Wednesday, 18 November 2009

CHAPTER 19 part 1 (Imported from the Encrypted)

I called the officer.
"What's wrong?", he said walking in.
"She said someone followed her here," I said. He looked at her.
"Who followed you here?", he asked getting angry.
"Me not saying a ting unless you pay me," she said.
My face was shocked- all dat shit about lovin me was a lie. "Now Ms.Shirley- I dont like to make threats- but what we're dealing with is above the law- the police cant protect you if anything was to happen to you if anything was to happen to rochelle because of your carelessness."

"You chreatenin me boy."
"You like your home?", he asked taking a seat.
"whatchu mean by dat?", she asked.
"How would you feel if your house was to be attacked by some naughty teenagers- or if you were declared mental and forced to live in some nice little institution."

Her face dropped. "You couldnt."

"We've done bigger," he said looking at me, "Rochelle is dead and if anybody finds out otherwise we'll hold you responsible- so who followed her hear."

"N-nobody," she said, "Me was jus lying- i was hurt- she was so rude to me."
"Good," James said, "If we find out any differently- I'll have to carry out my promises."
grandmas face was bare red and she was so shook, "someone will give you a lift to kent and we've arranged for you to catch a train backinto victoria- like I said if we discover that anybody else knows about this-."

"Shes got the message," i said.
As she was escorted out by anuva officer she gave me one look and then they left. James shut the door.
"This was a mistake," he said, "I could kill Nomi for telling her- and you coming back was stupid as well, we put the whole thing at risk."

"I had to come back to talk to Gavin- and it was worth it- he gave Sandra her divorce."

"He was going to do it anyway."

"No he wouldn't have- I know him, thats why i had to scare him to make him do it- whens the car coming to take us to the plane."

"the flights been postponed till tommorow afternoon- so youre staying in one of the halfway houses we have for abused women- your name is..."

"Charlotte- ran away from my abusive boyfriend in London."

"Once you leave the Uk tommorow you are never to come back."

I nodded, "Ijust had to come to warn Gavin- and dat fuckin bitch Nomi." den i remembered what grandma said,i wanted to tell james but i fort allow it- she was probably lyin.

We got to the halfway house an hour later
I said hi to some of the other girls who looked like dey had been fucked up differently and went to my room. James sat me with in the room, "Darren and his little minions were sentenced today- darren got 20 years no parole- i dont know what the rest got yet im still waiting to hear from HQ."
I nodded, "How's Omara's family."
"They moved- they couldnt live in the house after what happened."
"You really think he killed himself."
"Makes sense- anyway its worked to your advantage-he would have had to confess everything about you to explain why Faisal and the rest of his guys were shot- listen I need to go- I'll be back tommorow- avoid talking to anybody for the night- you're only here till tommorow morning and ill be here to get you."

"Thanks," I said, he kissed my forehead and he left.

I locked the door when he left and lay in bed thinkin about everything- it was all my fault, if i hadnt had got daniel to set up kieran den sskwouldnt have been after me and all dis wouldnt be happenin.
I lay in bed and fell asleep.
I jumped up- oh shit. I heard screaming.
I ran to the phone and tried to dial james number.
BANG. My door was kicked open.
"Here she is!".
"You better believe it princess."


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