Thursday, 26 November 2009

Rochelle Sket Chapter 22/ Nomi

I looked at the 9.
It was the same one Faisal used to kill Jermaine. Then I looked at Rochelle and then Michelle who was cryin and den i said, "Please- what do you want from us?".
den he looked at me.
"what did you say whore."
I looked at him and sed, "You've ruined all of our lives- what do you want from us- what did we do to you."
He slapped Michelle with the gun, "everytime you speak out of turn- michelle gets slapped," he said.
"You're pathetic," i said, "abusing both your daughters- sent to jail and your life is so meaningless that you escaped JUST to kidnap us- you beat up shirley to get to me and fucked up sandra and michelles mum to get to michelle and u stalked rochelle and beat up those innocent women at the halfway house just to get her- you're obsessed with the three of us because we're the most interesting things to happen in your perveted little life- grown man in his 40s pervin after his own daughter- grown man in his 40s hiring a group of dumb ass jamaicans to help him kidnap two teenage girls and a girl who ain't even 10 yet- he isnt going to kill us michelle- he wants us to scream and beg us to stop- because pervets like for their victims to scream."

He screamed and spat in rochelles face.
"Grown man in his 40s so pathetic that he couldnt get a wife on his own so his mum had to arrange it for him- the biggest mistake my dad made was not raising rochelle as his own because if he did none of us would be here- rochelle did the things she did because of what you did- u fucking pervert- how you robbed her of her innocence and after destroying her you tried to destroy michelle- it wasnt enough that you had ruined one girls life- and then you shot me- for Gavin, some pervert who cheats on his wife with teenage girls and do you want to know you're doing all this now- why youve planned this kidnap- researched this deserted building- got the chairs and ropes ready- you want to know why? because after all thats happened to all three of us- we're still here, rochelle and michelle breathe life just as hard as I do and we're alive after all you've done to us and it makes you sick and jealous becuase you're a grown man in his 40s who doesnt know what it feels like to be a human."

Rochelle looked at me and i saw tears roll down her eyes. Michelle looked at me.
then he looked at all three of us, "you think i wont kill you whores- whores like you who sleep with your mums boyfriends and who sleep with multiple boys at the same and whores like you who suck anything with a pulse- you think i can't do it."

"no you cant do it," rochelle said, "because you're a pussy- look nomi- look at his hand- my man is shaking- my man thinks we're still little girls- my man thinks we're going to beg and scream- perhaps my man dont know our story- perhaps my man was too busy getting fucked in the ass by some shotter in pen to realise that we have fuckin 9 lives."

Michelle said, "please stop swearing."

"shut the fuck up," he said. then he slapped me and forced my mouth open. "i heard how you made that arab boy suck the gun before you shot his friend- suck on this."
he hand his hand on the trigger and the 9 on my tongue.
tears ran down ma eyes as i looked at him.
i didnt suck it.
"suck it," he screamed.
i shook my head.
"why dont you suck it," rochelle said, "dunknow you got plenty of practice in jail."
he pulled the gun out of my mouth and punched rochelle.
"scream," he said, he was chokin her.
"you can only get it up when i scream," i heard her say in a choked voice.he fell back against the wall and started saying some weird shit like he was possessed.
then he got up.
"Whores," i heard him whisper. he picked a can up from behind him. he poured it all around the floor.
he took the gun and put it in his mouth.
i could smell gasoline.
rochelle could smell it too and michelle was shakin and cryin.
he put the gun down, took out a matchbox, struck amatch and threw it to the ground.
we all screamed.
then he pickedup the gun, placed it against Rochelles head and said, "You screamed."


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  3. GURL POWUUR- dese girls are brave man- if some guy had a gun in my mout dun know id jus shut ma mouf. love how da stories have intelinked- started reading rochelle sket from chapter 1 in may and cant believe dat its still goin on all dese months later.

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