24. SHIZZZZZLLLEEE MA NIZZZLEEEE I READ EVRY SINGLE COMMENT!!!! ulots shud low yaselves wid da negatives comments alie just read da peice of writting or shallap and make ur own 1 gosh man!!!!! gd stry doh!

  25. Ahhh Gavin, isn't that Sandras man !

  26. this is a tiny bit similar to deena the sket cuz she done the same thing that sorcha taught deena and then nomi goes i done the trick that tripti taught me were a guys about to come put ur tongue on their hole to stop it from coming out

  27. whats goin on wid dis lesbian ting lispin up ur best friend thats sum fucked up shit