Monday, 23 November 2009

Rochelle Sket- Chapter 21.

The car stopped at some old building.
"Get the bitches out of the boot and bring them up to the 9th floor- then you lot go and finish off that James- then come back."
"What the fuck- dat wasnt part of the deal," the guy next to me said. "When do we get to fuck this bitch and the Nomi one."
"When you come back," dad said.
The other men looked pissed off and the one that was driving said, "alright kl."

My dad pulled me by my hair, and kicked me onto the floor. i didnt say shit, and then i looked up, i watched the guys pull Nomi out of the car, she fell to the ground and looked me in the eye, she had been crying and then i heard michelle screaming.
then she saw me and she screamed my name. one of the men slapped her.
"Bring them bitches up," my dad said.
They kicked us into the lift. Michelle looked up at me and i could see the confusion in her eyes.
"You see your older sister," my dad said, "she made out she was dead." then he slapped me, "but she wasn't."

Michelle looked up at me, "I wasnt talking to you," he told her, "I was talking to Nomi."
Nomi looked down, she must have known as well.
when we got to the ninth floor, my dad and the other guy pushed us into the hallway of the deserted building. there were three chairs with ropes around.
this was planned.

Sit down. they pushed all three of this in the chair and tied us up bare tight. I didnt say shit.
"You can go now marvin," dad said, "kill that fuckin james guy."
Marvin nodded and left.
My dad looked at us, "two whores and a potential one."

Michelle couldnt stop staring at me, she started crying.
I looked at Nomi, she looked high.
"Let us go," Michelle said, "You're a pervert."

He slapped her, "Did your mother tell you that?!- that heathen whore- sinner when I met her- sinner when I left."

Michelle looked at me and cried, "Rochelle."
I looked at her and smiled. "Speak to me," she said, "can i hear your voice."

"She wont speak," dad said, "theyve trained her not to open her dutty mouth in a situation like this isnt that right princess- maybe she'll speak after i do this."

He took off his belt and pulled down his jeans and rubbed his piece in nomi's face. Michelle cried and looked away.
Nomi sobbed.
"Nomi don't scream," I said.
Everyone looked at me.
"what the fuck did you say whore," he said.
"Nomi don't scream- he can only get it up when you scream."
Nomi looked at me.
he slapped her and said, "if you dont scream- ill tear the hair out of your fucking head."
Michelle sobbed, "you're a monster- he hurt sandra and my mum rochelle- him and his friends burst into the house and beat them up."
"Shut the fuck up!", he screamed.
"Where are the twins?!", i cried.
"In Guyana- she sent them to be with her mum after she lost her baby when gavin killed that girl." Nomi looked away.
He slapped Michelle.
"This is all your fault Rochelle- Gavin told me that you threatened him- that you were still alive and that you went to visit him to force him to give sandra a divorce- dumb bitch- Gavin was fucking friend inside- you didn't think hed tell me."

It was rainig outside, i could see my reflection in the window as he tried to kiss Nomi.
"scream, "he kept saying, Nomi kept her mouth shut. he punched her.
"Why are you doing this?", Michelle screamed.
"You three bitches have caused me hell- now your gonna pay."

"what did I do?!." Nomi sobbed.
"You didn't do shit me- but you ruined Gavin- you know he didnt kill that Tripti girl- YOU did."
I looked at her, she looked up at him and said, "Lies."
He punched her, I saw a tooth roll out of her mouth. she didnt scream.
"And you Michelle- telling everyone about our secret."
"Leave her alone," I said.
"Or what-" he said, "I could slice your throat now for testifying against me AND for fucking your own mothers boyfriend- an african wasn't he."

Michelle couldnt stop crying.
"Im going to deal wiv u two for being dirty whores and im going to kill you because you're going to grow up to be like them."

"how did you get out of jail," i asked.

He laughed, "Good behaviour- Uncle Danny died so they let me come to his funeral and soi took the chance to get you whores."

Nomi cried.
"Scream," he told her, "I want you so bad- I've seen your pictures- I knew your dad very well before he got killed in that accident, hes the fucking bastard who rochelle's mother spread her legs open for, to think i had to raise his daughter," he looked at me, "you dont even look like him- YOU LOOK LIKE ME."

"What are you talking about," michelle asked.

"Rochelle isnt your sister because I'm not her dad- Nomi and Rochelle have the same dad, that scrawny mixraced fool."
Michelled looked at me and i said, "we'll always be sisters."

"Enough talk, Michelle- who should I kill first- you pick- Rochelle or Nomi- if you dont pick I'll kill you."
He pulled out his 9 and held it to her head,

"Decide now Chelle- or you'll get it."


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