Sunday, 13 December 2009

Rochelle Sket Chapter 26/Rochelle

I looked at her.
"He has Aids Nomi- and hes fucked u."
she looked at me and said nuthin. "ur chattin shit."
i looked at michelle.
then nomi looked at michelle and then looked at me, "tell me ur chattin rochelle or i'll kill her."
Then i stood up in front of michelle whose body was restin against the lift.
"what did u say nomi," i asked, "ur gona kill michelle."
i punched her.
"i did someresearch on him-hes hiv positive- he caught it from inside- why the fuck did u think i kept saying dont scream- he can only get a boner when he hears girls screamin."
i saw a tear roll down her eye.
"u knew all dis time?".

"how the fuck did i know he was gonna kidnap us- doesnt matter we're gonna die anyway."

she backhanded me.
"u fuckin ho," she screamed. the lift jerked.
we all fell back- the lift suddenly got bare hot.
then it was still.
"ur tryna tell me ive got hiv because i fucked dat pervert."

i nodded, "so even if we make it out of here- ur gonna die."
nomi wiped her tears and nodded.
she walked to the other side of the lift and den said, "so ur sayin ive got hiv."

i looked at her, i could see the sweat running down her face.
then she lunged for michelle- i jus had to flykick that bitch back to the other side of the lift.
"u tried to hurt my sister bitch."

i grabbed her hair and slammed her head into the lift door.
"didnt i warn u about what would happen if u tried to hurt michelle- didnt u hear about what happened to sherice and daniel when they tried to hurt the twins, u didnt hear about it bitch?!"

she kicked me in the stomach screamin and shoutin, she grabbed me by neck and tried to flip me over her head but i floored her.
the lift jerked back and forth, it started gettin hot.
i looked to see michelle wakin up.
i ran to her.
"ROCHELLE!", Nomi screamed.
The lift cord snapped.
The lift doors smashed open.


  1. Oh my daaayzzzz this is too much everytime it jus gets more serious that durty skank nomi needs to step back from michelle

  2. These girls man... thers stil a chance she wudnt av caught hiv, n if they did gt out alive thers medication she cud take 2 stop the virus bt thats only if its wivin the first few days afta intercourse. they longa its left the more chance it wnt wrk.

  3. how often do these things get updated cause im hooked looooooool

    Nomi is done for

    Well Damn Damn Damn

  6. How big is this lift for all this running and fly kicking?????

  7. lol, your tewww funny. how big is this lift yana.
    I must say, this needs to be recommended as a book!!! Obviously, with a lesson at the end of the book