Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Chapter 3 of rochellesket

There were so many questions running thru my mind, was Daniel gay? did he really rape Kieran? i felt sik at the thort and jus had to call daniel himself to see see what he had to say bout this. i dialled his number.
Daniel: evenin lav, problem taking care of, kieran wont be bothering u again
me: thankyou, but daniel someone told me u did somethin really dirty to him, is it true?
Daniel: i got some ova man to deal wid him, why what did someone say?
Me: that you- that u raped him?
Daniel: NEVER DAT! i let some of my goons from Norwood deal wiv him, if dey did dat to him- den boy- it obviously gt da job done, anyways why u concerned for- u got what u wanted.
Me: As long as it wasn't u who did that cos thats dirty.
Daniel: Them man dont even care, theyre my goons innit, always got back my back, but listen i gotta go now innit, wait at ur mums drum for a few days and ill call u when its kl 2 come back, ill check on ur drum 4 u, collect any post and shit.
Me: Thankyou babe.

Then he put the phone down. I was so relieved that it wasn't Daniel who did that and it was some other bres, i was relieved- no way could i be fuckin a guy whose into dat shit. I went to bed still sort of horny from my fuck with Nathan and when i woke up the next morning, i was still horny. My mum came into my room to wake me up at 1 in the afternoon, she sat on the bottom of my bed, "Listen babe, are you ok from yesterday- just watch who u sleep with, you're a big girl now so make good decisions, anyway i need to go and get my hair done in camberwell and so ill be out for a while, actually for the whole day, nathans home tho so if u need anythin just ask him, hes a nice guy isnt' he, i think i could even marry him." I smiled at her, she looked so happy and i said, "Yeah he's a nice guy" (if only she knew that i had experienced how nice he had been to my pussy the night before.) My mum then left the house.
I got in the shower and as the warm water dripped all over my body, i felt hot all over, i needed some more of that nigerian dick ramming my clit, so i walked out of the shower naked and walked downstairs where Nathan was yammin some KFC and drinking supermalt, he said to me, "listen rochelle, what happened last night was a one off, go up stairs wear your clothes and we'll forget it ever happened." But i started fingerin myself, letting my slim fingers get deeper in my pussy, then i reached over to his bottle of supermalt and poured it all over my body. i saw his eyes light up as i walked to the living room, letting him watch my bangin ass. by the time i was in the living room, he had pounced on me and was licking the supermalt off me and just as he did:
"oh i forgot my purse."
My mum screamed at the sight of her boyfriend licking my back. She screamed, her hands were shaking, tears ran down her eyes and she said to me quietly, "Rochelle get dressed and get out." when i tried to say sorry, she ran toward me and punched me in the face knocking me into the wall, i fell on the floor den ran up the stairs and got dressed, i cried as i got dressed and i heard my mum smashing bottles, when i got downstairs she was kicking nathan in the head with her shoes, i tried to say sorry to her again but she told me, "You are dead to me, i never want to see you on this earth, or in heaven, or in hell, you slut." Then she flemmed in my face and threw me out of the house. I used the back of my top to wipe my face as i made my way to the bus stop, i couldnt go back to brixton cos it mite not be safe in case Kieran decided to get revenge by comin 2 my yard so as i sat at the bus stop wondering what to do, my phone rang, it was a witheld number:
Me: Hello (i said dat quietly)
Person: yeah it's me.
Me: Kieran? (oh shit oh shit, i was bare scared at this point.)
Rico: Nah nah, its rico, looool- who the fucks kieran. (i was relieved, shit boy their voices sound bare alike.)
Me: Just some pussy hole, erm how did u get my number?
Rico: Sherice gave it 2 me, uno we had to sack her from primark, bitch was trying to jack bare shit, your voice sounds like you've been crying, are u ok?
Me: No, im not actually (i burst into tears.)
Rico: Where r u now, ill come pick u up, im whipping it innit.

I told him where i was and within half an hour he was at the bus stop in his Peugeot, he was playing the Dont Jealous Me Funky tune bare loud as i got in the car. He kissed my cheek, "U alrite babe, do u want somefin to eat?", he asked.
"No no, im ok- can we jus go 2 ur yard", i asked him beginin 2 cry again.
"Yeah, but i need to go get some money off some guy first innit, then well go back 2 my drum."
"Ok" i said.
We was in the car for half an hour and then after that i didnt recognise where we were going, "where we goin?", i asked him.
then as he got onto the motorway, he said, "To teach you a lesson for setting up my cousin."
"Your cousin?", i asked bare scared.
"Kieran, kierans my cousin u hoe and he told me what u made them bres did to him."
Now i was scared, if we were on a normal road i would have jumped out the car but we was on the motorway, i wasnt getting licked down by no truck for nobody. I told him i was sorry and as i begged him, he used his left hand to box my face. then i blacked out.

