Friday, 22 May 2009

rochelle sket part 2 of chapter 1.

Today was Monday, it was Sherice's interview today and even tho i was fuckin jealous that she might end up workin with rico i didnt even let it bother me coz i was spending the day with Daniel at his yard.
He fucked me in the ass bout 9 times and stopped when my dad called me, he lives in Manchester wit his new girl and their kids.
"Hi Rochelle, its your dad,"
"Hi dad, how are you?"
"Good, so you're on summer holidays now, how are you spending them so far?"
whilst i was speaking to my dad i was giving Daniel a hand job with my left hand, "just with friends- relaxin," i said whilst smiling at Daniel who smiled back.
"How's your mother- is she at work?"
"Yeah yeah she is- dad listen i gotta go now."
"Ok, i just called to say i've sent you some money in your account for the summer."
"Oh thanks," i felt sort of bad but i needed Daniels dick not a dead conversation with a man who told my mum to abort me when he found out she was havin me. "Ill check later on, bye dad." I put the phone down, i fuckin hate that guy, he thinks sendin money every now and then will make me forget how he used to beat mum up and touch me. it dont even matter anymore cos Daniel just bust all over my hand. We sat down on the sofa and i put on Will and Grace.
"Turn that batty boy shitoff Rochelle," he told me, "Fuckin faggot".
"You still hate gay people?" i asked him whilst trying to sit comftably, my ass was hurtin so bad from when he fucked it.
"Cant fuckin stand em," Daniel replied and then he said "If i ever saw a faggot and knew he was a faggot, id shank him up- no doubt." Daniel had hated gay people from when i met him cos i had this friend called Joel who was bare nice and sweet and kinda cheung but he was a batty boy and Daniel made me stop talking to him, so i did.
"Listen," he continued beggining to play with my ass, "I need to go handle some shit down in Hackney, collect some money from some pussy'o who owes me, do you wanna come?"
"Nah", i said, "I'm thinking of going to check Sherice, she got an interview at Primark so i need to go to her yard when shes done, im staying at her place tonight."
Daniel said, "Skeen, Skeen, she's the butters one innit?". I didnt want to laugh but i had to, "People say dat, but i think shes pretty, just needs to sort out her skin and clothes and hair," i replied trying to sound nice, but it was true Sherice was boosted, her hair was always done in dutty extentions and she had really bad acne and thought putting on peyare foundation would hide it, she had a bit of a belly as well and one time when me and her was doing a ting, i realised that she has a spotty pussy, but she's my girl innit and i love her to death.

I left Daniel's house at 2'oclock because Sherice text me saying she was on her way back from the interview and that she had a suprise for me, so i decided to go and see Kieran at his drum. I didnt know if he was home but cos he lived right near Sherice and because she wouldnt be home until another hour and i knew had a free drum cos he said his mum and dad were in holiday in Egypt for five weeks. I looked HOOOOOOOOOOOT as i walked to his door, i was rockin a black and white stripe belly top which made my banging torso and tits look huge and some high waisted jeans and some Vans, my hair was in a back pony tail and i was rockin some kanye west stunnas.
When i got to his house, some guys were standing across the road and shouted, "Look it's fuckin RochelleSket from school, eeuuh man, shes boom tho- is Kieran fuckin dat?", so when i knocked on Kieran's door and he answered, they all started laughing, Kieran ignored them and let me inside.
"What a suprise?", he said lookin at my tits.
"Jus seein what u was on," i told him, "do you know them guys?"
"They're wasteman, do you want me to go deal with dem?"
"No, dont bother," I said. He was such a man, taking control of shit, i loved how his voice was deep and how big muscluar hands grabbed my ass and whispered in my ear, "I'm gonna fuck your tight little Basian pussy." That turned me on straight away and we made our way to his room.
It was really small and dirty, it was painted green and there was a poster of DMX on the wall, his bed was big and had a purple duvet and the curtains were black and green, i had never seen anything like it in my life.

He took off my top and then my vans and then my jeans until i was in nothing but my pink lace underwear. he took off his clothes and i saw his long, black, thick and hard mixed race dick ready to fuck my wet pussy. he put me on the bed and got on top and put his piece in me bareback, he started to fuck me so good, but then i asked him to doggy me, so he did, he hand his hands on my waist and as he doggied me i felt his strong pelvis muscles banging into my ass, MMMMMMMMM, i fuckin love dick. Then he said, "can we film this, i wanna bash to it tonight?".
At first, i was thinkin nah but i had always wondered what it would be like to watch myself get fucked so i said yeah, so he got off me, set up his camera and put it on his desk directly opposite the bed and positioned me so my face was facing the camera, he then carried on doggying me until my legs started shakin and i thort i was gointo piss my self but it was cum, then he stood in front of me and told me to say hi to the camera, so i did, it was bare sexy. then he got his cock and put it in my mouth, it had my cum all over it and i could taste it as i licked, sucked and gently bit Kieran's cock, he was groaning and then all of a sudden he took it out of my mouth and bust on my face,i rubbed his bust on my skin and let my foundation mix in with the white cum. Then he started to finger me and i was moaning bare loud when he put another finger in my crack cos it was still hurting from when Daniel beat it.
I came on Kieran's fingers and he put his fingers in my mouth and i licked the cum off and i could sort of taste a bit of my ass on his fingers too. Kieran then licking me out, sucking on my pussy from behind, my face was groaning in the camera as he stuck his entire tongue inside my flange and let my cum run down his tongue into his throat and into his 8 pack (yes man has an 8 pack). I then sat down in front of the camera and started fingering myself as he licked my neck and then he got his 12 inch dick and began to rub it in my face whispering my name, so i sucked it again harder than ever before, so hard that he screamed out like a bitch when he bust in my mouth, the cum covered my teeth and my tongue stick to the top of mouth. He then got up, and put the camera off.
When i came to my senses i told him "I beg you dont show anybody that, its just for you".
"Course course," he told me kissing me on the lips trying to get some of his cum out of my mouth and into his which i fort was dirty but he was such a good kisser. I got dressed and when i finished, Sherice called me to say she was home. so i kissed Kieran goodbye and went to Sherice's house.

