Saturday, 14 November 2009

Rochelle sket chapter 18

"What the fuck do you mean."

"You have the same father."

I looked at her and I could tears rollin down her eyes.
"You're chattin shit."

She shook her head, "Your father's dad was rupert."

I stood up and walked to the wall, the bitch kept going on, "me and rupert knew each other from back in Saint John- we were going to get married but he fell in love with this italian girl who lived in our town, they had a child- a baby boy- Nomis father- mixraced boy almost as light as light itself and so I got married to a cousin- me family saw nuthin wrong with it but i was so ashamed- so i ran away to London with me baby girl, we were safe here and she grew up and one day she brought home a boy, a mixraced boy as light as light itself- it was ruperts boy, he said rupert was here alone, his wife had died and so he was living alone with rupert- i hated the idea of gladys and rupets boys together but then she got pregnant with you and ruperts boy left her- for some girl from east africa, what we were supposed to do with you- your mudda was too stupid to raise you and i was too old, i called one of me friends from harlseden who had a son- and he agreed to marry gladys and raise you as his own- it was miracle you came out so dark because people would have asked questions- then a few years later- after ur mudda had died and i tort u had died i saw rupert and the grave yard and he told me his son and his son's wife had died in accident and dat he was raising his grandaughter alone."


"I wish i had told u earlier," she cried,
"So my dad isnt really my dad- it's Nomi's dad."
"Yes,"she cried.
"Then me and michelle aren't really sisters," i said with a tear rolling down ma eye.
"So i was abused by a man who wasnt related to me because u were too lazy to raise me alone."

"We knew he was touchin u and we knew his bruddas were too but if we said anytin- he would left ur mudda, den shed have nuttin."

"So you let a man and his family abuse me because you didnt want to be poor."

shirley sobbed as she nodded.
i spat in her face.
"You saw all dem times i cried to you about it and u called me whore-you knew it was true."
"im sorry."

"get out," i said.
"no no," she sobbed, "please i have nothing- ruperts dead- they want to put me in a home-u wouldnt let dem put ur own grandmudda in a home."

I looked at her and said quietly, "I'm dead- remember?".

She slowly got up.
"Tell them i'm ready to go on your way out- and grandma- you know what will happen to you if you tell anyone about me," i said with my eyes facing the wall.

"Rochelle," she said, I looked to her, "If u let me go- this is the last time we'll lay eyes on each odder in this life."


"Rochelle- please give me a hug."

I looked at her and gave her a blank stare.

"he goin to kill us both rochelle."

"whose gonna kill us?".

"He's been followin me- and he knows you're here."


  1. fart ting a get intresting so it gets deeeper first 2 read lil confused but still entertainment help us out wit da layout.

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