Saturday, 28 November 2009

Rochelle Sket chapter 23/Nomi

The fire was all around us, Michelle was screaming as he was punching rochelle.
"kept screaming girls," he laughed.
then he started to put the fire out with the extinguisher behind him.
"you bitches thought i was bluffing- nomi come with me."
I looked at rochelle, she was shaking her head, he backhanded her. he walked round to me, untied me and pulled me away. michelle slowly passed out as he pulled me into a room and closed the door behind him.
he locked the door.
i culdnt believe that flats like these existed dat nobody lived in. "take it all off," he said.
i looked at him, his chest was beating-he was sweating and i knew what i had to do.
"i want you so bad- i just couldnt say it in front of them," i told him, "you can do what you want to me but please allow them- me and u can be together- but we need to let them go."

"i cant," he said, "its too late."
"no no, it's not," i said, "listen- we can escape from the feds- theyll be after u by now for escaping and kidnapping- if we leave now we can escape, me and you."

"prove to me you want me- that you're not lying."
I could see a knife behind me from the corner of ma eye.
"come to me," i said.
he ran to me and kissed my neck. he put his hands on ma pussy- and was rubbin it slowly, "you know ive got another daughter,"he whispered, "Sorcha." He kissed my lips and squeezed ma bum
"its beena long time since i had some good pussy," he said. he licked my face and began to play with my nipples.
"im getting wet for you," i told him.
"i shouldnt t have shot you that time in the hospital, it was gavins idea."
he threw me on the floor and began to unzip his jeans.
then he took of ma clothes and got on top.
he slowly pushed it in. AAAHHHH. he started laughin.
"mmmmm- dis pussy feels nice."
i was groanin as he wocked me out- he was really thick and long- he was suckin ma mouth as i groaned with pleasure.
his eyes were closed as i kissed his neck.
he was startin2 look bare attractive as i wrapped my legs round his waist. he pushed deeper and deeper into my tight cooch. He took it out slowly and put it in my mouth, i licked the top. "you a pro," he laughed, "the guys inside cant do it like this," i sucked it all, letting it down my throat, he screamed and i could feel tear drops running down his face. "Superbrain," he said. then he climed back ontop of me with his eyes closed. grindin in my wet pussy. i could feel him getting bigger and bigger inside of me. i licked his lips as he was groaning and moaning and saying, "the best pussy in the world."
it was so deep and nice that i dont think he realized there was a knife in his back until i said, "pervert."
he fell on his back pushing the knife even further into him, i got dressed and ran out.
rochelle said, "nomi she's unconcious."
i untied them both, rochelle put michelle on her back and jus as we were about to run downstairs, we heard him stumble out. blood leaking from his mouth.
he had the gun in his hand, he shot the gasoline tank and threw the lighted match on the ground.
we saw him fall the ground as we tried to escape but the entrace was blocked, the fire had reached the staircase.
"the lift!", i said.
we ran into it.
the fire was gettin wilder as i tried to press the button to the ground floor.
as the door was closing- a bloody hand jammed it.
It was him.
He grabbed my neck.



  2. Starting to like it again

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  4. Its bait!
    U is the story being told like that?

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  6. OMFG- ive been reading this from THE START in May and i cant believe how this thing has gripped me from the day i was doing my alevel exams and then all throughout summer and now we're near december and im still here. so sick and i love it. its like an epic film- just on road.

  7. urgh how can she be enjoyin fuckin him thts disgustin...bwt he was lookin more attractive after hes her dad or somrthing...DISGUSTING lol

  8. but yh der is 1 all acces granted it shows how rochelle lost her v...but in this story her stepdad took her innocence...???????

  9. ADD MOREEE SEXX INIT!!! :) xx

  10. luv it
    this is too good
    i remember the first time i came across this blog at first i wasnt too sure but i spent the rest of the day reading it and by the end i was hooked.

    love this story so much it just keeps getting better
    keep doing your thing

    but if u ever do a part two make it a book so you can get money for it

  11. i dnt fink rochelles dad fucked her, i fink he jus tuched her- whats access granted anyway

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  13. love it!! but cant deal with aving to wait for the next chapters!!

  14. I am loving this so far! i've read every chapter over the last 2 days and can not wait for the next! Hurry uppppp please :)

  15. Why dont my comments show up?? ever

  16. MORE!!! Some1 posted this on twitter like two hours ago and i had to read the whole lot!!

  17. i actually prefer access granted to this- i mean if you like the kind BIG EPIC hollywood rochelle then yeah this is sick but if u like rochelle when its more realisitic and more road based then access granted is much better cos it stays on the road an relates more to london

  18. What's access granted?
    And wheeeen is the next chapter comin?! I read the whole thing the other day n I keep checkin 4 da next but it aint dere!

  19. access granted is basically a site where random chapters from rochelles life before DEAR DIARY PRIMARK PUSS so its like rochelle when she has sex for the first time- when she and sherice were cool- when she had beef wiv chicks- when she sucked darrens dick (the same darren whose in the nomi story.) its a lot more "realer" than the more recent rochelle posts. i finks it to cater to a younger audience

  20. It doesnt need more sex! Stop trying to cyber sex to the damn story and just read it

  21. nomi and rochelles dad is dead- the man that raised rochelle was jus some pervert who rochelles mum married to avoid raising rochelle alone because nomis dad married nomis mum- but nomi is still dirty cos she knows that he abused rochelle AND michelle and still enjoyed fuckin him EVEN AFTER SHE KNOWS he's in been in jail too.

    between rochelle and nomi i think nomis worse- at least rochelles changed.

  22. loool @ "at stop trying to cyber sex the damn story" but on a serious note most guys NOT!!! including myself were hooked coz of da sex parts of the chapters but i can definately understand why lol.


  23. so whos michelles father then :s
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