Thursday, 10 December 2009

Rochelle Sket Chapter 25/Nomi

I shut the lift door quick and stumbled back. i could tears rollin down rochelles face.
"what did it look like," she said.
"the cord is gonna snap," i said holdin back tears, "we're not gonna make it out of here,"
she looked at michelle who was still unconcious and said, "nomi-im sorry."
i said, "its kl- dats not even important."
"no nomi- you have to know something."
I looked at her and said, "i dont wana know- we're gonna die anyway."
she put her eyes to michelle and stroked michelles hair.
the heat was comin into the lift and it was jerkin from side to side, when i had looked i could see hw big dis tower block really was- it was more like an office building.
"Rochelle- do u think we're gonna go to he-"
"it doesnt matter where we go nomi, " she said lookin at michelle, "you and me have been in hell since the day we were born."

the lift was swayin and i started bawlin.
i heard the cord snap a bit.
"nomi- i need to tell you sumthin," she said, "i didnt want to tell u at first but now u have to know."

"what is it."

"he has aids."

"who has aids?" i askd.

"my dad- he fucked you and he has aids."


  1. i fuckin knew it!
    dats why rochelle kept saying "dont scream- he can only get it up when she screams" cos she mustve found out when she went 2 c gavin in pen. oh shit and now nomi might have aids alongside the other sti she caught from eating out that guys ass crack and bein raped by the somalians.

    i honestly think these bitches have equal amount of misfortune

  2. lllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllll!! fuckin 'ell dats a madness!! need more to read though that lil paragraph aint enough.......

  3. oh shet mann nd she wasz beatin wid him lyke 5 minsz ago aha!....cud she have gotten it by dat y rochelle was sayin dnt scream??

  4. wait so if he has aids duz dt mean he can only get it up if the person screams!!! im baffledd sum1 help me here

    sick chapter stillxxx

  5. dis is sick...n it makes me sick to fink dat dis is sum tru story!!! God must av been offduty wen dis wuz hapenin...hw cn a man let dis take place?!

  6. nah nah i fink what it means is dat rochelle mus know that he can only gt an erection when he hears screamin cos hes such a pervert and so if they screamed hed get an erection and infect one of dem wiv aids.

  7. But what does it matter if they have aids, if they r gonna die in 5 mins?
    And if man had aids he would b a lot weaker than this, perhaps the writer meant 2 say hiv?

  8. i dont get this first chapter was about rochelle now this part is about nomi right???

    And Lol @ loosely based on real life events Yeah okay then

  9. this is gripping omg