Friday, 20 November 2009

Chapter 20.

I looked him dead in da eye.
He pulled me out the room and punched me, i saw all the other women screamin as the men who came wiv my dad were smackin dem about .
"lets go," my dad said.
as he dragged me out of da house, i was expectin james to run and save me, but i looked around and the security car wasnt around.
dey kicked me into da backseat. my dad sat next to me as the other guys in the car.
"you know where to go," he said.
the car drove off.
den he looked at me.
"You've grown up."
I said nuffin- i knew dat sooner or later da car would be stopped cos i was on 24 hour surveillance, someone would save me, da only ting i wnted to know is how dis fucker was out of jail.
"this is the bitch," one of the guys said, he smelled of weed and hot piss.
all the guys laughed.
"she got nice tits," one of the men squeezed dem, "oooh dey nice- you squeezed dem?"
he asked my dad.
"she didnt have dem the last i saw her."

I siad nothing and looked straight on- i knew where we were headin.
"you dont seem suprised- me and my man went to all this trouble to find you, and you cant even say hello," my dad said.
"say hello!", the guy next to me punched me.

we were heading towards london.
"she tinks theyre comin to save her," the man drivin said, "she aint know that we took care off that james."
i still didnt give any reaction- i was prayin in ma head james was ok.
den my dad kissed my cheek violently.
"dont worry guys shes not even my real daughter," den he looked at me expectin me to be shocked. i didnt say shit or even have a facial expression.
den i heard sumthin move in the boot.
"dem two bitches gonna be ok in dere?", the jamaican guy asked.
"they'll be fine," my dad said, den he looked at me and punched me. my face swung the other way and den i just sat back to normal again- my nose bleedin.

"dis bitch testin me," the jamaican guy said trying to pull my legs open.
"not yet," my dad, "we'll handle all three of them together- when we get the other two out of the boot."

"me cyarn wait to get me hands on the cooli lookin one- whats her name?".

"Nomi" my dad said, "Nomi and Michelle in the boot."


  1. Im coming back tmrw for more! So theres a bunch of kiddie fiddlers running around together like its nothing?! I feel sick.

  2. That was gud but a bit short tho!

  3. oh my diddy daes. I thought nomi's rass was dead. Im confused man..

    whens the next installment out. I need to read more!

  4. omg i want more i need 2 noe the rest its killin me

  5. Nomi never died! she was just shot.
    Who is michelle again? lol

  6. michelle is her half sister well suposed to be but now isnt coz thats not her real dad

  7. man dis is jst sum sick ass y do it gota b so short? wen's da nxt tin comin up?