Thursday, 28 May 2009

chapter 4

I looked in the mirror in the hospital toilet. They had really fucked me up.
I had two black eyes, they had cut off bare ov my hair and the scars on my body looked like theyd never go. then i looked at my nose and realized dat the doctors had improved it, it was bare nice in a weird way, plastic surgery for free i said to myself as tears ran down my eyes, i touched the bandage on my nose, it was so sore. How did my life get this way, how could i go from playing with my little cousins on the bus to bending down and drinking a guys bust. I knew fings were fucked up, i accepted it for da first time and it hurt to fink it took dis to let me see it. my legs still hurt from when they let the dog fuck me and cos the doctors had to stitch the parts of my ass it tore up, my ass was sore.
I cried a little and the ended up bawling, i put my hand ova my mouth so nobody would hear. Daniel would be comin 2 pick me up in a few hours so me and him would stay at his friends yard in Milton Keynes for a bit until the jakes arrested all dem fuckin dickeds who did this to me.
I ran my fingers thru what was left from my hair, it was still enough to cainrow but it felt horrible cos there were some bald patches. I walked back to the ward slowly and lay in the bed, thinkin bout Daniel, how much i loved him and how much i wanted to fuck him as soon as i saw him but i knew i couldnt, the doctor said i had to wait 6-7 weeks for my pussy to heal. I slowly drowsed 0ff

Morning came and Daniel was there sitting on my bed when i woke up. He kissed my forehead and said, "They've arrested dem, all of dem pussy'os,", i smiled and hugged him, "But you have to go and identify dem innit make sure all of dem are dere."
"I dont wanna go back to South", i said, "I never wanna go back dere again."
"Just come and identify the fuckers and then well go to milton keynes and stay dere for as long as u like, got my goons to do my shotting for me so i can spend all my time with u until ur ready to go back home and live wiv me."
I kissed his lips, letting my tongue lick his and then i told him, "I'm gonna marry you."
He smiled and said, "Corse corse, we talked bout dis on de fone."
Then the doctor came in and shook Daniels hand, "Hello, My name is Dr. Cox, i presume you are Rochelle's boyfriend?".
"All day every day innit brav," Daniel replied. The Doctor smiled and said, "You're free to go home, but before you do, i think i need to explain what we did to help you yesterday in surgery, your nose was broken in 18 different places, so we had to break the entire nose, take out all the bones and rebuild it from scratch, it will be sore for a while and a little blueish for about three weeks, your anus was so torn out that as you know we had to stitch some of it back together again and we unfortuenately found traces of dog semen inside of it, you explained what happened and it saddens me to think people are so sickening to allow their dog to do that to another human being, your eyes arent black from the attack but are black because of the nose surgery."

"What about my hair, doctor, will it grow back," i asked.
"Yes it will, in due time, they did a pretty nasty thing to you,but from what ive heard theyve been caught, hopefully their punishment will fit the crime," Dr. Cox said. He shook my hand and Daniels and left.
After i got dressed in fresh clothes and wore a headscarf, me and Daniel drove back to Brixton Police Station.
I had to identify all of them, including Sherice, my one best friend, my girl, how could she betray melike dat, then the police told me dat i had to tell them what happened in front of a camera so it could be used in the trial cos i didnt want to be dere myself, so i did, it was fuckin horrible havin to relive everyfin they did to me, havin to feel all those feelins of being kicked, fucked by a pitbull, pissed on, spat on, farted on. The police lady told me dat dey all had denied it at first but when they were shown the cctv from the warehouse dey all confessed.
When it was done, the police gave Daniel the police station number in case of anything and the police lady said, "To be safe, stay out of London for a while, SSK crew are known to us as being wide spread gang around London and they may try and harm you."

