Monday, 25 May 2009

part 1 of chapter 2

the whole fing wivsherice at the party was two days ago and as i sat behind my computer watching dotstar i still didnt understand why sherice was so protective over rico when she had only known him for two or three days and they had fucked once. my pussy was still hurting from when she bit it and my whole body was tired from all the fucking so i basically turned off my phone, didnt go on facebook and just wanted to be alone for about a week. i just wanted to get away from the world, eat food, watch the jazzie show, order shit from asos and just be me, just be rochelle, without getting fucked or gangbanged or having cum wiped on my face, just be a normal girl.

So i got in the bath and scrubbed well cos i felt proper dirty and as i got out of the bath, the housephone rang which shocked me cos the only people that knew my housenumber was my mum, my grandma back in bados and sherice. so i answered it and guess who it was:
Sherice: hi.
me: don't fuckin talk to me, u need to come off my line
sherice: i called 2 say sorry but if your gonna go on like dat, den fine u fucking slut, jus so u know, everyone on facebook knows your a hoe, i dont know how- but someone posted a video of you banging kieran on xtube"

I put the phone down as soon as she said that, then i put my mobile back on, as soon as i did it said i had 40 missed calls from different numbers and bare texts and one of them was from kieran and it said, "had to expose your shit, how can you be fuckin bare othe man bare back, then fuck me, fukin slag," then it said, "type in dirty black girl gets fucked by big mixed race guy on xtube, our likkle vids waiting for u to c, haha."
i felt sick in my stomach, my head felt dizzy and my eyes couldnt see clearly, i was finding it hard to breathe as i typed in what he told me to and it was true, i saw the still image of my tits on the video and whn i clcked it, the video that kierantook of me and him came up, i read the comments and they were all sayin "that guys a fuckin g- yeah bruv bust in her mout- wat a fuckin hoe- that girl used to go to my skl, she was a hoe there too- imagine if her mum saw dat." I burst into tears, and fort i was dreaming like this cldnt be true, like it cldnt be real. so i called kieran.
kieran: Who dat?
Me: Kieran, why did you do that? me and u r cool.
kieran: Heard that uve been fuckin bare man bareback from sherice and how u gave some next guy brain right before u came to give me brain, thats why i had to expose u.
Me: but me and u arent even goin out- please man- take the video down, i'll do anything u want, please take it down.
kieran: send a bill to my account and ill take it down.
Me: What?
kieran: send a 100 pounds to my account and ill take the video down- u didnt hear it de first time, or is my cum still blocking ur eardrum?
Me: i dont have it.
kieran: den da video stays, dont bell this line again cos u will get boyed off, do you know how many girls i knw dat r lookin 2 fuck u up just for being dumb enough to let me film u gettin fucked by me.

Then he put the phone down. The first thing i did then was to get dressed quickly and run to daniel's house. when he answered and saw me crying, he let me inside and asked me what was wrong, when i told him, he said "you let him film u tho? c'mon chelle that's dumb."
"i know, i know" i told him and then because i wanted to get revenge on rico i said, "the worst part is that he's a batty boy, i saw some gay porn magazines underneath his bed after we finished fuckin."
Then Daniel's face changed, it went brite red and i swear down his nostrils began to flare. "A chichi man yeah?", Daniel asked. I should have said no and that i was lying but i said, "yeah, i only found out after."
"Alrite den, alrite den," Daniel said, "no battyboys gonna try expose rochelle and get away with it, does he smoke dro?".
" i fink so," i replied. "why wat r u gonna do?".
"set the fucker up, gimme his number."
I handed Daniel my phone and told him where the number was, then he put the phone on witheld number and dialled it.
kieran: oooos dis.
Daniel: kl brav, yeah yeah-man herd u was lookin for dro, im shottin innit.
Kieran: yeah i am but howd u get my number.
Daniel: i mustve jacked this fone from anuva shotter, so u want dro yeah?
kieran: yeah yeah course, a tens.
daniel: i can shot that to you for cheaper, ill shot you a tens for a fiver.
kieran: swear down bruv? all rite kl, where shld i meet man to collect.
daniel: outside brixton market in half an hour, i'll be whippin it, i'll beep three times when im there.
kieran: ahhh safe man, yeah yeah, ill be dere. bless.
daniel: bless.

Then Daniel put the phone down and smiled at me, then he said "go to your mums yard and stay there till i call you back."
I nodded and then said, "what r u gonna do to him?".
"what deserves to happen to him," he replied.
Then i kissed him, went back to my house, packed some things and called my mum's boyfriends house, he answered, "Hi Nathan, it's Rochelle, is my mum there?".
Nathan: Yeah she is, Gladys its Rochelle.
My mum: hi babes, is everythin ok?
me: no mum its not (i started cryin) can i come and stay wiv u.
My mum: oh baby of corse u can, i'll come pick u up rite now, get dressed and ill be there.
I put the phone down and waited half an hour by the door and when my mum get to the house, i ran into her car and we drove off.

