Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Rochelle Sket Chapter 27/Rochelle

I opened my eyes and all i could see was black and then i could taste the color red and feel it all over my eyes, i couldnt move my arm but i could move ma head and so i tried my best to see where michelle was. i couldnt see her.
"michelle," i called.
i heard a groan, but it wasn't michelles.
"rochelle," i heard nomi say.
"what happened," i said, i looked and saw nomi standin up, she grabbed my hand to help me.
"aaaah," i screamed, "i fink my arms broken."
my eyes were jus seein red.
"rochelle- ur eyes a red up,"she said cryin, "i feel like we're floatin."
"where's michelle," i asked.
"i dont know where she is," nomi said, "i- i cant see her- rochelle- we're floatin."
"what do you mean?".
then i saw what she meant.
the lift was half on one floor and half of the other and so a small section of the lift was lettin me see the top of the other floor. the lift hadnt completely snapped.

then i heard voices and then i heard michelle scream from outside.
"Rochelle help!".
then i heard a voice say "shut the fuck up."
nomi got on the floor and me and her were trying to see as much as we could from the bottom of the lift and i saw heels.
"the fire hasn't gotten here yet," nomi whispered.
i nodded, "Whoevers out there- please don't hurt michelle."
"shut the hell up,"the voice said.
and then i looked at nomi and she was shakin and shiverin.

"It's Tripti,"she said. "It's Tripti."


  1. WTF didnt Nomi help kill tripti and didnt gavin go down for it?? How come nobody is supposed to be dead actually dies, peeps need to start double checkin lol!

  2. Oh come on. Wots going on????
    How is everybody jus risin from the dead like this man, i swear nobody actually dies. If you were 2 throw these lot in2 da jungle dey would probably fight the tigers and lions with their barehands, swim across the ocean back to london, get knocked down by a car and still go ravin dat night to shake a leg and suck a dick. Like wot the hell man???

    Still a good story tho

  3. Oh Ma Daiszz .. Swer Down .. iFort Tripti Wssz Dedd Mahn .. Disz Storyy Isz Sexc Wethaa Itsz Reall Or Not Nd For Dose Ppl Hu Were LYk If Disz Happened hOW dID sHE hAVE Da TymTu Ryte It SumWunE Else Wrotee It .. Probsszz SumWun Closee Tu Her Lyke a bestie Or Suttin !

    Where did she come from... wooooooooooooow hurrry i need the next chapter soon!!!

  5. oooooo this is goooooood
    love it
    but lets try to keep the love between the sisters it would be nice to finish with the sisters happy together

  6. First To Read :)

  7. Oh My Gosh Tripti Isnt Dead??
    I Swear They Found Her Body Tho

  8. What's good everyone. This is the last chapter before the final chapter and because this is a special occasion and sort of a sad one- I need to know what YOUR favourite quotes from the story are.

    One Love.

  9. Right A Book...All Of It Was Good, Don't Think I Could Pick Out A Favourite Bit.

  10. Please put this into a book...too much jokes and quotes to pin point one!

    Good work....please dont leave it too long before you upload the last chapter.....i cant wait to read it lol


  12. The sherice and Rochelle fight scene..." I gave her one fly kick....true say I had to say HI-YAH" looooool, flipping epic!!! that line had me rollin!

    actually all the fight scene's have some joke one liners..but thats the most memorable

  13. " I could taste the colour red and feel it all over my eyes"

  14. the rainbow kiss chapter was hard lol best of luck in da future!!xx

  15. DAMN, PEEPS GOT SOME CAAAAAT LIVES!!!! how the heck does no one die in this thing? tell me next chapter we gonna reveal they all aliens...

  16. Wow These Girls Come Like Amazons They should be called Comic Characters

    Facking heck Come like Roaches Cant die and ish

  17. I Lauggheddd at the part when you said, a fair skin sean kingston- LOWWW ITTTT. LOOOOOOL that the best quote it was tooo funnyyy and the part where you were like Laaaaayyyytaaaaa Nan's got N*g*a On lock Or whatever. Loooool (: x