Then me and Daniel went to Milton Keynes. His friends yard was niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. It had four bedrooms, a pool, widescreen tv, three bathrooms, it was just fuckin banging.
After Daniel called the friend to let him know we were dere, we unpacked our fings and spent the rest of day relaxin watchin tv, then Daniel put on Dj Ironiks album and started singin along to it, it was so sweet, he had been so fuckin good to me and so i had to reward him. Even doe my jaw still kindof hurt, i walked over to him and unzipped his jeans, then pulled down his baggy boxers and kissed his cock, he already had a boner.
Then i sucked the top, sucking so hard on it, then i put whole mouf on da ting, back and forth, gaggin on it, i managed to fit the whole fing in my mouth, he said, "Chelle! Chelle!" i sucked dat ting good, lettin my tongue flicker all over it, then he started going back and forth basiclly fuckin me in the mouth, his white cock tasted bare nice, i let the dick slide in and out of my mouth, lettin him see it den lettin it dissapear into my warm mouth like a fuckin magic trick, "Im gonna cum, lemme pull it out." So i let him and he bust all over my face, for dat brief moment my body felt fine but as soon as he finished rubbin the cum into my skin, the pain came back in my ass and i cried. he picked me up and lay me on the couch. and gently began to lick me , soft and first but even dat hurt so then he flemmed on it and wiped the flem all over it so it felt softer, then he used his little finger to finger me. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, my pussy worked! it didnt hurt, my ass still did hurt tho, then Daniel did it, he placed the cock in my puss and gently put my legs on his shoulders and fucked me and said, "If you fink im fuckin u hard now, wait till ur ass gets better."
I laughed a bit, i couldnt wait. I felt the dick get bigger and get bigger in my pussy, then he took it out and let the fountain of cum fall into my mouth. It tasted sort of bitter this time but i swallowed it all up. It was the least i could for Daniel, he was all i had.
We lay down for a bit and den i said, "Daniel i need to sort my hair out, we need to contact the nearest hair salon."
Den Daniel said, "Yeah uno wat, my bredrins coming here 2 nite to c u cos i tld him what happened, when i come ill ask him if he knows one."
"But hes a bre, i doubt he'll know about dem sort of tings."
"He's gay."
I looked at Daniel like what?! "Gay?", i asked, "But u hate gay people." Just as he was about to respond, the front door opened. Some hench black guy wearing a weave, a tartan mini skirt, a pink shirt, 5 inch heels and a cardigan walked in.
"Antoine!", Daniel ran up to him and hugged him. "Rochelle this is Antoine, my bredrin frm skl innit, dis his yard."
I smiled and waved cos even tho i thrt he was fuckin weird, i was stayin in his yard, so i said, "Hi."
Then Antoine said, "Daniel told me what happened, boo boo, what sickos, anyways make yourself feel at home, just came back from LA."
"Antoine is a choreographer," Daniel explained, "Ees done bare videos, i swear u even did one for Estelle."
"Yah, uno American Boy,i taught her how to pose awkwardly." Daniel burst out laughing, i culdnt believe my eyes, Daniel laughing at a batty mans joke, laaaaaaaaaaaaaater.

Later on that night, when the three of us were yammin on some Chinese, Daniel said, "Cos of what dem dogfuckers did to Chelle's hair, she needs to get it done, do u knw anyone who could do it for her round ere."
"Darlin, am i gay?", Antoine said.
Daniel said, "Yeah."
"Then theres ur answer honey," Antoine laughed. This was gettin too much, this chichi boy was pissin me off, in my head i started singing log on wagan chichi man but then i realised dat was dumb cos the guy was givin me a place to stay and he had been bare kl to me.
"I know a girl," Antoine said, "Actually she'a guy, but she had her peepee cut off two years ago darlin- anyway she does the hottest weaves this side of Milton Keynes, ill call her to come round tommorow, judging by the look of your hair Rochelle, ull need a full weave."
"How much is it?" Daniel asked.
"Dont be silly, i'll pay," antoine said.
"Thankyou so much," i said.
"Oh honey dnt think nuthin of it, any friend of DanDan is a friend of mine, besides a girl as beautiful as u deserves to look good, has anyone ever told u that u look jus like Naomi Campbell."
"No," i said.
"Thats because you dont, HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA", Antoine laughed. Daniel laughed along to so i smiled. "Only kidding babe, but u do actually look like a dark skin version of Rocsi from that american show on the blackpeople channel, 106 and Nigger?".
"106 and Park," i said.
"Oh yes yes, you really are up to date with your urban peeps arent you, only joking babe, oh im so full of life, i just got hired to do the choreography for Tinchy Stryder's new video."
"You're fuckin jokin mate," Daniel said eating his chow mein.
"Im dead serious, we start rehearsal tommorow." Omg, i couldnt believe it, i said, "Tinchy Stryder is like a hero, hes really doing it big for Uk music as a whole, not just grime."
"Grime honey?", Antoine asked, "Darlin, get to know- Tinchy is a diverse artist, he dont do grime anymore, he leaves that for the negroes doing the gun fingers on Channel Aka, Tinchy is doing big things, the video is big budget, i got paid 3 grand to do it, thats how u know he has money to spend, you know what Rochelle, one u get that plaster off ur nose so we can see what it looks like and once we get ur hair fixed and ur black eyes heal, ill talk to the director and ask if Tinchy needs any extras, youve got a nice body and im sure Tinchy would like to get to know you anyway."
Daniel smiled at me.
"Yeah thanks, that would be so nice of u." i said, cos to be honest, i felt my body start to heal about then cos i was jenuinly happy.
But that nite as i lay next to Daniel in one of antoine's sparerooms, i cried myself to sleep as the memories of what happened to me came back and the sound of that dog barking made me want to cut off my ears so i couldnt hear it anymore, but Daniel held me tighter and whispered, "My wifey for lifey anybody hu try step 2 u will get cool with my knifey."



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