By the time we got to her mans house, i had told her the full story and she was bein bare kl, she basicaly said, "it was silly of u 2 have sex in front of a camera but what can u do about it now, stay with me and nathan for a bit till the situation dies down, we have to find a way to get the video down."
So i logged onto her laptop and when I typed in the video link it said, "this video no longer exists", Daniel had sorted it out. "See," my mum said, "its died down already." little did she know it was cos daniel had done somethin to kieran.
for the rest of the day i was still upset and spent it watching bare shit with nathan (my mums man) and my mum until my mum had to go to work innit, cos shes a nurse so she works from 9 till 11 the next morning, some fuckin next hours.
so i was home alone with nathan. we were watchin tv till late and i decided that i needed to shower cos my face was still damp from the tears and so i told nathan i was going to shower then go to bed in the spare room. As i was showering, i felt eyes on me. cos the soap was on my eyelids, i had to rinse them off b4 i could open them and when i did i saw nathan there, just wathchin me. I screamed and said "get out what u doing?!".
then he came to his senses and said "oh shit, what am i doing, im so sorry rochelle, oh fuck, im sorry," then he ran out. I could tell that he was bare sorry and shockedby his own behavior. I dried myself and then wrappedmy towel around my chest and walked down stairs to where nathan was lookin really scared and nervous, "im sorry rochelle, i dont know what came over me, please dont tell ur mum, shell get the wrong idea, i love her, i really do."
I looked at his hench shoulders and dark african skin and the way i could see the outline his long and thick jungle stick in his calvin klein boxers. mummy has good taste.
I dropped my towel, i dont even know why i just did and he looked away, "Get dressed rochelle," i was so embarrased and ran upstairs, when i did i saw on my phone a text from daniel which said, "pussy'o's been dealt wid, come back in four days, he aint never gonna try that shit again." just as i finished reading it, my mind went back to what i had just done, i had tried to seduce my mum's boyfriend and as i started to cry because i was so disgusted with myself, i heard a voice say, "come to my room." it was nathan. i froze at first then i slowly got up and walked to the room where he and my mum slept. there he was, naked on the bed stroking his dick. my pum pum started getting wet and even tho my head was sayin no, my clit was saying "yeah get that dick."
so i dropped my towel, climbed on the bed and kissed him. then i stood over him and lowered myself onto his dick (which i fink was about 13 inch) as i lowered myself onto it, my pussy got really hot and wrapped itself on the long cock, i felt it in my lower stomach, then i started riding him, hard and fast, he was lovin it, his hands gripsed my arse and poundedme up and down, up and down. then i got off him and put my mouth on the dick and sucked it like my life depended on it, i felt it pokin my cheek as i played with his black balls. "good girl" he said, "good girl."
then he slapped my face gently and said, "stop sucking" so i did. then he stood up over him and gripsed my jaw and opened my mouth wide with his strong right hand and with his left he placed his dick in my mouth, then he used his left hand to bash off, when he came, he shoved his dick in my mouth and stuck his fingers in my nose so i couldnt breathe. he laughed at de sight of me gagging for air and then after a few seconds, he took his dick out and his fingers out. the cum and my saliva ran down my tits and onto and into my pussy. it was a good thing i had taken the pill. then he looked at me and said "get in the shower and go to bed."
So i did, but around 5 in the morning, i got a text from sherice, "u fuckin bitch, you set kieran up, since when did u roll wid white bres who fucked ova guys in the batty, fuckin slag, ur a dead girl bitch."
i was thinkin- wtf- did daniel rape kieran? what kind of batty boy revenge flex is daniel on? is that why daniel always fucksme in the ass? because he's gay?

to be continued.


  1. If this story is true then it stems from rochelles abuse from her dad. She needs professional help.

  2. yo bredrin yu need to rite a book dis is hard lool

  3. Well wen it comes to that vid she was in I'm sure that's the same one that was sent to me.
    When will girls learn that unless u are in a genuine commited relationship U never film a damn thing.

    The abuse didn't stem from the abuse if that occured after being promiscuous.
    Its sad I am being sent these things via facebook.
    But I expect that from children under 21.

  4. wow.... as nasty as the content is i wanna read more..... defo think bout a book g, rochelle is one dirty grotbag

  5. jheeze is this real i cant tell

  6. "what kind of batty boy revenge flex is daniel on?" LMFAO...

  7. i thought as much dat daniel was gay you know....

  8. lol yes man lool next chapter someones due to get a beatin now.. roch must get clarted in the next one man its only right.... gotta admit dow dis so called rochelle dont even talk like a south gal!

  9. i feel so sorry for rochelle. her dad really messed her up. and i dont see why her mum wont address the fact that she has a problem!

  10. nah this must b a lie !!!!!

  11. i agree write i book, novel..........shit a channel 4 series..u hav skills in creative writing

    ...if it is real she has issues she needs to deal with ...

  12. But she's a hoe...Nathan aint her dad, thats her mums boyfriend. She loves getting fuck, and Nathan was just another guy there to seize the opportunity. That aint no abuse and she don't need no help for it, the only sort of help is sex anonymous

  13. Actually I take my comment back just read the rest of the story, yh she is messed up. I can relate to the storyline on a different level, should she be a real person she needs help.

  14. bumberass that was xrated ta class, mi wun a read more, fi why to be continued?! need a read more of dis!

  15. I really feel for this girl. Some people are so in sensitive. Maybe she just needed some one to talk to.

  16. ok this y hoes need 2 stay in school n learn 2 count!! coz theres no way evry man can hav dicks that big!! 13 inches thats sum porn wrld record shit!!!lol

  17. If you read the first few chapters then you will know that her dad abused her when she was young. Thats where her behaviour stems from. Poor HIV girl.


  19. shittt fumm
    she is soo loose. n to fink gal dem behave lyds now adaiss!!