When i woke up, it was in some warehouse, i heard a dog barking my hands were tied together and i was naked, my pussy was aching and my eyes were stinging, i looked up and saw a gang of bres all dressed in balaclavas and black hoodies which said SSK on the front, i knew it stood for SLAUGHTER, SHOT, KILL, they were a gang from south east who had killed some guy for looking at dem funny one time at a shoobz, i know cs i was there.
"Look at her, fuckin dirty sket," i heard a familiar voice say, it was Sherice, she was standin wit the bres holdin a pitbull, "You fuckin hoe- u fink wed let u get away wiv setting Kieran up, nah nah bitch, oh wat- ur shocked cos im wiv dem now- yeah ill betray u like u betrayed me by trying to fuck rico."
"Please help me" i cried, "im sorry, please let me go."
Then all the guys took off their balaclavas, one of them was Kieran, one of them was Jermaine and the other was rico, i didnt recognise the rest except one who had chirpsed me one time after college.
"Come we all fuck her to punish her," one of the bres said, then rico said, "Let kieran decide, hes the one who she set up."
then kieran said, "since ur a bitch rochelle, its only fair u get to fuck a dog."
then he looked at the pitbull in sherice's arms, sherice let it go and said, "its it mating season and it hasnt fucked in a year, what du u think were gnna let it do to u"
i just vomited, i just vomited at the idea that they were so sick in da head. Rico walked over to me and turned me over in a doggy style position, my head so dazed from his punch that i couldnt stop him and then i felt something being rubbed on my pussy, like meat.
(the following section of www.rochellesket.blogspot.com was removed by Blogspot due to extreme explicit content which some members of the general public may find disturbing.)

I vomited again as they pulled it out of me, it barked bare as they all laughed. i wanted them just to kill me, they couldnt do any worse to me, "just do it," i sobbed, "just kill me."
"laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayta sket!" jermaine said, "u dnt tell us what to do, we tell u," then he laughed, "u always liked doggy style didnt u, now u gt the real fing." then all of them kicked me in the head, they stamped on my stomach and i felt a bottle smash on my nose, my nose bled as i felt the bones in my nose shatter, the pain knocked me out half way and as i was half unconcious i could see and feel kieran kickin my pussy and sherice and some ova guys cutting my hair, "no," i tried to cry, but they ignored me and one of them farted in my face. the smell kncked me out.

i woke up in a bush, being looked at by some old man, "Are u ok dear?", he said.
i cried, "where am i?"
"you're in epping forest dear."
The old man called the ambulance and they took me to the hospital, i heard the nurses say i was lucky to be alive and that "they're going to put her in surgery for nose" and they cleaned the blood off of me and dressed me in the hospital clothes because i couldnt walk. i fell asleep and then a few hours later the doctor came in and sat at the bottom of my bed and said, "we've fixed your nose which we was severly broken and weve stitched up your anus as it was severly torn apart almost as if it were done by an animal, who did this to you?"
i sobbed and told him everything, some time later, the police came and i told them everything, i gave them sherices number, jermaine's number and kierans number cs they were the only ones i had then i asked who my next of kin was and i gave them daniels number.

then they left me, it got to midnight and i was the only person in the ward awake, one of the old ladies was snoring and the other girl was deaf so it was kl when my phone rang, it was daniel.
Daniel: Babe, them people are dead, when i get dem, theyre gonna fackin pay- already rounded up some of my goons to deal wiv dem.
Me: Baby, i was so scared, they did some dirty shit to me.
Daniel: the police told me, listen- u sure it was SSK yeah?
Me: Yeah they had the hoodies, it was sherice, that guy kieran, his boy jermaine and some guy called Rico too, the guy rico set me up.
Daniel: shit, nah nah- nobody fucks up my chelle and gets away wiv it, nah brav, nah brav, never dat.
Me: i need you here,im so scared.
Daniel: all of ssk are at a shoobz now, one of my boys jus told me cos hes dere now, he said theyre braggin about it.
Me: well call the police, tell them that they're der, dont try fight dem it aint worth it.
Daniel: but i aint no snitch, i deal wiv shit myself, uno dat.
Me: but then when will it end, call da police.
Daniel: alrite kl, ill drive up to the hospital 2mrw yh, then we'll stay at my friends yard in milton keynes, hes never there and i got the key, well stay dere till everyfins bless in brixton, yeah?
Me: i love u, i swear ill never fuck anuva guy but u again.
Daniel: as soon as them pussy'os who did dis 2 u are locked up, ill put a ring on ur finger, make u Mrs. RoseHart.
Me: Is that ur surname?
Daniel: Yeah, dont fuckin laugh.
Me: No no, its beautiful.
Daniel: Yeah, yeah it is.


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  19. (the following section of www.rochellesket.blogspot.com was removed by Blogspot due to extreme explicit content which some members of the general public may find disturbing.)


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