When she answered the door, i could not believe my eyes, my girl had shaved off the left side of her head and dyed it blonde and cut the other side really short and made it spikey, it would have suited her if her face wasnt so round, but i had to act like i loved it. "You look bangin," i told her walking inside. She smiled, "I got it done this morning before the interview," she explained. As we sat in her room i asked her, "So how did it go?"
"I got the job, they called me just before you knocked," she said.
"Shit boy, you must have been good, did Rico interview you?"
"Yeah yeah it was just him, i fucked him," she laughed, "in the interviewing room", all i could think was "what a fuckin hoe" but i said, "go on girl, was he good, was he big?"
"It was so big, i gagged on it, he's Nigerian innit, they're always big."
I had to agree, i fucked this guy called Tolu once and his piece was about the size of a beercan. "Anyways," she told me, "Me and u are going to a shoobz tonight in Tottenham, it's Rico's bredrins party."
"Skeen i said, yeah yeah im on it, but i need to home and get changed then," i said, so after Sherice got changed into a mini black dress which made her belly look fat and showed her stretch marks on her arms, we caught the bus to my yard and i got changed into mini blue shorts which showed a bit of the bottom of my caramel ass and a purple Star in the Hood tshirt which i rolled up and turned into a belly top and then i wore some purple heels.
Sherice had the adress of the party on her phone cos Rico texted it to her so we found it alright and when we got there it was live, we spotted bare man from Channel Aka entering the house.
Migraine Skank was playing and the house was pack up-pack up. We saw Rico talking to a few man at the front door and when he saw me, i saw his face light up, he kissed Sherice on the lips and then smiled at me, "Wagwan girlies, you lot find here alright?"
"Yeah yeah," Sherice said, "North is so long to come to from south tho." Me and Rico burst out laughing and i said "thats cos there on opposite sides of London," i could tell Sherice then felt sort of dumb. Me, Rico and Sherice walked into the front room and all eyes were on us, Sherice saw some Turkish girl she knew and left me and Rico alone.
"You look bangin", he told me.
"You too," i said, "So whats goin on wit u and sherice, she told me u fucked her."
He smiled embarasedly and said, "I was bored." We laughed together and then he said, "Come we go sit in one of the rooms upstairs, its too noisy here." So he took my hand and led me up the large and crowded stairs and into one of the big rooms, i assumed it was whoever was throwing the party's room.
"I like you alot," Rico told me and he put his hands on my pussy. Even tho i had been already fucked by Daniel and Kieran already, the feeling of Rico's big strong hands against my warm pussy was enough to get me wet and so i let him finger me, just as i was about to cum, Sherice burst into the room. "How could you?!" she screamed at me. I jumped up. she leapt at me and began to punch my face, i grabbed her neck and slammed her onto the bed and said "im so sorry, but hes not even your man tho, you jus fucked." Rico left the room and shut the door behind him. "It dont matter! you know i like him!" sherice screamed and kicked my stomach, i fell back againt the wall as she grabbed my hair with her left hand and kneed me in the pussy with her right leg. I grabbed her pussy and clenched it hard so she would let go of my hair but she wouldnt so i clenched harder, digging my fingers inside. She started to calm down as i rubbed her pussy and she looked at me and said, "How could you try and do and stuff with him, you knew i liked him."
i looked her in the eye and kissed her, it always calmed her down in the past whenever i pissed her off badly, she kissed me back and then unzipped my jeans and then put her stubby fingers inside my pussy as we kissed. then i said, "should we just go home, it dont even matter about rico, im sorry, i didnt know you liked him that much."
She nodded and said, "Just dont do it again," then she got on her knees and started sucking me, and just as i was about to cum, she bit me so hard she drew blood and said, "you fuckin bitch- you think im dumb," then she bit again and wouldnt let go, my pussy was bleeding in her mouth and i begged her to let go, i didnt understand why she was so angry as the pain was so much i was starting to feel lightheaded, then she stopped biting and said, "Dont fuckin talk to me again." Then she left. my pussy was in pain. i got a tissue out from my purse and cleaned the blood off of me. Sherice had just made a big mistake and i didnt know why because she had only met rico the other day, but if she thought i was going to let get away with doing what she just did, she was fuckin joking, friendship or no friendship, if sherice liked bleeding pussies, i was gonna give her exactly what she deserved.

to be continued.


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